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Are romantic weekend breaks the one for you? Let’s be honest – they probably are. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate one. And for a busy couple, finding the right time, or even just the time off work, to make do a great romantic escape may feel nearly impossible.

After all, there’s so many things to do, roles to juggle and shifts to work with. Planning for that one big vacay in a million years’ time (*one year’s time*) can leave you yearning for a lovers’ R & R, and the weekend offers so many opportunities to squeeze in just that; a quick, relaxing trip somewhere in the US.

With so many cozy bed ‘n’ breakfasts to be found from state to state, you and your significant other can catch up on all the cuddling – plus whatever else needs catching up on 😉… And guess what! It won’t cost you much in time or, perhaps more importantly, in money.

P.S. You can find some truly romantic places around every corner if you know where to look – and not just in the USA. Discover the most romantic cities in the world here

So come on, make that weekend getaway plan along with your partner’s day, and start with any of these itineraries for your short but (very) sweet treat.

Romantic weekend breaks #1
…in New York?

New York is one of the TOP Romantic weekend breaks
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Try Cooperstown. On a weekend, you can catch a game at the Doubleday Field – which is perfect if
you’re both sports enthusiasts. If not, then outdoors fans can spend the day downtown picking apples at the Middlefield Orchard. Couple it up with a beer tasting at the nearby brewery before you lodge yourselves in your hotel.

Our best suggestion? The Otesaga Hotel, a nostalgic, century-old architecture that offers lakefront views
and antique decor. Since you’ll be basically round the corner, why not cross off The Notebook‘s romantic canoe scene on Lake Otsego, too? Wishing for Ryan Gosling maybe, but who’d ever have thought you’d be hoping for rain on vacation too?

Romantic weekend breaks #2
…in Mississippi?

Mississippi is one of the TOP Romantic weekend breaks
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The B & B capital of the south, Natchez, opens its doors for foodie enthusiasts more often that because other than its accommodations, it also offers some of the best cookies in the world! Yum. Filling up your stomach with
desserts and other Southern favorites is certainly not a bad way to spend the weekend!

If you’re done with comfort food (think carefully about your answer, *cough-cookies-cough*), find peace while walking through the Natchez Trace Parkway and admire the hickory trees, grandly overlooking the road. Amp it up a notch by riding in a horse-drawn carriage – what could be more romantic? While you’re out, taste some vino in the Old South Winery or drop by the Charboneau Distillery for rum tasting.

If you’re by no means done with comfort food though, we recommend taking a picture of it. As they say, it’ll last longer. Here are the best possible tips for getting some Instagram-worthy shots of your tasty snacks. 

Romantic weekend breaks #3
…in Florida?

Florida is one of the TOP Romantic weekend breaks

Stick to the sandy beach scene – nothing wrong with a classic – and enjoy precious moments of solitude at St. Petersburg. At this destination, you’ll get free rein of more than 30 miles of white sand, stretching across the Gulf Coast. Get ready to whip out your hat and change surreptitiously into your swimwear under (at the very least attempted) cover of a towel. Here, the sun shines almost the entire year, so there will be no raining on your parade. Promise!

To keep your trip interesting, visit any one of the 30 indoor museums or stop by the outdoor murals made by local artists to make the most of the sun and culture.

Need some more Vitamin Sea? (yep, I went there, sorry) These are our absolute favorite beaches ever anywhere in the world – they also happen to be the best ones! 

Romantic weekend breaks #4
…in Maine?

Immerse yourself in the beauty of wildlife in Acadia National Park. Here, you can walk hand in hand as
you set out for the sunrise – or sunset – when you arrive. Hike along the pine trails and enjoy the
view from the top of Cadillac Mountain. Make sure you’re making the most of the natural setting’s best gifts, from the granite rocks that embellish the sea, to the tepid waters that bounce against the craggy rocks.

