The nine best gay travel bloggers in the world have one thing in common: they live to travel. Discover our favourite (and therefore best, obviously!) gay travel blogs.

Why are they our favorites, exactly? Well, out of all of the blogs around (and there really are a lot!), love and self-confidence shines out of every paragraph and picture of these bloggers in particular.

They whole-heartedly own the topic of gay pride, their sexuality and identity – and everyone else’s too! Because love … is love. Besides which, they show incredibly well how this attitude just goes with travel.

So with that said, we just want to point out that while this article name might seem to infer that these blogs are defined by their ‘gayness’, they’re not – they’re enriched by it. We think it’s important to follow all kinds of blogs so that we can truly be representative and inclusive.

By the way, we discovered the top destinations for LGBTQ+ couples – check them out here!

So in no particular order…

Gay Travel Blog #1: A Couple of Men

Top gay bloggers from A Couple of Men kiss on a beach

A Dutch man and a German man ( ‘…walk into a bar’ is not the right answer just FYI…) take on the world together! Karl and Daan are the couple behind the gay travel blog, A Couple of Men, where they share their experiences and tips about traveling.

You’ll find detailed guides to all the kinds of places that have been either lurking on your bucket list for years now or soon will be. Like, you know, a romantic weekend in Prague or a pilgrimage in Japan.

What’s especially handy is how they make use of Google Maps in articles for each destination, so that they can mark all the spots they mention. And despite the fact that each post is labeled ‘Gay Travel Guide’, we can almost guarantee that anyone will enjoy browsing here. Nonetheless, you’ll find great recommendations for LGBTQ-friendly hotels, restaurants and bars here, and much more!

The conclusion: In terms of how it looks visually especially, we find this gay travel blog truly one of the best by a long shot! Its clean layout ensures good navigation, and the photos are always pretty and coordinated.

Next on the list #2: Nomadic Boys

Gay travel bloggers from best LGBT blog Nomadic Boys walk holding hands on the beach

Probably the most famous couple among LGBTQ travel bloggers is the Nomadic Boys, Stefan and Sebastien. On Instagram, the boys have over 125,000 followers. Hats off to that, lads.

There aren’t that many places left where this French-Greek couple have not been to, done – and presumably bought the T-Shirt for.

The two offer up not just their experiences in these places, but also short travel routes and must-sees. Interviews with locals are a highlight, as is the recipes on the blog from all over the world. As well as this, there’s a category devoted to the topic of gay travel. Here, among other things, you’ll find out how these two fitties manage to keep in shape while on the go. Fitness tips from them and their guest writers should keep you on top of your game.

What to take away: This couple really know their stuff! A very cool pair and absolutely one of the best gay travel blogs.

Next LGBTQ blog #3: Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam

If you’re a regular reader of ours then you’ll probably already know how much we love Adam. On his Travels of Adam blog, the self-proclaimed trendjetter makes short and informative travel guides for various countries and towns. Look out for Berlin and New York in particular where he really knows his stuff. Perks of living there, we suppose!

Each of his destinations includes tour tips, sights to see and LGBTQ travel recommendations.

No vacations planned? Sad days. Don’t feel too bad though; Adam has book, film and music recommendations for you too. And luckily for us, there’s no getting lost in this blog either thanks to some impressive organizational skills on the category front. Guess he picked up some transferable skills from his time living in Germany.

In an exclusive interview with us, Adam told us what it is that makes him travel. Make sure to watch it!

The take away? Adam’s gay travel blog is packed full of diverse info.

Gay Travel Blog #4: Gastro Gays

Homepage full of food on the Gastro Gays Blog

As you may have guessed from the name, GastroGays isn’t exactly the traditional travel blog. This gay couple is all about the food. But … in order to taste their way through the culinary delights of the world, Russell and Patrick have done lot of travelling in their time. What this means for us? That their extensive list of restaurant and cafe recommendations comes in useful in places across the world.

If you want to go all-out on your next trip, then have a search through their 48 guides, all-inclusive, food and sightseeing tips to see if your next destination has already been covered.

Because when you go through their Instagram, you’ll find your mouth watering uncontrollably. You’ve been warned.

