Get your year started with these new year’s eve decor ideas! You might not be heading out to New York Times Square to scream your lungs out for the countdown, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun spending New Year’s Eve at home. After all, the true joy of the season is being with your friends and family. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in an apartment or a house of your own; throw in some DIY New Year’s Eve décor and you’re all set for some festive celebration. Oh, and don’t embark on decorating just by yourself; call your friends and have them bring over a bottle of champagne for the night and let them join you on your design spree.

New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas #1
Marbled Balloons

New Years Eve Decor Ideas
Balloons bring out the kid in us, and no event is fun without them. Use your bike pump to blow plastic balloons; you can elevate them by creating a marbled tone for a themed party. How to do this? Buy a solid colored paint and pour it into a bowl. Add white paint. Without mixing the colors, dip the balloon latex and set it to dry. Enjoy the wonderful texture as you blow and tie them into clusters.

New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas #2

New Years Eve Decor Ideas
Add some fun to your party by adding confetti. You can either cut out small strips from old colored paper, or you can alternatively use paper punchers to create shapes. Fill up your poppers with these rainbow-colored pieces for that extra bit of fun when the clock strikes twelve.

New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas #3
The New Year’s Ball

New Years Eve Decor Ideas
Go retro by adding a sparkling ball as the centerpiece of your décor. How to emulate this classic New Year’s Eve essential? Simple. Glue sequins on a Styrofoam ball – make it easier by simply rolling it on a tub full of these metallic bits. String it up and hang it on the doorway for that year-end shimmer. Of course, it never hurts to use the real thing if you have it readily available.

New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas #4
Year-End Gallery

New Years Eve Decor Ideas
Pull nostalgia back in by creating your very own gallery-on-the-wall. As a reminder of this year’s best moments, select your favorite photos from your camera roll and print it for everyone to see. It’s a nice way to recollect those fun memories with your friends and family as you move on into another season of your life. Use this as an inspiration for the things you want to achieve in the year to come.

New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas #5
DIY Photo Booth

New Years Eve Decor Ideas
Make use of your empty wall by jazzing it up into a year-end photo booth. One way you can do this is to create a rainbow curtain made out of crepe paper strips as a backdrop. Then, add some fun accessories for your guests to play with – wigs, paper moustaches, glasses, New Year headbands and animal ears.

New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas #6
Gold Goods

Update your boring table setting by blinging it out with metallics! The secret? Gold foil. Use it as table accents – dishes, trays, servers, napkin ribbons and even confetti! Spread it all over the table for a more festive effect. When the new year comes, you can easily grab a few and spread it into the home as part of the celebration.

New Year’s Eve Decor Idea #7
Party Headbands

Roll up your sleeves and show-off your DIY muscles with this accessory. Guests can take this home as a souvenir from your party. Be prepared to cut a lot; to make it easier, cut out the new calendar year and affix them on the top of the headband. Print them in rainbow colors or make them match with your specific theme. At the end of the party, photograph everyone wearing your DIY masterpiece as they hold out their sparklers while watching the fireworks.


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