If you decide on a full-on backpacking trip (oh, young love), then make sure you know these 9 important tips

The long drive is certainly a scenic one, but at the end of the day, enter Bar Harbor Inn for a spa treatment and spacious sleeping quarters for both of you to relax.

Romantic weekend breaks #5
…in California?

California is one of the TOP Romantic weekend breaks

Getting more poetic by the minute, why not reserve a two-day vacation at La Playa, Carmel. In the very same place where movie star Clint Eastwood was Mayor, you get to spend time among charming resort homes and wide, grassy grounds that are perfect for your daily sight-seeing.

Visit poet Robinson Jeffers’ home or watch the adorable seals sunbathing by the shore of the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Of course, you’ll also need to get your cameras ready for those winning couple shots. Here’s how to make them really stand out.

Romantic weekend breaks #6
…in Georgia?

Georgia is one of the TOP Romantic weekend breaks

Head out to the Cloister, a vacation destination that was virtually taken straight out of a painting. You
get miles of privacy, with beaches to the east and salt marshes to the west. To maximize on this relaxation, you can also indulge at the five-star spa at the Forbes hotel. Book a Together Suite for a more meaningful relaxation. After that, enter the secluded gardens and take lots of photos to post later in your social media accounts or send straight from your phone to your friends and family by postcard.

Romantic weekend breaks #7
…in Wyoming?

Prepare yourself for some peace and quiet as you enter the foothills of the rugged Teton Mountains.
Other than the breathtaking landscape (which, by the way, are also postcard-perfect), you may be able to score a
package stay at one of its inns. In some areas, a safari tour is offered, which gives you a peek at the local wildlife, after which you could head off to the Granite Hot Springs, where you can soak all your troubles away. End the day with an hour’s massage as you head off to the Granary restaurant for a delicious dinner.

Romantic weekend breaks #8
…in Rhode Island?

Providence is a grand city with a humble small-town vibe; you and your partner will fall easily into the pace and start relaxing as you stroll down the cobblestone pavements. There’s entertainment aplenty, with its vast array
of museums and theatres.

And when you’re hungry, the Johnson & Wales – a world-class culinary
institute – offers eating and cooking experiences letting you appreciate various gourmet dishes even more.

For cheaper eats, glide down the plaza and relax downtown. From here, admire the unique architecture
while resting on your beloved’s shoulder.

Romantic weekend breaks #9
…in Tennessee?

Tennessee as one of the TOP Romantic weekend breaks

Start tuning your ear, as you’re heading into the birthplace of country music.  If you’re lucky or you’ve planned ahead (well done you!), you may be able to catch a concert at the Grand Ole Opry, home of great American music. For a
quieter escape, plan a picnic and revel in your togetherness at the Centennial Park. While in town, check out
your options; there’s a bounty of plays and opera performances to spice up your stay. After a busy day,
head back to your hotel and choose your own music to set the mood for your alone time.

Snag a quick but memorable vacation by picking one of these destinations for your romantic weekend break. These places offer sights, sounds, good food, and the best part? The perfect intimate atmosphere. Make sure to keep your
eyes open on the many surprises you’ll see on the road. It may be a long drive but be prepared for those
spontaneous stopovers and instant snapshots that will make this holiday even more pleasurable. When the weekend is over, expect to head back with hearts full of happiness and memories – plus exciting plans for more road trips such as these!

If you’re worried about how you’ll survive your first romantic holiday, let alone begin planning the second, take a look at our tips on how to travel together harmoniously, in other words, without, well… killing each other.

Just give us a few summer vacation spots where the sun is shining please! After all, our summer bodies are beach ready – time to flaunt.

Schools are out, so there’s nothing stopping you from taking the vacation you’ve been dreaming of! Thinking it’s too soon to start booking flights for summer destinations? You couldn’t be more wrong! If anything, the earlier you buy flight tickets and make hotel reservations, the less money you spend. But hold up! First, we need the perfect destination. Ready to explore the top 10 vacation destinations for summer? Here we go!

