Christmas and New Year Wishes: 10 Magical Messages

Everyone knows it: The story of a baby boy being born in a manger is re-enacted in primary schools and kindergartens around the world. Christmas is truly a time for celebrating family. It’s also the time when you want to check in with all your loved ones and send your merriest Christmas and New Year wishes. But what to write? 

Here you’ll discover 10 pre-written ideas for Christmas greetings which you could copy or use for inspiration, as well as some nifty ideas on how to celebrate. It will also include information about when to send your card and ideas on what to write and a top secret tip for speeding up the Christmas card shift…

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P.S. If you want to know how (rather than see examples of what!), then this guide to creative Christmas greetings is the article for you.

When and where is Christmas Celebrated?

An enchanting time of year, the season of the Nativity is a religious and cultural celebration that commemorates the birth of Jesus.

In Western countries, Christmas Day is on the 25th December each year, with the 24th and the 26th also being a holiday in some countries. Countries with Orthodox churches like Russia, Serbia and Ukraine celebrate Christmas on the 7th January. Meanwhile, in Armenia, Christmas is on the 6th. In some Catholic countries, such as Spain, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th, with an additional holiday, the Kings Day, on January 5th. This is the day when people will often share gifts and watch the Three Kings parade.

5 ways to celebrate Christmas (other than sending Christmas and New Year’s wishes)

Family decorate a Christmas tree together

Christmas is the holiday of joy! The celebration of the birth of Jesus is an important event in the calendars of many countries around the world. Whether it is tales around a fire, feasting with the family or putting up a tree, our Christmas traditions are often old and passed on through the family. For a complete guide to feeling festive – even in 2020 or equally difficult 2021 – read blogger Danielle’s article here.

Some of our favourite ways of celebrating – other than by sending merry Christmas and New Year wishes of course – include:

#1 Go carolling

A tradition that dates back years, singing Christmas carols continues to be one of the quickest ways to get in the festive mood. As we surely all know from Buddy the Elf, singing loudly for all to hear is one of the best ways to spread Christmas cheer.

#2 Visit Santa

Nothing quite says it ‘Christmas is almost here!’ than a visit to the big man in red. These are often the memories that children will cherish for years to come! If you cannot visit Santa, writing letters to him is a great way to capture the magic of the season.

#3 Make a gingerbread house

The tradition of making a gingerbread house is one that the entire family can get involved with! These houses are traditionally decorated with icing sugar and confectionery.

#4 Decorate the tree

The fir tree has been a symbol of winter since pre-Christian times. However, Christmas trees are a Germanic tradition originally, becoming fashionable in the UK after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had one.

Or try doing some DIY with the family – here are the 24 best (and relatively easy) Christmas DIY crafts that we’ve found on popular bloggers’ sites.

#5 Watch Christmas movies

After the feast is devoured and the presents have been opened, there is nothing quite like snuggling down to watch a Christmas movie. A glass of mulled wine and the last of the chocolates are also required!

Top Tip: Christmas is celebrated in many different ways and there are some exciting traditions around the world!  If you are looking to travel for your Christmas holiday, check out these places to visit in December.

How to Write Your Christmas and New Year Wishes (10 Ideas)

People have been sending Christmas and New Years wishes in cards as far back as 1843. They were first invented by senior civil servant Henry Cole. However, it was not until the early 20th Century that they became popular. Today, holiday cards are an excellent way to let your loved ones, friends and neighbours know you care.

If you’re looking for some ideas for Christmas Greetings, you could consider:

#1 Christmas and New Year wishes for the whole family

Writing an extra special message on Christmas and New Year wishes to the family you could write:

Christmas and New Year's Wishes for the whole family template to copy

Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! I can’t wait to celebrate the season with you. Hope that all of your Christmas and New Year wishes come true! Love you always.

#2 The meaning of Christmas

If you would like to send a card that spreads the joy and religious significance of the season, you could write:

True meaning of Christmas expressed in this religious Christmas wishes idea

A silent night, a star above! As we celebrate the holy season, I pray your Christmas is filled with goodwill, joy and light. God bless you and yours. 

#3 A lighthearted Christmas message

Put a smile on your recipient’s face with this idea for Christmas greetings:

Cheeky ideas for Christmas greetings about the naughty list - best for a close friend

Season’s Greetings! Santa’s been on the phone, and he said that you are on the naughty list. Hope you enjoy your piece of coal. Better luck next year! Wishing you peace and love at Christmas.

#4 Happy Holidays

Sending a happy holiday’s card is a great way to celebrate the season from a secular perspective. It encompasses the many holidays and events around this time of year.

Classic template for more serious Christmas and holiday wishes ideas

Happy Holidays and all the best in the year to come! From my family to yours, I hope this holiday season brings peace and joy. Warmest Regards.

#5 Christmas and New Year wishes for a kid

Sending a Christmas card to a child? You could write a message that captures the magic of the season, such as this one:

A quotes template for kids full of Christmas and New Year's Wishes as a great greeting

May your Christmas be filled with miracles and your New Year enchanting. I hope Santa brings everything you hoped for! Don’t forget to leave him some mince pies in return… Wishing you a magical holiday season!

#6 The perfect Christmas message for your other half

Christmas wishes for you partner and other half

Christmas doesn’t lie in the presents under the tree for me. It’s in the feeling of having you in my arms. Merry Christmas, babe! 

#7 A warm and cozy Christmas

Warm Christmas card message for beloved friends

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I think about Christmas time. Do you get that too? I think it’s because when the frost starts knocking at the door, and the smell of Christmas cookies drifts through our homes, we start inching closer to those people who light up our lives.  So I’m wishing you and your family and warm, cozy and happy Christmas! 

#8 Christmas greetings idea for the friend who was there for you

A friend like you support Christmas quote

I wish you a happy Christmas surrounded by family and love. Thank you for your help, for the countless conversations and for always being there for me this last year. For Christmas I wish for everybody to get a friend who is as good to them as you are to me. Merry Christmas! 

#9 Merry Christmask! – Greetings for a Covid-19 Christmas

Christmas quotes template for a Covid Coronavirus Christmas

Merry Christmask everyone! It’s been a year like no other, but… we’ve almost made it. If nothing else, 2022 promises to be a new year – and we wish you all the best for it! Here’s hoping we get to see each other more next year, but until then, this card will have to do it for us.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year from our family to yours!

#10 Reflective and grateful Christmas and New Year’s wishes

The Christmas feeling quote for use in your card

Christmas isn’t a time of year so much a feeling. The feeling of gratitude for the past year which is coming to a close, and a wish to celebrate what you have: A home, good health and a family you would choose any day. I wish you wonderful Christmas time!

Top Tip: Still not quite sure what to write? Check out these 7 ideas for festive postcards that are ideal for inspiring your Christmas wishes ideas.

When to send your Christmas and New Year wishes in the post

In many countries, Christmas can be a super busy time of year for the postal service. As a result, they often recommend you post your Christmas and New Year wishes with time to spare. For more information:


Post in the United States usually takes between 7-10 working days. However, we advise that you post your Christmas cards in the first week of December. This ensures they have plenty of time to arrive, but will not come before thanksgiving.


In the UK, aim to post your Christmas cards by the 20th at least. Each year, the Royal Mail announces the specific closing date for the post.


In Australia, the time that the post takes depends on where you are sending your cards from and where they are going. However, on average it is typically anything between two and six business days.


In Canada, the post usually takes around four working days. If you are sending within your city, December 20 is usually around the last day for sending cards. However, this changes every year, and you should check online.

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Have a very Merry Christmas!