Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is fast approaching. If you haven’t organized anything to celebrate with your own mother yet and are looking for inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve put together a carefully curated list of cheap or even free ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day to the max. Some take a little preparation, but most take hardly any and none more than a couple of hours. So no matter how much time you have to plan celebrating Mother’s Day, peruse my list and make your mom happy 🙂

Days out to celebrate Mother’s Day

Window shopping

A mom and daughter window shopping while celebrating Mother's Day

If your mom is more of a material girl, why not take her window shopping? You can go try on outfits together and see what you would buy if you had unlimited funds. Maybe choose each other’s outfits as a way to see how well you know each other’s style (or just to laugh at each other when you end up wearing something ridiculous!). If you like you could also offer to pay for lunch while you are out or even just a coffee and cake to keep your stamina up.

Go hiking

This is a lovely, active way to celebrate and guarantees some quality time spent with you and your mother (and any other family members/friends who might want to join). Make sure to be aware of everyone’s physical capabilities and base your walk around the least active member so that no one is struggling and you can all enjoy being in nature together. Ideas for where to walk include parks, forests, nature reserves, along beaches or just in general countryside.

Go for a drive somewhere pretty

A mom putting on lipstick in preparation for a celebratory Mother's Day roadtrip!

If your mom is not so active, a nice way of celebrating Mother’s Day is to spend a day out with her could be to drive around somewhere pretty. This could be to a nearby beauty spot or just around the countryside. You can take a picnic to eat together at a place you choose to stop off too.

Mother’s Day celebrations for foodies

Bake a cake

A mom and daughter bake together celebrating Mother's Day

Who doesn’t love cake?

Baking a cake doesn’t cost the earth and is a great way to show your mom that you thought of her and spent time making something delicious (and perfectly celebratory) for her on Mothers’ Day. Find out (if you don’t already know) what kind of cake she prefers and get a recipe online. Cake baking is more of a science than an art and so as long as you find a fairly simple recipe, just follow the instructions precisely and you should be good to go! Regarding decoration you can go as wild and wacky or plain and simple as you like. For the most simple just hold a sieve around 15 inches above the cake and put in a tablespoon of powdered sugar, shake it around a bit and the sugar should fall down and create a cute snowy looking layer across the top of the cake.

Alternatively, try celebrating Mother’s Day by suggesting you do it together! People love to be asked for advice, and this way you get some quality time tofet

Cook her a meal that reminds you of her

This one requires a little more creativity and possibly some more technical knowledge, but is great for anyone who likes to cook. Think a little about what foods remind you of your mom and create a meal from some of it. It can be meals she used to cook you, meals you have heard her talk about or meals you shared together. Get creative and wow her with your culinary prowess!

Gift ideas to celebrate mom

Photo collage

A poster collage of photos as a gift for Mother's Day

A photo collage of your family is a great gift/memento for your mom. You can make it simple, filling a rectangle/square shape with photos to fit in a frame, or go wild and try for a “Mom” shaped outline. This can be easily made using digital photos and printed at home or at a specific photo printing facility for a more polished look.

Recreate an old photo

Another photo idea that can be fairly easily created but needs a little more advance preparation is the recreation of an old photo. Choose one of your mother’s favorites, find clothes as similar as possible and recreate those poses! Bonus points for accurate recreation of hairstyles 🙂 

Playlist. A totally free gift that you can give your mom and that you can enjoy together, is making her a playlist. You can use any number of streaming services to create a list of songs that remind you of her.


At home disco

A small gathering celebrating Mother's Day viewed from above.

One that works better at night but also doable with blackout blinds is to turn your living room into a disco party to celebrate! If your mum is a dancing queen she’ll love this idea. You can turn out the lights, play music through speakers and use your tv for a cool light display. Buy glowsticks for extra authenticity and maybe mix up a few cocktails to boogie with.

At home spa day.

Pamper your mom this Mothers’ Day by setting up an at home spa for her. Use aromatherapy and calming music to set the scene. Apply face masks, foot soaks, paint her nails, whatever you think she will like to make her feel special.

At home movie theater experience

Turn your home into a movie theater for the day by closing all curtains/blinds, getting a copy of one of her favorite movies on the tv, and popular theater snacks such as popcorn, nachos and ice cream.

Long Distance Mothers

Family video call

A family on video call chatting, two people sitting on the bed with the laptop in front.

Many people are unable to physically be with their mothers on Mothers’ Day, in which case a video call is the next best thing. You can arrange this to include other members of the family too in which you could eat together or even play some games.

Order her a food delivery

Flowers are nice, chocolates are great, but both are a little cliche. If you really want to earn brownie points this year, think about having your mom’s favorite takeaway delivered to her for lunch or dinner! Just make sure she will be in to receive it and know she will appreciate the thought of buying her meal 🙂

We’ve got a whole host of other ideas for long-distance mothers and kids. Make sure to check it out!

Need more Mother’s Day inspiration?

Whether you’re looking for ways to spend mom-child quality time, lovely compliments and words to shower mom with, or perhaps some homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas, we’ve got the article for you.

Browse our Celebrating Mother’s Day section here.

Or go ahead and order your personalized Mother’s Day card! We print and send for you!

