Despite our fast-paced world of emails and instant messages, stats prove that people still enjoy receiving a traditional Christmas postcard. Being the season for warm greetings and well-wishing, the card industry is thriving. But sending the same old festive Christmas postcards year after year might mean you’re running out of ideas.

Are you looking for inspiration for different types of holiday cards to send to your family and friends? Why not start your own tradition by sending one of the 7 styles of Christmas cards below?

With these ideas, you’ll make a creative impact and send Season’s Greetings all at once. Read on!

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #1
Photo Postcards

It’s become a tradition in America to send out a holiday card with a photo of you and your loved ones during the festive period. This is the ideal opportunity to update your loved ones on how you are, using a cheery festive image.

A holiday card with a photo can be fun to create. You can style it in any way you want it. Some opt for a humorous image of themselves, while others go for a more traditional family photo.

Receiving a Christmas postcard during the holidays with a smiling picture of you and your family gives that extra burst of festive cheer. Put on a holiday sweater or pose in front of your Christmas tree or fireplace. Or go quirky with an image of you larking around with a Santa hat on.

Whatever you do… smile! ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #2
Say It with Humor

Many people don’t think a Christmas postcard should be funny. But why not? It’s a time for merriment, after all. Use the opportunity to make your loved ones smile by going for the humorous option.

Comedy cards are available in droves and the Christmas card industry has caught up. You’ll find cards that poke humor at the craziness of the festive season. These cards put a fun spin on the time of year that usually gets a little hectic.

There are photo cards of families in particularly tense Christmas-themed situations, often with a caption or joke on it. Funny animal cards are also popular. Postcards with slogans such as ‘Get your fat pants out, it’s Christmas’ nod to the indulgence we all enjoy in December.

Or create your own Christmas postcard, writing your own joke or caption. A funny take on the traditional family card might be to involve the pets, but make them the stars of the picture. Allow your creative juices to do the talking for you.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #3
DIY Christmas Postcard

The holidays are about decorating a tree and getting inventive in the kitchen. So why not be crafty with your festive Christmas postcards too and make them yourself? It’s often a cheaper way to send out a card. Plus, the individual touch will hopefully impress your friends when they receive it.

Sit down on a chilly afternoon and get cracking with a variety of ideas. You can create a snowman card using old white buttons on a cardboard background, as one example. Use eraser stamps to print images of gifts and presents. Utilize your left-over gift wrap to cut out Christmas trees and paste them onto a contrasting backdrop.

Get the glitter out and go nuts with a sparkly design. Use crepe paper to make a pop-up card. Stitch your own front cover decoration for your holiday card. The opportunities are endless!

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #4
Mini Wreath Christmas Postcards

This type of card can be bought or made at home. Either way, it really is a unique design.

With the wreath being the symbol of a long and healthy life, you’ll be presenting your loved one with a joyful message as well as a beautiful card. Use snippets of pine, myrtle, rosemary, or boxwood to craft elegant little wreaths for the front of the card. Not only does this look fresh, but it also gives off a delightful scent.

Form a ring with the sprig of greenery and secure it by attaching it to the card. Tie it with some rustic string and hang it from the top of the card, as you might do with a top-hanging door wreath.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #5
Give Them a Tune

If you have a flair for the creative, why not try verse? Compose a poem or rhyme to wish your loved ones a merry Christmas or happy holidays.

This idea is a nice take on run-of-the-mill cards that already feature words. If you can come up with your own verse, you can make it truly personal.

It’s a chance to touch the recipient of the card, as it comes right from the heart. If you’re looking for inspiration, look in books, songs, Christmas carols, or other poetry.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #6
Newsletter Cards

The holidays are a time for reflection. It’s also the perfect opportunity to keep in touch with your loved ones and send them good wishes. Why not combine the two and send a newsletter holiday card to your friends and family? This is the perfect opportunity to keep them informed of what you and the people around you have been up to during the year.

