Mother’s Day, a day spent honoring the important women of our lives, is this Sunday, the 12th of May. While customs vary, most traditions involve telling those women what they mean to us and how special they are. Luckily, particularly for those who delayed buying gifts, postcards for Mother’s Day are a convenient way of communicating your feelings.

In the spirit of continued convenience, we’ve put together a list of our favorite greeting card designs with awesome Mother’s Day sayings. Now you don’t have to leave the house or search through card options to compliment your mom.

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Saying for Mother’s Day #1
Life doesn’t come with a manual

Mothers Day sayings - Mom is a manual

Mothers are the best kind of manuals out there. They come with life experience and love. Aren’t moms great?

Saying for Mother’s Day #2
Mums are always right!

Mothers day sayings - Mom is always right

Do you ever look back, remembering advice you dismissed, then realize your mom was right and your life would have been so much easier if you had just listened? We have, far too many times.

Saying for Mother’s Day #3
Mothers are like buttons..

Mothers day sayings - Mom hold everything together

When our lives feel like they’re falling apart, mothers are somehow able to make it all better. We’re convinced hugs from mom could bring about world peace.

Saying for Mother’s Day #4
Everyone wishes you were their mom

Mothers day sayings - Everybody wishes you were their mom

For those who’ve got that extra boost of pride in their mothers. Everyone we’ve talked to seem to believe that their moms are the greatest. Can all moms be the best mom in the world?

Saying for Mother’s Day #5
Glad you’re mine

Mothers day sayings - Glad you're mine

Send this card when you know your mother compliments you in the best possible way. Then, your note can expound upon how awesome you both are.

Saying for Mother’s Day #6
Mom will find everything!

Mothers day sayings - Super power of mums

The perfect card if you have spent hours scouring for the can opener, only for your mom to find it in three seconds. We at MyPostcard have experienced this far too many times.

A really special gift – a mother daughter vacation

This year is a really really special Mother’s Day? So flowers and a card is fine but you want something bigger. Why not plan a mother daughter trip? Let’s check out the best destinations for a vacation with your mommy.


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