Mother’s Day 2022 promises to be (yet another) a weird one for many. But who says weird has to be bad

It may take a tiiiny bit more creativity to make this year a special one for mom, but there’s no reason this year can’t be even better than the last!

Here are 10 ways you can celebrate your mom (or the mother of your children) – whether you’re self-quarantining together or living far apart.

By the way, if you’re sending your mom some Mother’s Day greetings in the post this year, you’ll be needing some inspiration from our Happy Mother’s Day card quotes – feel free to copy and paste!

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Spending Mother’s Day 2022 far apart…?

An elderly woman laughs in front of red flowers
Make your mother smile on Mother’s Day 2022 – even if she won’t be seeing you this year!

You might find that the best gift you can give your mom this year – especially if she’s elderly – is staying away from her. And of course, considering one of these ideas instead to make the day extra special!

1. Send her a (thoughtful) gift online

Has your mom suddenly found herself with a lot of extra time and no clue how to spend it all?

Jump on Amazon and send her that new audio book by her favorite author, or maybe a couple you’ve enjoyed yourself recently.

If she’s not much of a bookworm, how about a subscription to Spotify, Netflix or an online workout service like Les Mills? After all, actions often speak louder than words!

2. Post a ‘less is more’ survival kit

Or maybe she’s running out of the essentials and doesn’t feel up for fighting over a packet of toilet paper in Target (who can blame her)? Gather up some of the stuff she’s anxious about running out of, add some of her favourite snacks and bam, you’ve got yourself a fun yet practical gift to wrap a ribbon around, package up and take to the post office.

(Pssst. Not sure what’s what in terms of the post vs Coronavirus? We’ve summarized a scientific study’s findings in this article. The short answer? The post is safe to use.)

3. Write a classic Mother’s Day card – with a twist

A classic Mother’s Day card will offer a sense of normality AND closeness. With MyPostcard you can personalize your greeting cards with your own photos to give them that personal touch – plus you don’t have to go out to post them because you order via app. MyPostcard prints and delivers them for you. 

We love what this blogger did – Black Kintsugi sent her mom 10 different postcards, each with a reason why she loves her. 

4. Mail a hobby

Woman holding a flowering plant for Mother's Day 2020
How about sending something your mom can actually DO – like a spot of gardening for example!

Send some seeds, a pot and some soil to you AND your mom. FaceTime each other while you garden and see whose plants grow faster! Quality time together is important even when you’re far apart. #ChallengeAccepted!

…But if you don’t think she’s got green fingers, some other post-able options include:

  • Dry ingredients for a cake
  • Pencils and an adult coloring book (there’s some fabulous novelty options around!)
  • Photo prints of some shared memories, a scrap book and some arts and crafts deco bits.

5. Get creative with your social-distance call

So most likely, you’ve already tried an online video call by using a service like Zoom or Houseparty? It’s definitely fun to be able to see each others faces, but sometimes a little structure, or some extra dynamic makes it feel more like real life and helps you forget about wifi problems and the distance.

Try jazzing the call up a little for Mother’s Day with a special occasion pub quiz! Get each member of the family to create a family insiders general knowledge round.

E.g. Round 1, question 1: What is Granny’s maiden name?

Or, alternatively, how about watching a classic Bob Ross painting tutorial together and each attempting the painting. You could even send it to her afterwards!

6. Watch a film together

Like the good old times of Mother’s Days gone by! Except these days, you don’t have to be huddled round the coach to share a film together.

Install the Netflix party extension to watch an episode or a movie together, apart. You’ll be able to see each other react to the movie while watching it with them.

Not sure what to watch? Check out these 9 travel movies picked to stave off wanderlust cravings while social distancing.

7. Do you live near your mom?

A child stands close to his parent in a half shot
A home cooked meal never hurt anyone…

How about doing a doorstep drop off? Make the home-cooked family meal you would normally have shared together and leave it outside your door to be collected by mom (or deliver it to her door).

For extra points, bake a cake too!

So you’ll be self-isolating together on Mother’s Day 2022?

Mother and Daughter pose for a photo together next to a motorbike
Make Mother’s Day 2022 stand out even if you’ve been self-isolating together for a while now!

It might seem impossible to make yet another day inside together feel special – but don’t you believe it! There’s a whole load of ways you can make Mother’s Day 2022 special without taking mom out to a fancy restaurant.

For example…

8. Bring the restaurant to you

Get the fairy lights out, decorate the table with candles and flowers for good measure and then get to work on a three course Mother’s Day 2022 ‘restaurant experience’. You could even print or write out a menu to add to the fun.

Try to have most of the food prep done in advance, so that you can sit down with mom and chat with her too. And don’t neglect the drinks! This is a special occasion after all… 😉

If some of the family aren’t isolating with you, try including them via laptop video call and have them join you for dessert!

9. Start her day off right

A breakfast in bed spread fit for Mother's Day 2020

Make your mom feel like the queen she is by bringing her breakfast in bed, along with her favorite magazine. If you have flowers in the garden, gather a few up and bring that along with your breakfast. We’ll bet she’s a sucker for the romance of it!

10. Do something she usually does for you

We’re all guilty of not noticing all the things our moms do for us. So whether it’s cleaning the toilet and putting a laundry load on or bringing her a cup of tea and asking her how she is, on Mother’s Day 2022, remember that sometimes the smaller things count most of all!

There’s nothing left to say but… Happy Mother’s Day 2022!

Little girl sporting a temporary 'mom' tattoo is ready for Mother's Day 2020

How are you planning to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day 2022?

P.S. We know staying in touch is really hard when you can’t see each other face to face! If you’re struggling to keep up with your friends, try out these 14 ways to stay social while social distancing.


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