Your take away? GastroGays is simply a must for all you food-lovers out there. The blog is nice to look at, well stocked and is basically just fun to lose yourself in.

P.S. If you’re interested in making your food look anywhere near as delicious as the gastro gays’, then make sure to check out our 5 food photography tips for Instagram-worthy pics. 

Travel blogger #5: Once Upon a Journey

Two women kiss through rainbow masks on Once Upon A Journey homepage

Where them girls at? Don’t you worry, we haven’t forgotten you, ladies. Time to check out Once Upon a Journey and bloggers Roxanne and Maartje.

These two traveling ladies have really got it going for them. Their shared couple travel blog features the perfect amount of rainbow if you ask us. And it’s got plenty of info matching this theme. Here, you’ll find the Dutch couple’s suggestions on traveling as a lesbian pair. In addition, you can even find out how they go about being able to afford to travel the world in the first place.

You’ll have to stop by their Instagram too where beautiful bright photos full of love are awaiting you.

Take away: This is one of the best gay travel blogs, but it’s also a great girls’ blogs in general. If you’re in a bad mood or it’s just not your day, come here to get enchanted and inspired.

Up #6 in place: Indefinite Adventure

Homepage of Indefinite Adventure

Indefinite Adventure is close to our hearts … literally and metaphorically. Like us at MyPostcard, its founder, Sam, has stayed in the town that his blog was born in – Berlin. Using the German capital as a base for his travels, it’s no surprise that the blog’s German archives are filled with Berlin-focused articles packed with insider tips.

Even if you’re not planning a trip to Berlin any time soon, you’ll find amazing tips here. In fact, if you like vegan food, then this blog will be especially handy – in almost every major destination. Sam rails against the idea that traveling vegan is hard, saying provided you’re not too fussy, you’ll be fine.

Take away? Great for vegan food, travel (by no means just German) and digital nomad top tips.

Gay travel blogs #7: What Wegan Did Next

What Wegan Did Next

Update 2023: Blog no longer active.

Okay, it’s more of a travel AND lifestyle blog, covering everything from fashion to long distance relationships to femme visibility (a campaign working to change the invisibility of feminine lesbians).

But for travel-fiends, don’t worry, What Wegan Did Next has plenty of travel inspiration and guides under the travel category. Whitney and Megan (AKA Wegan) spent four years doing long distance between their respective homes in Hawaii and the UK. Consequently they have done a LOT of traveling around America – and in general! Take to their Youtube channel to get to know these two lovely ladies better.

Take away: Follow for beautiful pictures and lifestyle inspiration. Their mission to be truly inclusive of everyone’s identity and help fellow femme lesbians find love is genuinely inspiring.

Travel blogger #8: Two Bad Tourists

Bloggers from Two Bad Tourists feature carrying one another

Admit it, you identify with that blog name! Although in all honestly, we’re unsure that Auston and David really fit the bill… Their LGBT-friendly gay city guides actually make for a very good experience as a tourist. Maybe that comes from 8 years of continuous travel?

Either way, these Two Bad Tourists are a couple to follow. Their articles for each destination are truly helpful. That’s because they have amazing tips for gay travelers – even for exclusive LGBT spaces, such as the best gay cruises and parties. Take a look under Plan Your Trip for more.

Take away – follow for the lowdown on LGBT-friendly spaces, events, festivals and destinations.

Last but not least #9: Wolfyy

The homepage of gay travel blogger Louis from wolfyy

Louis from wolfyy is a late-comer to our ranking of the top gay travel bloggers. But his city-specific gay travel guides and mission to make the gay experience easier (and more local) make him a worthy bonus edition! Louis makes sure his guides are based not only on his own first-hand experience, but also on that of a LGBT+ local friend or someone who knows the city well.

While Louis is able to appreciate cultures the world over, he knows some places can be less progressive and pose a potential threat to someone from the LGBTQ communities. So you’ll be sure to find honest tips on safety as well as how comfortable he felt there.

And finally…

We’re pretty sure that was not a complete list of all the mention-worthy blogs out of the LGBTQ community. BUT we think these ones really are some of the best gay travel blogs out there and they’re still are faves – so far! We’d love to hear your favourites in the comments!

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