Summer vacation spots #1

Summer Vacation Spots - HawaiiIf there is one destination that never goes out of style, it’s Hawaii. With 6 major islands and numerous islets, this tropical paradise presents limitless activities to engage in. Here, you can feed your spirit of adventure and explore the sunny Hawaiian landscape by land, sea or air.

Hawaii beaches come second to none and as you might expect, you can revel in all kinds of beach activities. Among these are surfing in Maui and Oahu, snorkeling in Waikiki or swimming with the dolphins in Oahu – the last of which is definitely on my bucket list. The hotels are marvelous with all kinds of treats and the sun is warm and the ocean breeze is welcoming.

Suitable for: Anyone and everyone! With a diverse landscape including waterfalls, beaches, and rocky mountains, Hawaii is great for people from all walks of life. It is excellent for a family vacation, trips with friends and couples’ romantic getaways.

Summer vacation spots #2
Bora Bora

Summer Vacation Spots in Bora BoraFrom a relaxing time in Matira Beach to exploring the vast beautiful landscapes, Bora Bora is akin to a fantasy island. Here, you could experience the crown jewel of Bora Bora; the turquoise lagoon. Yes, it actually is as magical as the name suggests. A day’s expedition at the lagoon could mean diving into the water, swimming with the fish, and exploring the mysterious and beautiful ocean floor.

If you have any sense/luck, you will also choose to spend a couple of nights in their luxurious overwater bungalows.

Make sure you don’t leave without having a meal in the famous Bloody Mary restaurant for a chance to try out their exquisite seafood and of course, Bloody Marys. Who knows, you might just share drinks with your favorite celebrity!

Suitable for: This is definitely a romantic getaway for honeymooners or a relaxing time with your partner.

Summer vacation spots #3

Summer Vacation Spots DubaiThe temperatures in Dubai during summer can become unbearable with humidity so high you’ll almost be scared to breathe – no wonder tourism during this time is not as high as in the months between November and March! However, over the recent years, the luxurious city of Dubai has managed to redeem itself as one of the top vacation destinations even during hot summers. Here’s why…

First, you get the chance to explore bold buildings including the 160-story Burj Khalifa, have a taste of their culture by visiting their numerous museums and participate in thrilling indoor games.

But the best part of being in Dubai during summer is the crazy (up to 90%) discount in shopping malls. And what better way to enjoy such discounts than in one of the world’s largest malls; The Dubai Mall (3.77 million sq. ft). Finally, you can experience some of the best hotels around the world, some of which have a stunning 7-star rating!

Suitable for: Since summers are hotter than the typical, going to the beach is out of the question. This makes it less ideal for a family vacation, especially with kids. However, for a chance to live your fantasies be it in the Dubai mall, 7-star hotels or on top of the Burj Khalifa, this is certainly the place to be.

Summer vacation spots #4
Bali, Indonesia

Summer Vacation Spots - BaliLuxury jungles, volcanic mountains, rice paddles, coral reefs and sandy beaches; Bali has a little bit of everything to keep you relaxed or active this summer. These breathtaking sunset views from various beautiful locations as well as sacred temples make great photos for postcards. It boasts unforgettable nightlife experiences, yoga, and religious retreats as well as great shopping expeditions.

Suitable for: A honeymoon experience, spiritual and yoga retreats and backpacking in the beautiful Bali forests. 

Lips icon Summer Vacation Spots


If you’re looking for a more exciting honeymoon gift, try learning how to take super sexy photos, with our sexy posing tips… Weren’t expecting that, were we? 😉


Summer vacation spots #5
Sardinia Island, Italy

Summer Vacation Spots - SardiniaSummer is peak season for tourism in Italy, but don’t let the high prices deter you from experiencing rich and beautiful Italy. The weather is just right and if you make your way to the Island of Sardinia, the chance to enjoy beach activities like snorkeling is yours. You also get to indulge in some of the best Italian summer delicacies like the bottarga (salted, cured fish). The island is full of culture with tales of a historical invasion that will definitely make your summer.

