It’s that time of the year again, the leaves are turning orange, the rainy days are back and suddenly you’re wearing cozy sweaters every day. As we say goodbye to the beautiful summer months, we can’t help but think… what do we do now? Well, if you keep reading this article your question will be answered! We have compiled a list of our favorite activities for the fall, so you can still make the best memories with your loved ones without missing the warmer months. If you want some more inspiration, we recommend you check out our 5 Unusual Ideas for Fall Weekend Getaways article once you’re done with this one!

1. Try out new pumpkin recipes

We all know the popular pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice lattes, but did you know there are many more different ways you can use delicious pumpkins in your kitchen? Give some new flavours a try and organise a cooking date night with your family, partner, or friends!

2. Collect autumn leaves for DIYs

Aren’t autumn leaves just gorgeous? If you live near a park, we recommend you go around for a walk and collect some of them! There are many fun home decor DIYs that you can do with these.

3. Host a s’mores night with your friends

Who doesn’t love chocolate and marshmallows? Invite your friends for a fun s’mores night at home (or in your garden!). They will for sure love the idea!

4. Visit a pumpkin farm with your family

If you love pumpkins as much as we do you’ve probably already visited one of these before, but if not then you should! It’s a beautiful sight and if you bring some home you can try out delicious recipes afterwards too!

5. Decorate your house with pumpkins

Or instead of eating them straight away, use them as decoration in your living room to set the fall mood!

6. Make a fall playlist

Are you prepared for the change in weather? Build a new playlist that goes well with rainy afternoons and include songs that have a warm nostalgic feeling.

7. Organise a Halloween movie night

Skip the parties and stay cozy with your friends at home! A movie marathon is the best way to spend the spookiest day of the year!

8. Rent a cabin in the woods with your partner

Are you feeling like having a weekend getaway? Then enjoy some nature filled with fall colors in the woods.

9. Host Friendsgiving

This is your sign to put all of your collected pumpkins to use and host a Friendsgiving night with the new fall recipes you learnt!

10. Keep your memories alive

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep your fall memories alive with our photo prints and postcards! Get crafty and build a scrapbook or set up a photo wall. It’s so easy and adds a nice touch to any home!

Are you ready for the fall to begin?

We hope we could inspire you with these fall themed activities and you feel more ready to say goodbye to the summer. Let’s not forget to try to enjoy this colder season as much as we can! If you decide to do any of our bucket list activities and share it on social media, feel free to tag us in your posts! You can use the #MyPostcardMoment hashtag, we will be happy to see your photos!

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