Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we want to give you some inspiration on activities to do with your mom! The traditional breakfast in bed and taking her out to dinner is a good option if you want to keep it classic, but we came up with this list of 12 more unusual activities if you want to go the extra mile! If you have thought of a nice gift for her, don’t forget to include a postcard to show her some extra love. You can check out our other article on What to Write in a Mother’s Day card.

By the way, here are some great ideas on celebrating Mother’s Day.

12 Creative Mother’s Day Activities

#1 Take a cooking class together

Some moms are natural chefs, while some may not enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Depending on where your mom falls on the scale, taking a cooking class could be fun! Take a look at some online class options that might be offered around your neighborhood or local culinary academies. You both might end up discovering a new hobby!

#2 Go to a flower arranging class

Who doesn’t love flowers? If your mother is a fan of nature and gorgeous flower bouquets, this could be the right activity for her! You might also end up taking some beautiful arrangements home to decorate the house on her special day.

#3 Take her on a picnic at the park

If the weather allows it, why not grab a blanket, prepare some nice snacks or a charcuterie board, a bottle of wine and head to a nice park? In most countries, spring is starting, and the sun is out almost every day. Your mom will sure love the extra effort instead of just eating at home. Added benefit? This Mother’s Day activity can be adjusted for every budget.

#4 Organize a spa day for the both of you

Let’s be honest here, you for sure need a spa day as much as your mom does! Why not go for a whole day to the spa together? A perfect, relaxing morning is something your mom deserves after years of raising you!

#5 Take an art or pottery class together

If your mom loves art and has never really gotten a chance to explore her creative side, then this is the right choice for you! Who knows… maybe you both come back home with an amazing new art piece for your living room/s!

#6 Organize a movie marathon of her favorite movies

If she’s a big movie fan, and you know her favorite ones, make some popcorn, grab some snacks and drinks, cozy blankets and spend the night together watching a movie marathon! This Mother’s Day activity is simple and affordable, but she will sure love to spend time with you regardless.

#7 Take her on vacation with you

If you want to really spoil her, why not take her on a trip? There sure must be some place in her travel bucket list that she’s forgotten about because of how hectic life can get over the years. We recommend planning this in advance to save up on flight tickets and finding a cute Airbnb if you want to stay on a budget.

Check out this article on mom-daughter trips for inspiration.

#8 Throw a tea party

Fancy a cup of tea? This one is for all tea lovers! If your mother is one, stop thinking of what to do and 100% go for this activity! Decorate your table or set one outside in the garden, make some small sandwiches, scones and little cakes. Also, you can invite your grandma too!

#9 Go hiking together

We only recommend this one if it’s safe enough for her, since we don’t want any accidents happening on her special day. But if she loves nature then a hike at sunrise or sunset paired with a picnic sounds like the perfect option!

Here are the best ten hiking trails in the USA to get you started!

#10 Take her to a yoga class

Yoga has become super popular over the past years and if she hasn’t tried it yet, then this is a good excuse to take her first class! We are certain both of you will love it (bonus points if you combine this activity with the spa day!)

#11 Take her to a concert or live music event

Some moms enjoy a good jazz concert, some prefer to rock n’ roll! Whether she prefers more calm music or not is for you to decide. This activity is 100% fun-guaranteed if she is (or both of you are) a big music fan!

#12 Visit a winery

Last but not least, moms love wine. So this is the perfect excuse to get a little tipsy together in a beautiful vineyard, accompanied by great views and some cheese on the side.

They will love your company, regardless of the Mother’s Day activity!

We hope we could give you some cool activities to treat your mom with this Mother’s Day! But always remember, budget is not half as important as some people think it is. Especially for moms, who just want to spend time with you no matter what you do! Even a small postcard together with a piece of cake from your coffee shop down the street will make her happy, as long as you tell her how much you love her and spend the day showering her with love!

If you end up doing any of the activities from our list, we would love to see some pictures of you both! Make sure to use the tag #MyPostcardmoment if you upload them on social media!


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