This kind of card can come across as a little self-serving, so think about how you’d like to update people. With social media so prominent, we can stay abreast of our friends’ lives news on Instagram and Facebook.

But this is your chance to be a little more inventive in the way you tell your news. You can reveal things you might not want to announce on your social accounts. Some news is best saved for your nearest and dearest, after all.

Catch Their Attention

Don’t type out rambling reams of paper for your letter. Keep it punchy and to the point, and no longer than a page. Make sure to keep it interesting too. Think about the kind of news you have and whether it’s worthy of telling your correspondents about.

One way of doing this is to select your “Top Ten Moments” from the year and write a list-style newsletter. This makes for an interesting DIY card too.

Include a sheet of paper with the card with this fun list and include a few photos. Or design it online and include the list in the body of your card, perhaps on the inside page.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #7
A Modern Take on Tradition

You might think holiday cards need to be one way or the other – modern or traditional. But why not design your own and go for a mixture of the two?

Find a vintage image and base your holiday postcards around it. Just give it a contemporary twist. When your friends and family receive it in the post, they’ll be pleasantly surprised with the originality.

Select a photo upload card and source a traditional festive image. Try an illustration of a turkey, a Christmas tree, or a vintage Victorian design. Use editing software to alter the image so it’s jazzier, colorful, and modern. Think Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych. Give the image that pop art vibe while using traditional Christmas pictures.

Pop Art

Upload more than one shot and create a Christmas postcard with several images lined up in boxes. Or edit the same picture in a variety of colors and feature them all in a vibrant burst. This idea is unique and gives you the opportunity to mix the old with the new. You could even take your own photographs or draw your own illustrations for this project.

If you want to send a holiday card with photos of you or your family, jazz them up with some fun editing. This will give you a photo card with a twist. If you do outsource images, make sure they’re okay to use (since you’re not selling these cards, they will most likely be fine).

Your Festive Christmas Postcards with MyPostcard

Many of these ideas can be perfectly created with the MyPostcard website or MyPostcard app. We have the ideal tool to create the photo cards mentioned in this piece. Use your photos or one of our own designs to send a unique card to your family and friends around the world.

Personalize your Christmas postcard or greeting card with a note of your own. You can make your own poem or newsletter card with our postcard designer. Then, send your card from our website or directly from your phone with our popular app. Let yourself loose on our site and get as creative as you like.

Choose from one of more than 10,000 designs, personalize the text, and create customized postcards or greeting cards for the festive season. Once you’ve personalized the perfect postcard, order a whole set and send it to anyone you’d like! Choose from lots of options–sets of 8 all the way up to 200.

What are you waiting for? Christmas is almost here, so get started today!

Vacationing should be fun. It can also be stressful. Technology can help emphasize the fun quotient while minimizing the headaches. Must have apps for travel help you take care of the day-to-day details of being away from home, so you can focus on taking in the sights and being inspired.

Must-have apps for travel can help make posting to social media more convenient. They can help you navigate unfamiliar cities. They also make it easy to keep a travel journal to record your memories.

Technology is only useful when it makes life easier. Must have apps for travel reduce the anxiety of traveling so you can focus on the wonder. As Mark Twain reminds us, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Here are 10 of our favorite must have apps for travel.

10 Must Have Apps For Traveling The World

One’s definition of a must have app depends on your goals for seeing the world. Certain travel apps operate like a local tour guide. Others operate like a virtual assistant. We’ve compiled a cross-section of some of the many great travel apps out there to help give an overview.


Citymapper is a more robust version of Google Maps. It’s set up in a similar way, but it’s more thorough. It’s also more quirky and playful, making it more fun to explore new cities.

Citymapper offers real-time arrival and departure times for local transit. It also integrates seamlessly with Uber. Alternative transportation is also covered. Citymapper shows users local bike and pedestrian routes. They even give travel times for jetpack commute!

Citymapper is more than just a trip planner. It features interesting local destinations and landmarks. Think of CityMapper like Atlas Obscura, Yelp!, and Trip Advisor all in one.

