Oh, how lovely! Spring comes so slowly, but spring fever’s breaking out. So why not give your loved ones a gift – just because? A DIY String Design heart, for example…because don’t the spontaneous, homemade gifts always make the best presents?

What you’ll need

Utensils for a DIY string Design heartYou hardly need anything at all for this DIY String Design project. For our geometric heart, you need a background such as a canvas or a wooden board, some pretty nails (or paint them yourself in your favorite color), a pencil, a hammer, and yarn in the color of your choice.

Create your Design

Your motive for your DIY String Design

Before starting with the string, choose a design. Of course, you can create any shape you want, not just a heart. Today, I’ll be showing you a heart that’s easy to make. Match the size of the background to your DIY String Design. Not a fan of our rustic wooden example? No problem: how about using a white canvas or corkboard? You can find more inspiration here.

You have the background in front of you. Transfer the shape by marking its corners on the wood in pencil. These points are where you’ll hammer in the nails in the next step. I’ve chosen to use golden nails, but if you want something more colorful, you can also spray-paint them.

Now it’s time for you to show what you’re made of! Grab the nails and hammer them into the marked points. The nails should extend about the width of a finger from the wood; you still need to be able to wind the yarn around them.

Make the heart

Heart Shape in DIY String Design

Hammered the nails into the board and still have all your fingers? Awesome! Then take the yarn and tie it around the nails one by one – there’s no set order to this, meaning the only limit is your imagination! You can also loop the yarn around two or three more times for a “heavier line.” Knot by knot, a new design emerges. Snip off the leftover yarn & your string design is finished!

It’s that easy to give hearts and bring joy to your loved ones! Looking for other DIY craft ideas that you can give as gifts? How about simple picture frames or a notebook DIY?

Best wishes from Nadja,
here at the MyPostcard DIY Workshop


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