Being a mom is wonderful, fulfilling and fun, very much so, but if we’re being honest it is also extremely stressful and confronts parents with entirely new problems they never had to deal with before. There are loads of books on pregnancy and motherhood out there, so many that new parents don’t even know which ones to choose. And sometimes you’d rather talk to a friend who has experienced it all before. Let me introduce you to my Top 20 international mom lifestyle blogs.

These mommy bloggers write about anything from pregnancy to motherhood sprinkled with fashion, travel, budgeting, housekeeping and health tips, as well as diys you can do with your kids and advice on being a single mom, dating and even adoption. I can’t promise you that these mom lifestyle blogs will make life with your kids a breeze, but if you’re looking for easy tips and tricks and advice on all things motherhood these stylish bloggers will be a life-saver.

P.S. Looking for Instagram moms rather than blogs? Here are the top 11 moms on Instagram to follow.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #1
Beauty through Imperfection

Mom lifestyle blogs ranking - Beauty through Imperfection

Beauty through imperfection, run by Paula, is also one of the few mom lifestyle blogs with posts on budgeting. Paula however, also discusses motherhood, marriage, and birth as well as what to do when your toddler throws a tantrum. Paula is very open on her blog, sharing her story of sexual abuse to help women or men in a similar situation and shows them that it can and does get better. Her device is to not take parenting too seriously and do not hold yourself to unachievable high standards. After all, there is beauty in imperfection and that counts for family life as it does for parenting.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #2
Clean Mama

Mom lifestyle blogs ranking - Clean mama

Update 2023: Blog no longer active.

If you’ve already furnished and decorated your living space to your liking you might be looking for the best tips and tricks for organization and cleaning. Let me introduce you to Clean Mama. Becky will help you with keeping your house clean and organized while having enough time for family life and fun. She can also provide you with free downloads of printable checklists, schedules, to do lists and cleaning challenges. And if you’re thinking about staying away from store-bought cleaning products and making your own instead – look no further! Clean Mama has DIY recipes for disinfecting spray cleaner and natural hand sanitizer spray & gel as well as summer diffuser blends. Clean Mama Becky also sells her own products including towels, candles and spray bottles on her blog.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #3
Clarks Condensed

Mom lifestyle blogs ranking - Clarks Condensed

Another blog to check out for ideas on what to do with your children is Clarks Condensed. Katie, mom of two, posts about all things family from pregnancy to motherhood, travel, marriage, and parenting, but also focuses largely on thrifty living and healthy living. She provides her readers with DIY ideas to do with your kids, but also recipes so that you can cook with your children and teach them about the importance of healthy living from a young age. She also gives very good advice on healthy living in general for example how to manage seasonal allergies in children and how to clean up vomit naturally, which are important things to know if you have children!

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #4
A Cup of Jo

Mom lifestyle blogs ranking - A cup of Jo

Another one of those very fashionable mom lifestyle blogs is A Cup of Jo, run by Joanna Goddard, a skilled journalist, who has worked for many women’s magazines including Cosmopolitan and Glamour. She started her blog as a hobby, but it quickly turned into a full-time job. Joanna does not only post fashion advice, she also writes about motherhood in general and traveling with children as well as recipes.

If you’re looking for relationship and dating advice or general tips on love and love life this could also be the blog for you.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #5
Design Mom

Mom lifestyle blogs ranking - Design Mom

Staying with the topics of home, housekeeping, and decor, I have to give a shout out to Design Mom. Gabrielle Blair gives other moms the opportunity and platform to share their stories on living with kids on her blog accompanied by pictures of their homes. It is lovely to see how other people use their space to make a home out of four walls. You can use these posts as inspiration for your own home, but you can also visit Design Mom for DIY and crafts ideas, along with advice on travel, style, food, and parenting.

If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for interior design ideas I’d recommend checking out Design Mom.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #6
Eat Move Make

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Eat Move Make

If your children are in their teens or older already, you might want to check out Eat Move Make and recommend the blog to your kids as well. Eat Move Make is run by mother-daughter team, Liz, and Chanelle. While mother Liz writes about parenting, home decorations, diys, pets and food, daughter Chanelle posts about fitness, bodybuilding, travel, health, style, and beauty. Both of them together provide a very good mix of topics that cater to everyone’s interests. It is lovely to have the point of view, experience and advice from a mother and a daughter combined on one single website.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #7
Home with Aneta

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Home with AnetaAneta is a stay-at-home mom of four from Toronto and runs her blog Home with Aneta with love and dedication. She posts about home and decor, marriage, family life, parenting as well as travel and food.