Suitable for: A rich experience of the beautiful Italian culture, food, and language. You can also enjoy their beaches and Islands. If you have time, you can make your way to the Florence and Amalfi coast which are some of the best spots in Italy.

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P.S. if you’re a fan of beaches (show me the person who isn’t!), then make sure you’ve visited all of the beaches on our beach bucket list – you won’t find more beautiful spots! 

Summer vacation spots #6

Summer Vacation Spots in MauritiusMauritius has a cool climate during summer making it one of the top summer vacation destinations. This tropical paradise boasts of lagoons, beautiful sandy beaches and luxurious hotels that will keep you entertained throughout your vacation. You can engage in fun water-sports activities such as scuba diving or go for a dramatic whale watching expedition.

Suitable for: With its wide variety of activities, the whole family! You can also visit the Black River Gorges National Park with vast wildlife, hiking trails, and waterfalls.

Summer vacation spots #7
Paros, Greece

Summer Vacation Spots Paros GreeceWhat better way to escape chaotic city life than in the beautiful Paros Island in Greece. The all-white houses match perfectly with the blue sky and sea making excellent photos and postcards. You’ll especially enjoy the numerous beaches in Paros such as the Palm Beach, Lageri, and Alyki. Make sure you visit the rural villages for a holistic experience of Paros.

Suitable for:  By Summer, Paros is usually buzzing with life as it is a destination for thousands of tourists due to the ideal weather. It is a great vacation spot for both young couples and families alike.

Summer vacation spots #8
Virginia Beach

Summer Vacation Spots - Virginia BeachFor a more affordable beach experience than Hawaii or Bora Bora, try out Virginia Beach. It has numerous beach activities to indulge in including paddleboard tours in the calm evening water while watching the sunset and dolphin kayak expeditions. The beach boasts of a long boardwalk with separate paths for bikers and skaters further increasing the activities you can engage in while at the beach. You will also appreciate numerous restaurants spread out along the beach.

Suitable for: A serene yet fun time at the beach as well as the chance to visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. Great for family getaways.

Dummy Summer Vacation Spots


For some more family travel inspiration, make sure you take a listen to our podcast of the week, The Family Adventure Podcast – it is definitely not impossible! 


Summer vacation spots #9

Summer Vacation Spots - AmsterdamIf the beach is a little too obvious for a summer getaway, why not try the city of Amsterdam this summer? You can be part of their artistic culture by visiting the famous Van Gogh museum and witnessing the beautiful displays of the Open Garden Days. The weather is just right for a casual bike ride along the narrow streets of Amsterdam. Most importantly, don’t leave without taking a boat ride through their elaborate canal systems.

Suitable for:  An adventure in the urban city of Amsterdam full of artistic culture, great nightlife, and excellent food. Ideal for couples and group trips. Speaking of couple’s trips, here are a few of the most romantic cities in the world.

Summer vacation spots #10

Summer Vacation Spots - SeychellesThis little Island in the East of Africa welcomes numerous tourists especially in the warm months of summer. Other than its relaxing and beautiful sandy beaches, it is home to the rainforest of the Morne Seychellois National Park. This harbors many animals including the rare Aldabra Tortoise – so ideal for any keen biologists and animal lovers. Seychelles nightlife is vibrant giving you a chance to party all night, every night.

Suitable for: Snorkeling in Sainte Anne Marine National Park and serene nature walks along Vallée de Mai. Best for affordable family vacations.

So there they are…

…our 10 must-visit summer vacation spots. Good thing summer is just around the corner (or so we’ve been promised)! If you can’t wait to sort your holiday to one of these fabulous destinations but the old issue of budgeting is nagging at you, why not take a look at our 6 money saving travel tips.

Have fun and all the best,
Theresa from MyPostcard