For generations, humans have enjoyed the wonders of camping, sleeping out in the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature. But the remote holiday style is not necessarily for everyone. Combining the outdoor of camping with the comfort and luxuries of home, glamping is fast growing in popularity.

Discover more about the glamorous world of glamping through one of these top ten glamping blogs; with informative articles, holiday inspiration and so much more!

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Top 10 glamping blogs

Before you check out our top picks for glamping blogs, make sure you know what glamping actually is. Here are the main differences between glamping and camping.

#2 Discover Glamping: A glamper’s guide to Europe

Whether you are looking for tips for last-minute travel or more information about the best glamping sites in a specific country, Discover Glamping promises to be a ‘discerning guide to experiential travel. Listing over 120 luxury glamping sites across the UK and Europe, this is one of the most popular glamping blogs for those looking to explore any corner of the continent.  Check it out for up-to-date tips on European glamping, guides to motorhomes and glamping equipment, and lots of handy tips for planning your next getaway. You can also follow them on all your favourite social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

#1 Glamping Hub: The blog for matching you with the perfect camping site

The inside of a glamping tent by the Glampinghub blog featuring a double bed, handers and two chairs on a patio in front.
Photo features a glamping destination in Traben-Trarbach, Germany. Copyright:

Set up by travellers for travellers, Glamping Hub is a global website that aims to match up glampers with glamping sites. This booking platform was founded in 2013 and currently has 30,000 different glamping resorts across 120 countries. Discover a superb selection of unique glamping opportunities from around the world, with guides, tips, reviews, vacation inspiration, lifestyle, wellness, food and wine, and so much more.  We recommend checking out the staff picks for reviews of some of the world’s best glamping sites. 

#3 Nelson Treehouse Blog: For (you guessed it) treehouse lovers!

Treehouse enthusiast Peter Nelson and wife Judy aim to bring the joy of treehouses to people around the world with the Nelson Treehouse blog. Featured on the Animal Planet TV Show, Treehouse Masters, the family offer a glamping experience like no other. Their glamping blog is aimed at those who appreciate the beauty of a house up in the trees. You can also follow Peter’s creations on Twitter @TheTreehouseMan for phenomenal woodwork and breath-taking natural art and design.

P.S. The Nelson Treehouse blog also features on our ranking of the best blogs for campers.

#4 Camping with Style: For mindful glamping

Shell from the glamping blog, Camping With Style outside a glamorous tent.
Copyright: Shell Robshaw-Bryan /

Camping with Style is one of the UK’s best glamping blogs (to say nothing of it being the number #1 camping blog in Britain). This travel and outdoor site promotes ethical and sustainable camping and features hundreds of up-front and honest features and reviews. They focus on the relationship between nature and mindfulness and the positive benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. Check out their glamping section for hundreds of articles about glamping across Great Britain and further afield, including tips and tricks for finding your ideal glampsite.

#5 Next-level luxury

Whether you are looking to get immersed in a new culture, book a romantic getaway or learn more about sustainable travel, the blog has something for everyone when it comes to next-level luxury camping. This world-class glamping blog promises luxury amongst nature while featuring some of the world’s best glamping hot spots.  Matching providers with guests, this glamping blog is filled with interesting articles to inspire your global glamping adventure. It is regularly updated with a wide array of features, reviews and travel guides.

#6 Quality Unearthed: Retro glamping blog

Promoting sustainable and eco-friendly camping, Quality Unearthed has a retro glamping blog. This is the ideal blog for any considering upgrading from camping to glamping, with tips and tricks, holiday inspiration and more.

#7 Glamping Space: The blog for international inspiration

Glamping cabin set amongst a beautiful valley scene in front of a turquoise lake

For international glamping inspiration, this travel and outdoor blog covers the US, Australia and Europe. Created by a husband and wife team, Glamping Space is filled with so many guides and reviews as well as informative glamping-related articles, such as Glamping in Switzerland, Croatia and New Zealand. They even have an article for those looking to create their own glamping experience from the comfort of home.

#8 Cool Camping: The contemporary glamping experience blog

 During an excellent camping vacation, travel writer Jonathan Knight and friends decided that there was a need for a new focus on contemporary camping. One book turned into several and Cool Camping is now a popular blog. Whether you are looking for dog-friendly glamping, family glamping, or anything else, this site features an array of camping and glamping product reviews.

#9 Inspired Camping: Resource for gampers and glamping businesses

Promoting a whole host of unique glamping opportunities, the Inspired Camping blog is filled with free resources, gadgets and gear review and start-up advice for new glamping businesses. After suffering from a stroke in 2009, founder Sarah Riley created the site to provide a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about next-level camping.

#10 Glamper Gear: Gadgets, gear and know-how

Based in the USA, Glamper Gear was first launched in 2015.  One of the best glamping blogs, this site is updated regularly with must-have gear reviews, camping tips and so much more. As well as glamping inspiration from across the States, you can also discover tips and tricks, recipes, and more.

Did you find the right glamping blogs?

A glamping yurt nestled amongst the rocks of Goblin Valley State Park
Goblin Valley State Park

We hope you found everything you needed! If you’re still prepping for you trip, make sure to check out these articles:


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