Holidays this year: Your calendar for every major occasion

What major holidays are coming up this year? And when? Browse through our calendar to discover when important holidays fall this year, or take a look at the table below.

Top 20 most celebrated occasions: 2023

The USAThe UKCanadaAustralia
New Years DayJan. 1stJan. 1stJan. 1stJan. 1st.
Chinese New YearJan. 22ndJan. 22ndJan. 22ndJan. 22nd
Superbowl SundayFeb. 12thN/AN/AN/A
Valentine’s DayFeb. 14thFeb. 14thFeb. 14thFeb. 14th
St. Patrick’s DayMarch 17thMarch 17thMarch 17thMarch 17th
Earth DayApril 22ndApril 22ndApril 22ndApril 22nd
Mother’s DayMay 14thMarch 19thMay 14thMay 14th
Victoria DayN/AN/AMay 22ndN/A
Memorial DayMay 29thN/AN/AN/A
Father’s DayJune 19thJune 19thJune 19thSept. 3rd
Independence DayJuly 4thN/AJuly. 1stN/A
Labor DaySept. 4thMay 1stSept. 4thMay 1st
HalloweenOct. 31stOct. 31stOct. 31stOct. 31st
Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night)N/ANov. 5thN/AN/A
Remembrance Day (Veterans Day)Nov. 11thNov. 11thNov. 11thNov. 11th
ThanksgivingNov. 23rdN/AOct. 9thNov. 29th
HanukkahDec. 7-15thDec. 7-15thDec. 7-15thDec. 7-15th
Christmas DayDec. 25thDec. 25thDec. 25thDec. 25th
Boxing DayDec. 26thDec. 26thDec. 26thDec. 26th
New Year’s EveDec. 31stDec. 31stDec. 31stDec. 31st

Fun fact: There are numerous holidays today. Each year, thousands of days are honoured for reasons as strange as ‘National Cheese Lovers Day’ (which is January 20th by the way). Or as important as, if you’re a cheese lover yourself!

But some holidays are more important than others. Here are eight holidays that you should absolutely send a card or a text message for:

Which holidays to send cards for:

Valentine’s Day, February 14th: Your significant other, your crush, your person… Whatever you call them, most likely they’re hoping for a little sign of your affection and love. Even if you don’t ‘believe in’ Valentine’s Day, you might find that marking it out in some small way still makes them feel loved or appreciated. Try sending a card as a token of this or maybe going a little bit further with some flowers or chocolates!

Mother’s Day (date varies): 9 long months and let’s face it, 18 long years… That’s how long you mom has loved, looked after and encouraged you. So maybe it’s time to do more than a text or a phone call this year. Go and see her, take her to dinner or simply send a card to let her know that you appreciate and respect everything she’s done for you. It might surprise you just how much a little gesture can achieve!

St Patricks Day, March 17th: Although Saint Patrick himself is associated with Ireland as its patron saint, the festival itself is celebrated all over the world. You’ll find whole crowds of people dressing themselves in green and attending parades. The day traditionally celebrates the man himself along with the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, but people often use it as an occasion to send loved ones good wishes. In fact, it’s

Father’s Day (date varies): That’s right, dads need a little love too! Father’s Day is a more recent tradition, but no less important. Reach out to your dad and thank him for loving, supporting and helping you whenever you needed him!

Easter (date varies): Fluffy bunnies, chocolate eggs and new beginnings. What’s not to like? People often send their greetings of the season to friends and family to wish them a happy spring (and lots of chocolate!)

Thanksgiving (date varies): What better way to give thanks then to thank friends and family? Hopefully you’re spending the day with your loved ones, but if not make, sure to reach out and make them feel appreciated!

Halloween, October 31st: Surprisingly, Halloween is actually a pretty common occasion to send a card for. Whether it’s spooky Halloween greetings or a respite from scary bills, something about All Hallows’ Eve is connecting people.

Christmas, December 25th: And perhaps the most common one of all, Merry Christmas greetings! The joy and happiness of Advent is catching and sending personal greetings takes it just one step further, making your friends and family feel all the more loved. You don’t need to gift an expensive present, just make it clear you’re thinking of them!

What’s your favorite holiday of the year?

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Of course, many of the events on your private calendar don’t feature here. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you there too! If you’re struggling to think up messages for your best bud’s birthday or wedding, or even how to celebrate it, look no further! Explore here!