Mother’s Day is approaching fast in the UK! It can be hard to know exactly what to write in order to lovingly express your feelings on this day. But fear not! I have made a list of tips, tricks and examples in order to help you write whatever it is you want to say to your mother figure. For you, this could mean your biological or adopted mother, but equally your stepmother, grandmother, or anyone else in your life who has taken on that role of maternal figure at some stage or other. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show them that you love and are thinking of them.

Whether you want to send a funny message, a heartfelt emotional thank you, or just something cute to brighten her day, there’s something here for everyone. Take a look and find some inspiration below.

Saying thank you and showing gratitude

A mother hugging her child

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to let your mum know how grateful you are for all the things she does/has done for you throughout your life. Think about it, from when you were born until now, your mother has doubtless sacrificed time, energy and money in order to try and give you the best life possible.

Here is an extensive list of things you could say thank you for, with a couple of examples underneath:

  • Taking care of me when I was sick
  • Playing with me when I was little
  • Teaching me things
  • Making me lovely food
  • Spending time with me
  • Changing my diapers
  • Helping me with homework
  • Taking me to extracurricular activities
  • Buying me presents
  • Organizing birthday parties
  • Vacations
  • Celebrating my wins
  • Consoling me when I was sad
  • Giving me advice

Here’s an example of what to write in your Mother’s Day card ‘thank you.’

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum! I wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me when I was growing up, especially spending time playing with me when I know you must have been tired after work. I really look back on those times with a smile because you were always there, willing to play even when I know now you might rather have been relaxing or napping! So thanks mum, I really appreciate it and you.

To frame it differently, consider adapting this instead:

Mum, you’ve always been my biggest supporter and I wanted to let you know that it has made a huge impact on my life. There were times when I was unsure of myself, or didn’t believe I could do something, but you were always there, encouraging me and helping me to believe in myself and I think that that has honestly given me such a massive advantage. Thank you so much, You are the best. Happy Mother’s Day!

A stand-out memory

A similar looking mother and daughter lying on the grass

Another idea for something to write about in a Mother’s Day card is to write in detail about a stand-out memory you have of your mother from when you were growing up. It works best if it’s a memory you haven’t spoken about often before. For her, it’s a nice surprise to know that something she did has given you a lasting memory in the most positive way. Here is some inspiration for the types of memories you could recount, along with examples below on how to phrase them.

  • A holiday you took together
  • A birthday party she organized
  • A day trip you went to together (a museum/park/farm, etc.)
  • A special meal she cooked for you
  • A time she took care of you when you were ill
  • A time she cheered you up when you were sad
  • The way she reacted when you got a good grade/report at school
  • When she was kind to someone (setting an example for how to treat people)
  • Her reading you a bedtime story

Here’s a sample showing how you could formulate your story:

I’m not sure if you remember, but a long time ago, I met you after school one day really upset because I had fallen out with my best friend. You noticed immediately that something was wrong and took me to the park instead of heading straight home. We sat on the swings next to each other for what seemed like hours, and you listened to me and talked to me about friendships and relationships in general, and it really made me feel like you heard me and made me feel so much better about everything. It was only a couple of hours, but it really stuck with me and I wanted to say thank you for that. I love you, mum.

For a different take on what to write in a Mother’s Day card, how about phrasing it like this:

Dear mum, instead of just wishing you a happy Mother’s Day, I wanted to write about a time we went shopping when I was little. We were in a supermarket and a man was acting very strangely, and then he fell to the ground. At the time I was really scared, and no one went to help him, probably thinking he was drunk or something. But you did. It turned out he was sick, and you were the only person who went to his aid. I think about that a lot, because it really taught me to be compassionate and kind towards others. I’m so grateful I have you as my mum to set an example.

Ideas for giving compliments

A woman compimenting her older mother on Mother's Day

This next idea on what to write in a Mother’s Day card involves complimenting her. This can be for something she has done in the past or something that she does/is now. Here is a list of ideas of things you could compliment her on, along with some longer examples that can be cut and pasted with a little editing –

  • Her sense of humor
  • Her morals
  • Her style/fashion sense
  • Her cooking
  • Her patience
  • Her ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Her skills at gardening
  • Her music/movie taste
  • Her sense of adventure
  • Her child-rearing capabilities

Mum, I just wanted to take this opportunity to compliment you on your impeccable taste in music. I’ll always remember bopping along to Britney and the Backstreet Boys with you, singing along and dancing around the living room like no one was watching. Your pop tastes have definitely influenced me, and I’ll be forever grateful for you teaching me the Macarena!

Mum, you already know that your lasagna is second to none, but I wanted to let you know, on Mother’s Day, that you are actually the best cook ever. I don’t know how you do it with no recipe book, just throwing in a handful of this, a pinch of that, and everything just turns out so perfectly! If I can learn to be half the chef you are, I’ll be happy forever! Happy Mother’s Day!

If you want other ideas for complimenting your mother, check out all these nice things you can say to mum.

What to write in a Mother’s Day card? Answered!

Hopefully we managed to give you some ideas and material to work with, so you can write a Mother’s Day card which really touches your mum’s heart.

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