The holiday season is approaching and you would like to surprise your partner with a thoughtful handmade gift to count down the days? Then you just came across the perfect article for some inspiration! How about an Advent Calendar listing 24 why you are in love with them? It is very fun and easy to make, and you probably already have almost every material at home. Are you ready to get creative?

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Here’s what you need:

  • A small box
  • Colored paper
  • Pens, markers
  • Scissors and glue
  • Photo prints

Tip: if you’re feeling extra romantic, heart shaped confetti!

Here’s how it works…

Step #1

Select your favorite 24 photos of you with your partner (it could also be of them alone, your favorite places or things they like, memories, etc.)

Step #2

Turn the photo prints around and write a sentence of why you love them that goes along with the picture. For example, you could have a selfie at a recent trip you’ve been and write, “I love your passion for travelling and discovering new places.”

Step #3

We know it may be hard to narrow it down, but once you’ve finished writing all your 24 reasons it’s time to decorate your box! You can get a plain one from the dollar store and paint it yourself, or upcycle one from a cards game. No matter where the box comes from, the magic is in how you decide to decorate it. Get creative here!

Step #4

…and you’re done! Put all of your photo prints inside your beautiful box and your gift is ready!

We hope we could inspire you…

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to get crafty this holiday season and surprise your partner with a thoughtful handmade gift like this one. If you need some help printing your photos, remember you can use the MyPostcard app to get all of your photo prints, as well as your Christmas mail, delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks! We are certain your partner will absolutely love this gift idea, and you will have fun making it as well. Happy holidays!

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