Instagram moms certainly seem to have it all under control. But setting the yummy mummy inside of yourself free can feel like a lot to ask. Maybe you could do with a bit of inspiration?

Lucky for you, we’ve found 11 Instagram moms who redefine the word yummy. But not because they have over-angelic children, annoyingly-perfect houses or dream-like photography at all times (actually that last one may come close).

Instead, these moms show the world that being a mom is unique to every mummy and inspire you to be, well… you – whether that includes perfect hair or hair that was last washed on Tuesday.

Arty Instagram Moms

#1 Carolyn_mara

If nothing else Carolyn will most definitely get you trying out new poses with the kids in an attempt to get some pics as jazzy as hers. She might convince you that she favours a minimalist still life – with a touch of the abstract – one minute, and the next you’ll find yourself staring at her and her littlest one casually standing on their heads.

You win this round, Carolyn – most of us can’t even persuade ourselves to do yoga – let alone persuade a three-year-old.

P.S. If you want to get started taking some abstract pictures of your own, take a look at these 6 amazing photography tips to get you started. 

#2 Graybenko

Gray has even more to offer than her awesome name.  She fills her account with shots of her kids as they travel, play dress up or invite chaos. She’s great at capturing the fun through their cheeky faces or over-dramatic poses.

A much-anticipated series running throughout Gray’s Instagram is her daughter’s various makeup experiments, which actually, aren’t so far off what you might see on the catwalk. Who can say, maybe we’re seeing a visionary grow up?

On the off-chance little Farris does not turn out to be her generation’s Alexander McQueen though, you can rest assured that following Gray is still a good idea: add her constant good vibes and cool pictures to your feed.

#3 Latonyayvette

Cool, friendly, clothes to die for… need we go on?

Just in case that’s a yes: Alongside cute family selfies with her two kids,  LaTonya captures snippets of her cool Brooklyn life. From games played out on the street to trips out to the New York countryside, LaTonya always looks like she’s having a pretty awesome time.

And what’s extra nice is how she shows the important non-kid-centric side of herself too; posting bike rides, chill nights with friends, and the occasional picture of one inspiring person or the other- always accompanied by an inspiring caption of course! Life goes on post-kids after all!

Lifestyle Instagram Moms

#4 Earthyandy

Living the Hawaii life, under the sun and almost entirely on the beahc it would appear. Earthyandy travel often (pre-corona anyway), enjoy adventures and may well make you feel like relocating. She’s ‘Earthy’ for a reason and has a big interest in sustainability and vegan lifestyle

Enjoy gorgeous photos and yummy food recipes. So Andy, if you’re reading this, what are your thoughts on adopting adults? Specifically, us.

Lifestyle Instagram Mommy

#5 Eimearvarianbarry

Eimear‘s photos are always fresh and pretty, with a classy touch of decor inspiration thrown into the mix. With the motto of ‘reflecting reality’ you can be sure of encountering something real here among this family of thee kids and more importantly, two dogs (only half kidding!)

Selfies, fashion and living style shots are mixed among these adorable photos of her kid, and of course, selfies of Eimear herself. Follow for a bit of lifestyle inspiration.

#6 Mamawatters

Mama Watters, also known as Amanda, shows off her beautiful house in all its vintage style along with her four adorable kids – one of which is very new to the world (so small!). Occasionally, you’ll find her making a simple yet delicious looking meal or focusing on a fresh new deco idea, or a happy snapshot of the kids.

Put simply, she gives off an aura of familial bliss and the good old life – picnic, homemade pie,  sun hats, you name it.

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#7 Mumpacktravel

As you probably guessed from their name, this mom and daughter duo are two rather frequent flyers and their Instagram is full of their discoveries of wonderful new places.

Follow their adventures to all corners of the Earth and see them explore everything from palaces to ruins, to the boats and the beaches. Lots of beaches actually. Bright colours and clean shots make this account a gorgeous addition to your feed.

#8 Our open road

You guessed it. A family living on and for the road. The Harteau family also seem to be a fan of beaches (to be fair, who isn’t?), and with one caravan ride to the next, they certainly get a lot of cool pictures on them. Desert, cliffs and caves feature pretty often too, generally with their two smiley kids in the foreground.

P.S. Are you feeling inspired to take your own kids travelling? Or maybe just on vacation? Here are the 7 most kid-friendly destinations in the whole world! (Adult-friendly too though! )


Funny Instagram Moms

#9 Mommy Cusses

Not every fabulous Instagram mom feels the need for otherworldly photography. Some are more about looking for the comedy in life. So last but by no means least, the funny moms you should be following.

Mommy Cusses is full of – well yes, cusses – but also funny observations and witty memes – perhaps just what you need for the joke that is 2020. Basically every slightly suspect thought you’ve ever had as a parent is expressed somewhere by this mommy.

Follow for a bit of light comedy relief and remember – you’re not alone!

#10 The Alison show

Meet the ultimate feel-good girl. Alison lives life to the fullest. Sunny, very real shots of a woman who is unafraid to just be herself. (Besides which, you can find some great outfit inspiration here.)

Alison is laid back and funny; you can almost feel the strain lifting off your own shoulders as you browse through her content. And if you want more, you’ve got it. Alison runs a much-loved podcast, all about being awesome. Bet we all ace at that one already though!

Let’s remember – being normal is for boring people.

Moms who inspire

#11 @vnessadoll

Vanessa’s feed takes you on parenting adventures with not only one, but two moms! She talks about normalizing gay love and lets you in on her thoughts around family and love. Her feed and captions are purely inspiring and give you insights into the two-mom-family and the challenges that that brings along.

No matter the hurdles, Vanessa has the most positive spirit and not to forget, her family is absolutely adorable! ?

#12 Miriam Theresa

Another two-mom team we absolutely adore! For all our followers who speak German (or know how to use the “translate” option on Instagram, Miriam Theresa‘s account is an absolute Must-Follow. The focus is on Yoga life and sustainability, but also all small steps to motherhood and the many many big steps once it has arrived.

We love reading about Miriam Theresa’s journey and her everyday feelings about how to raise a kid in a sustainable way or simply her personal tips on how to a breast pump works best. We stan!

What is your favorite yummy mommie?

one of the instagram moms laughs with her son on the beach

Well, there you have it. Our favourite Instagram moms ever. If you’ve got any who deserve a mention on this list make sure to comment!

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