The continuing pandemic means that Father’s Day in 2021 is yet again set to be different to years gone by. However, with the wonder of technology, we can still get the family together and celebrate the dads, granddads, and father figures in our lives. If you are looking for inspiration for virtual father’s day ideas that will have him feeling loved, we have compiled a list of a whole host of different ways you can celebrate their special day without putting anyone at unnecessary risk.

Top 15 Virtual Father’s Day Ideas

Let them know how much you care this father’s day with our top 15 ideas for celebrating dad’s day at a distance:

#1 Share a meal

A bird's eye view of a brunch with egg and mango on two plates, a cup of coffee and a book with glasses on top.

Just because you can’t be together this father’s day, does not mean that you cannot share a meal together- almost face to face. Cook something nice, set up video tech at the table, and tuck in. You could have a quiet meal for two or invite the rest of the family to recreate the dinner table vibe of years gone by.

Top tip: Step up your game by ordering ingredients to his door and talking him through the recipe as you both cook it. Eating the same home-cooked meal will help you feel closer.

#2 Send a card

Send your father a heartfelt message to put a smile on their face! Nothing quite says you care like a personalized card and at MyPostcard, you can even customize your father’s day message with a photograph of you both. Plus there are free customizable messages in the app available to choose from.

Our tip is to collect some throwback photos from your childhood of the two of you to decorate your card.

#3 Family quiz

If your dad loves a bit of competition and the chance to flex his general knowledge skills, you could organize a quiz night with the whole family in his honor. You could even include some personalized questions about dad to make father’s day special!

#4 Learn something

Gift dad the chance to learn something new this Father’s Day! Ideas could include online guitar lessons together, cookery classes, gardening or perhaps learning a new language.  You are never too old for learning and you can spend your quality time together practicing your new skills.

#5 Look through family photos

Family polaroid prints lie on top of a blank photo album

Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce by spending an hour or two looking back at old photographs and talking about your lives together so far. Share your screen and then flick through the images on your phone to share a slideshow of your favorite family memories.

#6 Watch sports

If you and dad are passionate about a particular sport or team, you could watch some of the best games from their history. Track them down online, wear your team’s colors, and shout out your chants across the internet.

#7 Send him food

With the power of delivery apps at your fingertips, you could treat dad to a meal and order him a takeaway to be delivered to his door.  Whether you opt for a pizza, curry, fast food, or whatever he likes, dad will love not having to cook for the night and the chance to tuck into his favorite. Alternatively, if you live nearby you could cook him dinner and drop it off on the doorstep.

#8 Wine, beer, or whisky tasting

5 small beers supported in a specially built wooden artists palette, as a virtual Father's Day gift idea.

If you are looking for virtual father’s day ideas for a dad that enjoys a specific drink, you could consider a tasting experience. Order a kit online that offers samples for you and your dad and enjoy a good tasting session across Zoom or Skype. You could even look up some facts about each drink as you taste them. For a dad that doesn’t drink, you could also try tea or soda or cheese tasting, or you could create your own with unusual snacks from around the world.

#9 Visit somewhere new

Take a virtual trip to the places that you have always wanted to see.  Share your screen with your dad, load up an app like Google Street view and spend your time wandering around destinations you have dreamt of visiting in the past. You could even take the time to plan a future travel trip to somewhere new when all this is over and done with.

#10 Make a video

If you are looking for virtual father’s day ideas for a dad who lives long-distance, why not make him something special and compile a video message as his Father’s Day treat. He will love being able to watch it back and this would be a great way to send them a special message from all of his children and grandkids if he them.

#11 Personalized playlist

For a free gift that is full of the personal touch, you could create dad a personalized playlist on his favorite music streaming site.  Mixtapes might be out of fashion but sharing music and the songs that remind us of a person is definitely not.

#12 Play games

There are so many ways you can play games online. Whether it is playing on a console like Xbox or PlayStation, a gaming app such as Words with friends on your phones, or good old charades via video call, spend an hour or so getting competitive.

#13 Watch a movie

A first person view of feet up in front of netflix.

Just because you are not together this year doesn’t mean that you can’t share a film together. Many video extensions and apps offer a watch party option, including Amazon and Netflix amongst others. Put on a classic, sync up your streaming and sit back and relax. Don’t forget the popcorn!

#14 Visit the museum

Many of the world’s best museums are offering virtual tours, which is providing you the opportunity to visit from further afield. Take in the wonders of the British Museum in London, the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, the Guggenheim in New York City or choose from hundreds more top museums and galleries from around the world available online.

#15 Catch a show

Even though theatres and concerts have been canceled in person, many are offering virtual shows online. From comedians to opera, music, plays and so much more, you are bound to find something that dad will love.

Share your virtual Father’s Day ideas!

A little girl surprising her dad on Father's Day with a gift

As well as treating them to one or more of our virtual father’s day ideas, let dad know you love him with a father’s day card We have so many designs to choose from! Looking for inspiration on what to write on your father’s day card? Check this article out for top tips on writing a message that will make your dad’s day extra special, or head to the app to use one of our free customizable messages.

Did we miss any great ideas? Be sure to comment with them!


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