Thinking about visiting the beautiful city of Paris this year? It happens to be one of the Top 10 travel destinations in Europe, as so many people fall in love with the City of Light. From staying in a comfy hotel to booking an excursion up to the famous Eiffel Tower, you need a guide for knowing the best Paris points of interest.

Read on to discover what magical places you need to experience when you enter Paris.

Paris points of interest #1
Eiffel Tower

Let’s start with one of the most iconic Paris points of interest to explore, the Eiffel Tower. The monument is a classic symbol of France and something you need to see if you plan on visiting the country. As a suggestion, plan reservations to the tower in advance. Beat the large crowds in the summertime by visiting the tower in the early morning after grabbing a bite to eat.

The tower stretches 324 meters tall and is accessible from a few elevators at various prices. The top level is ideal for capturing the best photographs to turn into beautiful postcards, and it’ll cost EUR17. The Eiffel Tower is not to be missed on your ultimate Paris vacation, so plan accordingly to have the best experience. Journey up the stairs to discover a breathtaking view of the city from such great heights.

Paris points of interest #2
Arc De Triomphe

Incredible panoramic views of the city are definitely possible when you look down from the terrace of the Arc De Triomphe. This central location is easy to walk to from your downtown hotel, too. Want to find a beautiful location to take photos of peachy sunsets? Look no further than the Arc De Triomphe for its ideal views from the top of the terrace!

You will be settled in the perfect spot to take quite a few sunset pictures to document your ultimate Paris vacation.

Paris points of interest #3
Notre Dame

Another major exquisite place considered to be one of our top Paris points of interest is the grand Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. Open every day out of the year, this historical site is yet another feature of the city you can not miss. Special tours can be arranged where you are able to follow a tour guide through the towers.

Experience a true cathedral of art and history once you step inside this sacred building. Share this incredible monument by capturing the moment on your camera or phone.

Then, send the beautiful photo our way to MyPostcard for us to turn your magical memory into a postcard to send anywhere in the world. From your Grandmother to your best friend, tell everyone about the amazing journey you had while in the City of Light visiting Notre Dame. They will appreciate the postcard and will be inspired to travel somewhere new!

Paris points of interest #4
The Pantheon

Another prominent church that is renowned as one of our top Paris points of interest is the Pantheon Paris. This classic Paris building has its own background story that sets it apart from the rest. Louis XV was recovering from health issues and decided to erect this building as a gift to God.

The architect Jacques-Germain Soufflot chose to incorporate both Gothic and neoclassical styles within the structure of the cathedral. The cathedral is famous for its neoclassical architecture today, as it is a historical piece of Paris history.

Now, the Cathedral is home to burial sites for prominent French citizens. Marie Curie and philosopher Rousseau are two people who are buried within the grounds of the Pantheon.

Paris points of interest #5
Luxembourg Garden

Paris points of interest continue with lush gardens. Geometric forests and ponds are accompanied by over 100 statues to keep you busy for an entire afternoon of exploring.

The garden is open to the public where thousands of tourists love to stop in and view the intricate rows of flowers. Guided tours are also special to listen in on for an informational take on the famous Jardin-du-Luxembourg.

Paris points of interest #6
Pont Des Arts

A long stretch for walking, the Pont Des Arts is a bridge for optimal views of the Seine. This bridge is also known as the “love lock” bridge, until 2015 when the city began removing the locks. Even though the love locks are gone, you can still experience a romantic stroll across the bridge with your loved ones.

Paris points of interest #7
The Louvre

This famous museum is not a place you can simply walk up to and see in an hour. Although it is noted to be one of the best museums in the world, it can give you a tricky time if not planned out right.

It’s recommended that you purchase tickets in advance to experience the Louvre in the best manner possible. Having a meltdown because of overcrowding issues is not on your vacation list, so be sure to visit the museum in the early morning or just before it closes at night.

It’s also important to point out that the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays.

Paris points of interest #8
Rue de Rivoli

It’s shopping time! Paris points of interest don’t stop with the museums. Visit the winding roads along the Rue de Rivoli for some of the best shopping of your life.

The street features some of the most famous designers in the world. The Rue de Rivoli also has a wide range of delicious French restaurants to pop into as you shop in and out of stores the whole day.

Paris points of interest #9

The Palace of Versailles speaks volumes about the beauty there is to see in Paris. Five centuries of French history are located within the walls of the Palace of Versailles that holds up to 60,000 pieces of art.

Put on your walking shoes for a long day of gazing up at the expansive displays of French art.

The Palace is closed on Mondays. On the weekends, the Palace is also incredibly busy! Consider planning out at least half of your day to explore this opulent castle.

Paris points of interest #10

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