What sets Aneta apart from other mommy bloggers is her focus on health, mental and physical, and giving advice on both for parents and their children. You can find posts such as „tips to keep your kid’s backs healthy“ and „tips for couples trying to conceive“ on her blog, along with advice on relieving stress and similar posts. Health is a top priority for parents and this blog perfectly caters to parents’ commitment to keeping their kids strong and healthy.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #8
Happy Hooligans

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Happy Hooligans

Happy Hooligans, run by Jackie, focuses on DIYs, crafts, and art for toddlers and preschoolers. You can find anything from painting techniques for children over the holiday and season-themed crafts to numerous activities to do with your kids on the blog. However, Jackie does not only provide you with ideas of what to do inside, she also has one category entirely devoted to outdoor activities and gives advice on parenting children from 0 to 5 and tweens and teens. You can also find short videos on her website if you prefer seeing how craft ideas are put into action instead of reading instructions.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #9
Listen to Lena

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Listen to Lena

Listen to Lena is a mom lifestyle blog run by Toronto-resident Lena Almeida, who is a self-professed shopaholic, a Star Wars fan and mother of two sons. Lena posts about family life, food, fashion and her own travel diary in addition to general travel ideas and advice. She also shares her beauty favorites and tips. If you’re looking for advice on decor and interior or tips and tricks for picking the right vacuum cleaner or the perfect hardwood flooring, Listen to Lena will have exactly what you need. This is a mom lifestyle blog with such varied content that everyone will find something they enjoy.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #10
Love Taza

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Love Taza

Naomi from Love Taza – her nickname – is a mom of three, living in NYC. She writes about family life, motherhood, love, and dating, along with food and travel. You will also find an NYC Guide on her blog with regular posts on life in the big apple, things to do, places to visit and even how to deal with those notorious small city apartments. So if you love or live in New York City or are interested in making the move to the big city with your family, this is the blog for you. Naomi also runs a Youtube channel, where she mainly posts vlogs of her family’s travels around the world.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #11
Mix & Match Mama

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Mix & Match Mama

With Mix & Match Mama Shay has found another one of the mom lifestyle blogs, which fit a niche, but are widely popular. While Shay gives travel advice, writes a travel diary and provides readers with recipes and tips on style and fashion, the main thing that makes her website so interesting is her angle on adoption. Shay talks openly about her infertility, which hindered her from having children when she was younger. She did conceive and gave a birth to two healthy children eventually, but felt that it was God’s plan for her to adopt as well, which she did. She is now a mom to four children, two biological and two adopted and she shares her honest experiences with her readers. Mix & Match Mama is the perfect blog for anyone who has adopted children or is thinking about it.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #12

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Momtrends

Momtrends is the BFF every mom needs. You can find anything from fashion to book recommendations, beauty, and lifestyle on the blog founded by Nicole Feliciano. Together with her team, she wants to make motherhood more fashionable and fun, by giving advice to moms and children alike as well as tips on maternity wear. Nicole wants to provide moms with a girlfriend who always knows exactly what they need and who won’t judge them or the difficult decisions they have to make. This mommy lifestyle blog is perfect for anyone interested in fashion for themselves and their children. However, apart from fashion, you can also find how to’s for moms and children on Momtrends.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #13
More Than Toast

Mom lifestyle blogs Rankings - More Than Toast

More Than Toast doesn’t focus on food as much as the name suggests. It has literally nothing to do with toast, as Alice the founder puts it. Alice is a UK single mom of two and besides her posts on yes food, interiors, travel, and beauty, that is what sets her website apart. Alice writes about dating and motherhood as a single mom, how to introduce your kids to your boyfriend and about love in general. She also wrote about her post-natal depression. More than that, you can find advice on work on More Than Toast, as well as motivational posts. This blog is perfect for anyone who is searching for an open book like Alice and wants to learn from her multi-faceted life experience.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #14
My Lovely Little Lunchbox

