Mother’s Day


Looking for a present?

Here’s an idea for you: The bubble candle! If you follow any interior accounts on Instagram, you’ll be well aware that bubble candles are in! We’ll show you how you can make one right at home – it’s not as hard as the prices would have you believe!  

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You don’t need to be a DIY-expert to make these classy candles. All you need is some wax of your choice, a wick and a bubble candle silicon cast. And hey – reusable!

By the way, if you’re looking for ways to celebrate Mother’s Day from a distance this year, check out these top 10 ideas here.

Here’s what you need for your bubble candle

A flat laying on an apricot background showign the materials needed to make a bubble candle from scratch - 3 colour pigment bottles, 2 ready candles, wax, dried flowers and the wicks. Int he corner, photo prints.
Here’s what you need!
  • Paraffin or beeswax candle wax
  • Bubble silicon cast (or another shape of your choice!) 
  • Candle wick
  • Wick holder or cocktail sticks
  • (Optional) color pigment and dried flowers.

Here’s how to make it

If your silicon form doesn’t have a hole for your candlewick, make sure to pierce one first. It’s easiest using a needle. Next, stick the wick through the hole so that it sits in the middle of the candle. Keep it steady with the wick holder or two of your cocktail sticks to make sure it stays in the middle of your form. 

Melt the wax according to the packet instructions in a water bath. Make sure to mix it every now and then until the wax is completely fluid.  

Tip: The amount of wax you need depends on the size of your silicon cast. Melt too much rather than too little – anything that gets left over can be reused another time.

In the meantime you can decide to add dried flowers as decoration to the cast. 

Once the wax is fully melted, you can mix some color pigment with the wax. Your bubble candle can come in any and all colors!

Next, pour the hot wax into the bubble candle cast immediately. Make sure that the wick stays central.

A hand pours the melted wax into the silicone cast, with dried flowers in it.
Pour the wax into the candle form.

Now all you have to do is let the wax cool and solidify before removing the bubble candle from the cast. Done! It’s that easy to make your own cool bubble candles.

Two homemade white bubble candles lie on a orange and green material.
The end effect!

Check out our video tutorial for making bubble candles – along with more DIY ideas – on our Instagram account

Show mom some love this Mother’s Day!

Whatever you end up giving, making or sending her this year, make sure you tell her you love her! Give her a ring or send her a personalized Mother’s Day card. Here are some ideas for loving messages inside the card.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching – it’s time to get nostalgic and think about future mother daughter trips. What could be better than a sweet time away from the daily grind, like bonding together on mother daughter trips? It’s time to treat the queen of the family with a grand holiday! Perhaps you’ve been away for so long, for so many reasons – be it college, work or a family of your own – but you can light up the season with the spirit of love and gratitude. With this trip, you and your mom could get the chance to reminisce old memories, as well as make fresh ones worthy of being remembered.

Wondering where to go this Mother’s Day? Here are some amazing destinations + bonding ideas you can do:

Mother Daughter Trips #1
Take her to the Hamptons

The Hamptons is a beautiful destination for Mother Daughter Trips

Characterized by beautiful English style homes and green, grassy fields, the Hamptons could be just the pleasant getaway you and your mom needed. Sleep a few nights in local inns close to the elite estates and bring back those old Hollywood dreams as you and mom walk hand in hand after a sumptuous lunch. Here, you can soak in the local arts; there’s the Southampton Arts Center, the Parrish Art Museum and the Watermill. Plus points if you and your mom are film and television buffs; you can revisit the sites where the films, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the television series Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother and The Real Housewives of New York City were shot.  Then, head to Montauk where you’ll be welcomed with a glass of Prosecco to mark your stay at this iconic resort.

