Glamping vs camping… Maybe it suddenly seems all the rage now, but glamping has actually been a mainstay of outdoor recreation for over a decade now. But how does it relate to camping?

Well, the short answer is that it’s made up of the words ‘glamourous’ and ‘camping’, so it’s actually just a type of camping. A glamping vacation promises to be more luxurious than the traditional camping experience, even while offering a proximity to nature.

There are a number of points to consider in the glamping vs camping debate. To make your decision, read on to discover more about the differences between camping and glamping and which one is best suited to you.

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Glamping vs camping: The main differences

#1 Trip preparation

In the battle between camping vs. glamping, glamping certainly wins when it comes to prep.

When you are camping, you basically need to pack everything yourself. For some people, this is just about keeping it light and carrying the basics on their back; whereas, others will prefer to pack up the car with all their camping gear. Your glamping set-up will be ready and waiting for you at the site on the other hand.

If you prefer a back to basics experience, camping is your thing.

#2 Location

In terms of glamping vs camping, both offer an excellent chance to spend some time in the great outdoors! Depending on the rules of your country, camping offers freedom and the chance to spend some time in the great outdoors. However, glamping sites are typically location-specific.  As a result, they tend to be more accessible, and are often a closer distance to nearby towns and transport links.

If you’re looking for some beautiful nature locations in the UK, discover these top 10 rural destinations.

#3 Time of year

Unless you are planning to brave the freezing temperatures that winter camping can offer, staying in the tent during the colder months is certainly not for everyone. On the other hand, glamping is more of a year-round activity; with accommodation often being heated. Plus, lots of glamping locations can be found abroad in warmer climates.

#4 Types of accommodation

A beautiful hut on stilts set among nature is a glamping destination

When it comes to camping vs. glamping, your shelter and sleeping arrangements are important. Traditional campers like tents, but some people also use hammocks, bivvies, motorhomes, RVs and more.

Glamping accommodation also offers a wide array of choices of places to stay. That includes yurts, tents, igloos, pods, and all manner of strange lodgings.

Here are some of the top places to go gamping in the world.

#5 Glamping hygiene vs. camping hygiene

Primitive camping is usually about choosing the most discreet spot amongst the trees or on the riverside. However, there are lots of campsites that do provide shared showers and restroom facilities. Plus, some campers like to take portable bathroom facilities with them on their camping trip.

When glamping, accommodation is often en suite or with a restroom nearby, often private. Some of the top sites also have luxurious spa facilities.

#6 Entertainment

Whether it is playing cards, fishing, or singing around a campfire, some of the best nights are had when camping. However, without an electric hook up, it could get a little boring.

On the other hand, glamping accommodation often comes with all the extras, such as Wi-Fi or television as well as more creature comforts. Plus, one of the pitfalls of camping has to be cell service, with remote camping often being combined with a patchy delivery. If you’re a wifi fan, then in the battle of camping vs. glamping, the more luxurious vacation could be the best fit.

If you were planning on getting close to nature and taking some snaps of your glamping area, then read Camping Photography 101 first. Once you get the perfect photo, you can send it as a personalized postcards to friends with MyPostcard.

#7 Food

Whether it is s’mores or snags, BBQs or frying up freshly caught fish, food can be an important part of our camping experience.  Of course, glampers can still enjoy a camp cookout. However, they also have the opportunity to turn on the oven and enjoy home-cooked meals during their trip. Some of the most luxurious glamping sites even have a private chef on sites or top-class restaurants.

If you need some camping tips and tricks to save time, money and effort, make sure to read up on these campers’ hacks.

#8 On-site facilities

A miniature hut on the waterside for glamping experiences

Some people prefer camping in the remote wilderness over a traditional campsite with facilities such as bathrooms, showers, or entertainment. When glamping though, you are more likely to access similar facilities to some of the best hotels, including spas, cinemas, yoga retreats, world-class restaurants, and so much more. It is important to remember that every glamping site is different, so check out the website to see what facilities your specific site has available.

#9 The cost of camping vs. glamping

Due to the luxurious nature of glamping, it is often a much more costly affair; with prices being more similar to staying in a hotel. On the other hand, camping is well known for being an affordable way to go on vacation. Many countries around the world even offer free camping in some places.

Camping vs. glamping: The verdict

When it comes to camping vs. glamping, it really is just a matter of choice. Combining comfort, countryside and convenience, glamping has become popular of late.

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