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - My Lovely Little Lunchbox

Kayla from My Lovely Little Lunchbox provides recipes for your little ones’ lunchboxes. This blog is more for parents whose kids attend school already, but you can also find breakfast and dinner recipes on Kayla’s website. Her main aim is to show people how easy it is to cook for a family even if you cannot cook or aren’t particularly good at it. She wants to get your kids into the kitchen, taking on little tasks and thus showing them that cooking is fun while giving them a base and skills they can pull from their whole lives and provide for their own families in the future. It is important to her to show her kids what real food is and looks like instead of heating up ready-meals or eating out all the time. And together with you, she wants to do the same for your children.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #15
Pregnant Chicken

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Pregnant Chicken

If you’re new parents or you’re maybe still pregnant, then I’d recommend the blog Pregnant Chicken. Amy Morrison posts about anything and everything concerning pregnancy and birth, also focusing on difficult topics like Ioss and scary topics like stillbirth or postpartum depression in her ‚scary shit series‘. She also gives advice to dads, which can only rarely be found on mom lifestyle blogs. So whether you are trying to conceive or are pregnant and a bit overwhelmed with all the advice and books out there, please check out Pregnant Chicken. Amy does a wonderful job of breaking topics down and making everything you need to know easily understandable.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #16

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Skinnytaste

If you’re interested in healthy foods and cooking for your family then I’d recommend checking out skinnytaste. You will find a plethora of healthy and tasty recipes on the blog run by Gina, who structured her recipes not only by course but also by ingredient and season. More than that, she shows how easy it is to make a delicious meal even with special dietary needs, little time to cook or sparse resources. There are easy meals for any needs and means.

Gina can also provide you with weekly meal plans to make planning your week even easier. And if you cannot get enough you can buy her cookbook from the links on her website.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #17
Skint Dad

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Skint Dad

Skint Dad is perfect for families looking to save money. Ricky and Naomi Willis know what it’s like to only have about £6 left in the bank account with payday still a week away. They started this blog to help other people in this situation and help them out of this situation. They have great tips on using given resources efficiently, saving money and managing money in all parts of life, be it food and clothes shopping, days out with the family or paying bills.

If you’re ever in a jam these heroes will help you out. However, these are not only valuable lessons for people in desperate need of them but for everyone. With Skint Dad, you will get the most out of life without feeling like it’s leaving you hanging dry.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #18
What The Redhead Said

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - What The Redhead Said

Staying with things to do with your kids, I want to recommend What The Redhead Said. The blog is run by UK mom of two Donna, who posts regular reviews on outings with her children, in addition to travel experiences and advice on traveling with children. She also writes reviews on toys, vitamins for children, decorations for your kids’ rooms, theatre shows and even family-friendly cars. If you’re in need of a second opinion on anything to do with your children, you are sure to find a blog post on it on What The Redhead Said.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #19
A Mother Far From Home

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - A Mother Far From Home

Apart from advice on motherhood, Rachel from A Mother Far From Home will help you in understanding your children better. Her blog focuses on children’s emotions and how they and their parents can understand and deal with those emotions. Rachel also gives advice on how your toddler can conquer fears, explains how important a routine is for children and how to help your children sleep – and in turn help yourself sleep better.

If you want to raise your children in your faith this could also be the blog for you. Rachel gives advice on how to foster a spiritual atmosphere in your home, as well as giving children a biblical worldview.

Mom Lifestyle Blogs #20
Enjoying The Small Things

Mom lifestyle blogs Ranking - Enjoying The Small Things

I want to end my list with the blog Enjoying The Small Things. Kelle shows how meaningful the small moments and victories are and how important it is to recognize them as such. Kelle is a mom of three and a step-mom of two and she discusses everything from family, hobbies, faith, and parenting to crafts, style, books, and photography.

What makes her blog outstanding is the fact that she talks very openly about her middle child having down syndrome and how her family life is influenced, but also enriched by it. If you are interested in reading more about the family’s down syndrome story you might want to check out her book Bloom.

An Overview of Mom Lifestyle Blogs

There are so many mommy bloggers out there and they are all doing an awesome job!

I hope I was able to introduce you to new and interesting mom lifestyle blogs with this list and that you will have fun browsing through them. All of these mommy bloggers have their own way of going about parenting and that is what makes them all so great.

So please remember, while it’s always good to take advice – in the end, you decide. Listen to your gut instincts and to your child and you will be the best parent to your child.

Warm greetings,
your Nadja.


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