In the first part of our Tropical Nights Decoration DIY series, together we made a Party Garland with its own photos, to decorate either a wall or a dinner table. Today, I’d like to show you how to add some glamour to drinks – namely with pink flamingo straws as fun cocktail decorations. The perfect way to add some stylish extra details to your party at the last minute, and put a smile on your guests’ faces.

The flamingo straws are not only sweet, they also have a really useful gadget: a small name badge, which means at last there will be no more confusing of drinks at the buffet.


Flamingo Cocktail Decoration
For the cocktail decoration you’ll need…

Cocktail Decoration

… different colored straws, perhaps even with patterns, small flamingos (approx. 6 cm in size) printed on simple DIN A4 paper, thick white card, scissors and glue and – veeery important – Washi Tape for the small name badges.


Flamingo Cocktail Decoration
Cutting out and gluing the flamingos

Cocktail Decoration

The pink flamingos need to be printed out, I would recommend a size of approx. 6 cm. Glue the colorful birds to firmer card so that they stick to the straws. You don’t need to cut them out too carefully. Take a look at mine, I’ve just cut out the edges roughly.

If you’ve already got the glue there, we can move straight on to attaching the cocktail flamingos to the drinking straws: a splodge of liquid glue on the back of the flamingo card, press onto the straws and leave to dry for 2 minutes with the front side facing down.

Flamingo Cocktail Decoration
Preparing the name badges

Cocktail Decoration

While the straws dry, you can get on with making the name badges. Is your Washi Tape still close at hand from the last DIY, when we made Washi Tape Picture Frames together? Perfect!

One question first: are you an accurate handicraft enthusiast or a rule of thumb DIYer? For the accurate ones among us: measure the width of the Washi Tapes and then transfer this value to a sheet of white card, so that you can cut off a long strip. You then write the individual guest names on it. Done!

I personally always go for what requires the least effort, I tear a piece of Washi Tape from the roll and stick this to the paper. With a steady hand, I then try to cut a straight line…it usually works. All the names are written down individually here too – in beautiful handwriting of course.

The glue on the straws has also dried in the meantime, so the name badges can be wrapped around the cocktail decoration.

Flamingo Cocktail Decoration
Bottoms up!

Cocktail Decoration

It’s really easy to jazz up your party decorations and put a smile on your guests’ faces – and at no great expense. Furthermore, this cocktail gadget is extremely suitable for Instagram ?

If you are still lacking the perfect recipe for delicious alcohol-free lemonade for your summer party, then have a look here.


I look forward to the next garden party tutorial with you,


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