Looking for fun and festive arts and crafts projects for Easter? Discover our top favourite easy Easter craft ideas and get creative for the holidays.

Whether you are looking for recipes, Easter crafts for kids, cute Easter craft ideas for adults, décor, or anything else, we have compiled a list of a whole host of projects to suit all ages and abilities from our favourite craft blogs.

Some of our favourite easy DIY Easter crafts include…

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Top 4 easy Easter DIY ideas

Two eggs with smily faces drawn on held in someone's hands

#1 Felt Easter Egg Ornaments by Lia Griffiths

Using just felt, embroidery thread and some polyfill, these cute Easter egg ornaments by Lia Griffiths are one of our favourite easy DIY Easter crafts. This sewing project is suitable for adults, teens and older children, and you could use them for your Easter egg hunt or as party décor.

#2 DIY Easter Card by Create with Joy

These Easter cards from Create with Joy would be a great way to send personalised Easter messages to the family. Kids will love writing their own special Easter messages and decorating cards for friends and family with the flowers of spring.

#3 Chick Easter Decoration by Red Ted Art

This easy paper chick craft is an excellent decoration for hanging up. All you need is coloured paper, glue, string or twine, and anything else you wish to use for decoration such as feathers, pipe cleaners or beads. These are ideal if you want to decorate an Easter tree!

#4 Cardboard Tube Chicks by Crafts by Amanda

Using recycled toilet paper tubes, paint and pipe cleaners these cute little chicks from Crafts by Amanda are a quick and easy craft for Easter. If you do not have any pipe cleaners handy, you could also use other embellishments such as feathers or coloured paper.

Cute Easter Craft Ideas for Children

Colorful Easter egg turned bunny rabbit crafts as an easy DIY for children

Crafting with kids is a great way to keep little hands busy for the holidays, with easy DIY Easter crafts for every age.  Some of our favourite children’s Easter crafts include:

#5 Easter Egg Pinch Pots by Red Ted Art

Helping to develop creativity and motor skills, these cute Easter pinch pots are perfect for storing trinkets and can be decorated in so many different ways. Plus, at Red Ted Art, they also have hatching egg and bunny pinch pots so you can make different types.

#6 Finger Puppets for Kids by Happy Hooligans

Made using just pom-poms, googly eyes, a glue gun and chenille pipe cleaners, children of all ages will love these Easter finger puppets from Happy Hooligans. After they have been made, you could even encourage them to put on their own show.

#7 Cotton Ball Bunnies by Making Things is Awesome

One of our favourite easy DIY Easter crafts for children, these cottontail bunnies by Making Things is Awesome are simply adorable. All you will need is cotton balls, paint, glue and a photo of your child. The use of painted footprints makes this delightful Easter craft extra sentimental!

#8 Q-Tip Lamb Craft by One Little Project

You will be leaping into spring with these cute little q-tip lambs from One Little Project. This is a super fiddly craft that is better suited to older kids, but you could always use cotton balls if you want to make something similar with little ones.

Easter Crafts for Adults

An easy DIY Easter nest craft for adults with decorated eggs lying in it

Get crafty this spring, with this fabulous range of cute Easter crafts and projects suitable for adults. Some of the best Easter crafts for adults include:

#9 Faux Woven Basket by Damask Love

This classy woven Easter basket from Damask Love is ideal for using for your Eater egg hunt or Easter décor. You can decorate them how you like, and use whatever colour of bow you prefer.

#10 Crochet Easter Egg Patterns by The Spruce Crafts

For a cute Easter needlecraft, these crochet Easter eggs from The Spruce Crafts are bright, colourful and fun to make.

#11 Jelly Bean Topiary by Crafty Sisters

These garden-inspired tabletop decorations from Crafty Sisters are full of the joys of spring. You will need jelly beans, moss, and small terracotta pots as well as a glue gun and paint to decorate.

#12 Easter Bunny Garland by Craft Patch Blog

String this Easter bunny garland in your home for festive décor that will bring elements of Easter into your home. The addition of a floral crown adds an extra touch of decoration, and you could use fake flowers or make your own from paper.

Yummy Easter Treats

Yummy DIY Easter treats like this sugar powdered cake with mini eggs in the centre

With fun and traditional Easter treats and some of the best Easter baking ideas, some of our favourite yummy easy DIY Easter crafts include:

#13 Hot Cross Buns from Jane’s Patisserie

A holiday staple in some countries, hot cross buns are traditional sweetbreads that are traditionally eaten during Easter. Making 12 buns, this recipe from Jane’s Patisserie is easy to follow and they are delicious toasted with butter.

#14 Easter Biscuits from BBC Good Food

Check out these Easter biscuits by the UK’s Queen of Baking Mary Berry over on BBC Good Food. These delicious sugar biscuits can be kept simple or be intricately decorated, and they would be ideal for gifts.

#15 Easter Rocky Road from Cooking with my Kids

This Easter Rocky Road could just be the perfect holiday snack. Children will love helping out with this delicious project; they are no-bake and take just a couple of hours to set in the refrigerator.

#16 Pana di Pasqua from Curious Cuisiniere

Pana di Pasqua is a light Italian bread, which is a favourite around the time of Holy Week. Literally translating as Easter bread, it is soft and sweet and traditionally decorated with colourful eggs.

Cute Easter Décor

Flowers and Easter eggs like ready for an easy DIY Easter craft for your decor.

Who said that decorating your home was for Christmas only, these cute craft ideas will help create a festive Easter atmosphere.

#17 Napkin Nests by Uncommon Designs

Add the finishing touch to your Easter table décor with these classy nest napkin rings from Uncommon Designs.

#18 Pom-Pom Bunny Tail Garland by DIY Candy

You can string this Easter bunny garland anywhere you like for a special Easter decoration. Make pom-poms and then add to the printable bunnies from the website.

#19 Easter Tree Decorating by Red Ted Art

This beautiful Easter tree is bound to brighten up your home with the atmosphere of spring. Plus, many of the other crafts we have included here could also be used for decoration.

#20 Spring Easter Egg Display by A Beautiful Mess

Made using eggs, paints and galvanised steel wire, this cool Spring Easter Egg display would look great on a shelf, mantelpiece or side table.

#21 Dried flower Spring wreath by MyPostcard blog

An easy way to make a Spring wreath for hanging on your front door – dried flower wreaths are an absolute eye-catcher and will stay looking gorgeous for a long time.


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