Realizing you’re pregnant and sharing the news is one of the most exciting times of parenthood. Whether you’re the momma-to-be telling your partner or the dad who just found out, once you know, you want to tell the whole world.

This is doubly true if you’re expecting twins! Twins really do make all the joys of pregnancy and parenthood multiply. Not only do you get to watch the miracle of life happen right before your eyes – twice – but you get to guide two people on their life’s journey.

How cool is that? It’s definitely something to celebrate, and sometimes, to have a little joke about. Here are five ways you can create a funny twin pregnancy announcement.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Idea #1
You Do the Math

If there is one mom and one dad and one pregnancy in the household, shouldn’t there be three people under the roof once the birth happens? Not always!

Get together and create a picture where you and your family stand a little width apart.

This will allow you to edit in a plus sign when designing your announcement online or have a chalkboard sign in the photo with you. The fun part is to make the number seem like it doesn’t add up. Make the sum at the end a 4 instead of a 3 if this is your first pregnancy, or have fun adding in all the children in your family.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Idea #2
Thing 1 and Thing 2

There’s using numbers to perform basic math, and then there is Thing 1 and Thing 2. These classic Doctor Seuss characters never get old, and they make a great design for your twin birth announcement.

You can dress up in the Thing t-shirts or keep everything digital if you want to make your own design from scratch. Feel free to even get a Thing shirt for the pets, the soon to be grandparents, or the children you already have.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Idea #3
An Announcement from the Older Sibling

Before you tell the whole world you’re having twins, you may want to fill in the children you already have. Capture their reaction for a really fun twin birth announcement.

Little children and pre-teens and teenagers alike won’t be able to believe it. Some may cry tears of joy, others may scream, or others may not be able to wrap their minds around it at all. Whatever your current little one does, though, it’s sure to be great content for your announcement card!

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Idea #4
Share the Family’s Reactions

Are you one of those families who take a bunch of pictures?

Do you want to record every part of your pregnancy? If so, you may have some great pictures of your first reaction when you found out you were having not one, but two babies.

See if you can find any photos like these and work them into your twin birth announcement. These aren’t just cute and funny, they’re incredibly genuine and very loving.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Idea #5
Involve the Pets

The final thing you can do to tell the world you’re having twins is to say it straight from the dog’s, or the cat’s, mouth. Take pictures of your household pet(s) with a sign of the announcement.

Then, write some funny twin puns on the card before you send everything out. This is a really cute way to get everyone’s attention and share the big news.

Have Fun with Your Twin Pregnancy Announcement

At the end of the day, you can’t really go wrong with how you share a pregnancy. Everyone in your life is sure to be excited for you and send all kinds of good wishes.

To have a laugh about it, though, definitely try one of the twin pregnancy announcement suggestions mentioned above. To start designing your card, click here!


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