A living room is not always a living room. Each apartment is as different as their residents. Often, home decor is what makes the difference and that special personal touch. They create a distinctive look and tell their very own story. So if you like to change up your four walls, why don’t you decorate them with DIY interior deco? Especially Autumn, when the weather gets cold and uncosy, makes for the perfect chance to have a little handicraft session alongside a warm cup of tea. So let’s start creating! We want to show you five trends for creative DIY home decor, that will turn your run-of-the-mill rooms into living spaces with personality.
You are a big DIY fan? Perfect, because in our DIY category you can find many instructions for handicrafts with postcards or photo prints and more. Get inspired!

Personal Home decor #1
Painted china – Old dishes, new look

If your china doesn’t fit the color scheme of your kitchen anymore or just want to add a new touch of color to your cupboard, you can simply help yourself out with a little trick: painting china! And don’t worry. You don’t need any craftworking skills. After choosing your motifs or designs just paint them onto the china using stencils, china pens or paint. You can get the pens and paints in any well-stocked stationary department – no bounds for your imagination!
If you opt for a broad brush stroke in the style of Japanese calligraphy, use glossy spray paint or a simple subtle stamp – you can be sure that the result will be a highlight in your kitchenware collection.
My little piece of advice for you: Minimalist lines and patterns, that you can easily draw on with porcelain pens are very en vogue right now! Find some great instructions from the girls from dreieckchen.de here. If you’re not sure if you can do it, maybe have a look over at Paint your Style to get some support, inspiration and a beautiful palette of colors in shops for your personal home decor.

Personal home decor #2
Old story, new trend: Macramé

Home Decor Trends 2019 - MacraméYou don’t always have to put plants in huge buckets on your floor – have you thought about little plants or climbing plants, that are hanging from the ceiling? The trend radar of the last years has shown that hanging baskets are coming back to our apartments for good. Air plants like the Tillandsia for example only need a little spray of water every now and then and are therefore perfectly suited to be placed in small hanging baskets in a geometrical drop shape. In general, these baskets are the perfect DIY project, because all you need for it can be found without a problem and for little money in the building supplies store. Whichever material you choose – if wood, metal, wire, leather or cotton strings – go wild!

Small trick: This current trend is super easily done as handicraft. Try different models and refresh your precious skills from school times and knotting friendship bracelets. We found great instructions by bohoandnordic.de for your new macramé hanging basket here.

Personal home decor #3
Teatowels with a twist

Home Decor Trends 2019 - StampsHome accessories made from fabric can be easily brightened up. If it is teatowels, t-shirts or simply fabric that you want to use for sewing at some other point – this is the perfect option if you want individual and personal results to keep or to give away. Think about napkins for your Christmas table – why don’t you add little motifs by stamping e.g. small stars on it. If you want a great shirt with the logo of your favorite band you best use a stencil stamp. The best materials for beginners are linen or cotton mixtures because their surface is even and smooth.

Little tip: You can buy the stamps for your motifs. Of course, you can also create them yourself though, e.g. potato stamps. For that, you only need a potato (surprise ;)). And that stamp is even biodegradable! If you want to keep your stamp a little longer, you can create a reusable one made out of sponge rubber.

Personal home decor #4
Mother Nature as interior decoration

Home Decor Trends 2019 - NatureWalks in nature wrapped up in chunky sweats and scarves, admiring the colorful leaves on the trees and collecting chestnuts. Isn’t that what’s so charming about Autumn? And the good thing is: colorful leaves or shiny chestnuts don’t have to stay outside of your door, but can be great home decor for your place. Especially flower bouquets look amazing if you include some colorful leaves, branches or berries and can easily replace missing summery flowers. Also chestnuts, cones or stones can be used e.g. for a candle arrangement as a supplementary home decoration and will definitely catch everyone’s eye.

My advice: Colorful leaves are not only good in a vase. Try pressing them, alongside with flowers to use them as a wall decoration. Especially in times of the very trendy “floating frames”, herbariums make for an impressive flair. Try this instruction by blogger Alexandra Winzer from puppenzirkus. de, which you can find here.

#Personal home decor #5
Framed postcards and prints for your individual wall design

Home Decor Trends 2019 - Framed Postcards
Photo source: Shutterstock.com / Photographee.eu

Not only herbariums make for unique wall decoration in your home. Furthermore framed postcards with special motifs or even pictures that tell a personal story are great as home decor. We have some examples for great DIYs that are easily put into practice.

Just in case: If you’re wondering, where to get the best postcards and photo prints, we have the answer: Obviously from us, MyPostcard! You can easily order them, even with your own photos, with the MyPostcard app – it only takes a few clicks. Whether you are on your couch, on holidays or on the train – there is no more comfortable way to order pictures, prints or postcards!

Floating picture collection
A little reminiscent of the forest walk or a piece of driftwood from your summer holiday can be a great addition to your wall decoration. Your favorite photos and postcards can be easily assembled around it. All you need is a string! With a few simple touches, your pictures will be revalued as beautiful and unique decoration element and home accessories. Find a beautiful example of how that could look here.

Picture mosaic with washi tape
Your favorite pictures that are in the same format (for example the ones from the MyPostcard photo box) are perfectly suited to arrange on your wall with some washi tape – a very easy way to try out your creativity without ruining your walls with nails. Especially if you feel like trying new things a lot, washi tape is the perfect option. That’s how you can rearrange motifs on a regular basis. There are many opportunities to do so, if you stick the washi tape on the edges, cut it in patters or stick it on the wall as frames. The good thing is, you can easily peel off the washi tape without leaving remnants on the wall. So you can start sticking it on again straight away!

Frame Postcards
Are you a flea market lover? If yes, you’ve probably seen stacks of beautiful, opulent, adorned frames. But how do you find the perfect piece of artwork or picture to fill the frame with? What do you think of your own pictures or postcards? You don’t even have to decide for a single one. The frame can be prepared easily to be used as a wall decoration. You only need some small nails, a string and small staples. Find out how to do that best with Ria, over at lovelydiy.de.

Picture wall with a personal touch
For a colorful mix of pictures, postcards, decoration elements, posters, and photos, you can make use of the so-called “Petersburg Hanging”. That’s how you can make sure it doesn’t get too chaotic. The name comes from the walls in the St. Petersburg Hermitage that had lots of frames and pictures onthem. It’s best if your ceilings are high and your walls not too dark. Generally, you can use whichever pictures or photos you like, but it’s even better if they complement each other or follow the same color schemes or patterns. By using mats or mixing frame shapes you can add some depth to the picture wall. Make sure that you don’t make it all too symmetrical and instead create a harmonious chaos – find some ideas for your personal creation of a Petersburg hanging here. An overview for more opportunities to get your artworks into shape you can find here.

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