Mother Daughter Trips #2
Revel in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a beautiful destination for Mother Daughter Trips
Photo source: Shutterstock.com / Jim Schubert

This charming island boasts of many attractions that will definitely make your mother daughter trips around more memorable. Start with Providence, where you can take a stroll past the many shops and restaurants to quell your hunger for new delights. If you want something more tranquil, head to the beach. Kick this trip a notch up by going to New Port, a favorite spot of the elites, where dazzling mansions and yachts pervade the district. For a more eclectic adventure, how about visiting Woonsocket, known as Little Quebec. Take a picture of Hachi, a Japanese dog given as tribute at the Hachi Trail, or feast on the local gourmet while lounging in a verdant park.

Mother Daughter Trips #3
Whisk her to Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a beautiful destinations for mother daughter trips
Photo source: Shutterstock.com / CO Leong

The easternmost part of Massachusetts is a tourist favorite, thanks to its miles of serene beaches, historic sites and many renowned restaurants. Book a bed-and-breakfast before you head off for a nice jaunt; you can start off with its natural attractions, perfect if you and your mom loved biking and boat-watching activities. Go straight to Martha’s Vineyard via ferry from the Upper Cape, or shop in the bustling business hub at Barnstable. The Lower Cape stars two major museums and a famous cranberry festival that began in the 1970s. One of the best attractions to see is the Bass River, which runs through the Mid Cape towns. Enjoy the scene on a narrated cruise. If you’re about the local ecology, visit the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History and tickle that botanist in your mom’s heart. The Edward Gorey House is a museum of arts and puppets, and it offers a tour for those who are interested. For a bit of romance, stop by the many lighthouses in the area and make sure to take a picture together!

Mother Daughter Trips #4
Head to Lanai

Lanai in Hawaii is an awesome location for mother daughter trips
Photo source: Shutterstock.com / EQRoy

Want something more tropical? Visit Lanai, Hawaii and revel in the sight of the beaches, plus the amazing sunsets in the land. One perk you can grab is the Twilight Brunch especially made for Mother’s Day, which allows mom to enjoy a full stay at the beach, plus a gorgeous meal served with the local delights: seafood, poached eggs, potato crepes, and more. Ask for the sommelier wine pairings to complement your meals before you decide on your seaside dip.

Mother Daughter Trips #5
Dine in style in Miami

Miami as one of 7 cool destinations for mother daughter trips
Photo source: Shutterstock.com / marchello74

Give in to a splurge for mom this Mother’s Day. Reserve a dinner date in one of the grand hotels in Miami for a classy dinner, where you’ll both be treated to a captivating ocean view, the wide-open sky, and of course, amazing food. Then, proceed to Little Havana to relish the vibrant Cuban culture, and flavors, as you enjoy your stay. On the other hand, you could stay in the Design District where both of you can admire amazing art installation and exhibits after your arrival. You and your mom can grab one of the boat tours which takes you to key places in the state: this may include Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Art Deco and more. Ready your money; there are many shopping centers around where you can buy mom a present to top off your holiday treat.

Mother Daughter Trips #6
Head over to Hollywood!

Hollywood for Mother Daughter Trips

Dazzle your mom with the sight of the stars – in human form. Other than glimpses of her favourite celebrities, she’d feel like one herself as you tour her around Hollywood’s well-loved districts. Blessed with rich nightlife, shopping and art, you two will not run out of things to bond over. Take the rail or go by plane; the sight of those big letters across the hill will surely thrill her. Once you get in, take her to the famous museums: the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame, or Madame Tussauds, where you can take pictures of the celebrities (in wax) for a souvenir.

Mother Daughter Trips #7
Unwind at New Jersey

Massachusetts is a quaint town off the coast of Cape May County, popular for its beaches and its rural charm. The small district is perfect for a short stay; walk around the immaculate beaches on your arrival then head back to your inn for a warm lunch. There’s Pat’s, Bradley’s Steaks and Hoagies, Back Bay Seafood and Ristorante Luciano to fill your gastronomic wants. Watch the sunset, tell stories, and catch up with each other during your time together.

This Mother’s Day, give your time as a gift to your mom. A short escape to a fresh, new place will do you both good. Imagine the laughter and tears you’ll both have while recollecting memories of you as a child! Make new, happy ones together – not just in photographs, but in each other’s warm presence too.

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