Citymapper is currently available for around 30 cities. It’s free to download for iOS and Android.


As the infamous armchair vacationer, Marcel Proust puts it, “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” It’s difficult to see with new eyes when you’re only seeing the same things. Luckily, there are must have apps like LuckyTrip to help get you off the beaten path.

LuckyTrip is the app-quivalent of showing up at the airport and buying the first cheap ticket you can find. All you have to do is set a budget, and LuckyTrip will pick a destination. It’ll also find things for you to do at your destination.

LuckyTrip is a travel advisor and travel agent all rolled into one. They offer travel insights into more than 300 cities. It’s truly one of the great must have apps for the adventurous.

LuckyTrip is free to download for iOS.


Trying to Google destinations based on your interests can be frustrating. Do you have any idea how many websites are posting about ‘best foodie destination in Europe’? Or ‘Things to do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’? Trying to separate the signal from the noise can be difficult.

Trip.com does the filtering for you. Trip.com features extensive filtering options, making it fun and easy to browse destinations you’ll want to see. This free app also features Special Event listings in the towns you’ll be visiting. With over 60,000 listings, Trip.com is on-par with some of the largest travel apps.

Trip.com also features the budgeting tools users have come to expect. A built-in schedule planner completes the deal. Trip.com is one of the best must have apps for an inclusive user experience.

Trip.com is free to download for iOS and Android.


There’s nothing quite like visiting a new country. The fresh sights and sounds make your senses come alive. Not being able to speak the language can make the experience more stressful than it needs to be, however.

DuoLingo helps to remove that stress. While not as extensive as language-learning software like Rosetta Stone, it’ll help you brush up on your languages. DuoLingo helps you to prepare for your trip, as well. It’s set up like a game, guiding you through the steps you’ll need for your journey. With over 70 million users, DuoLingo is one of a lot of people’s must have apps.

DuoLingo is free to download for iOS and Android.


Localeur is one of the most essential must have apps for people looking for the insider scoop. This popular travel app gets their info from a community of local tastemakers. They share their favorite cafes and nightclubs. They can also showcase their favorite boutiques and places to stay.

Localeur is like having a good friend in the city you’re visiting. Or a very helpful stranger. Someone who’s very helpful and not elitist in any way. They just want to show off their beloved hometown. Tastemakers can even make you a ‘To Do’ list with customized itineraries.

Localeur is particularly effective in the United States. There are extensive guides to over 50 major U.S. cities, so far.

Localeur is free to download for iOS and Android.

XE Currency

Certain trips can cross a lot of borders. This creates the need for a lot of currencies. Chasing down currency exchanges in every new city sounds stressful. Currency exchange rates are always fluctuating, as well. It can be hard to know if the currency exchange you’re dealing with is offering the right rates.

XE Currency eliminates this uncertainty. It also removes the wasted hours you’d spend converting your currency. Time is fleeting on vacation. Must have apps like XE Currency help you make the most of every second.

XE Currency is free to download for iOS and Android.

Cool Cousin

Cool Cousin is another local guide app. It sources its recommendations from hand-selected local users. They act as your personal tour guide, giving personalized maps and guidebooks.

What makes Cool Cousin unique is the ability to privately message these local users. There’s nothing quite like real-time feedback, especially when you’re in a new town. There’s no insight quite like the people who live in a community, as well. Cool Cousin makes the best of both of these facts.

Cool Cousin has featured destinations all over the world. Looking for things to do in Wellington, New Zealand? They’ve got you covered. Looking for hot spots in Kiev, Ukraine? They’ve got those, too. Cool Cousin also offers offline maps and localized suggestions for app users.

If you’re looking for even more travel suggestions, take a look at Cool Cousin’s travel stories. They offer deep, insightful guides to many of their global destinations. They also feature some deep tags, like ‘Vintage‘ and ‘Brunch‘. Cool cousin is an indispensable app for those in search of the unusual.

Cool Cousin is free to download for iOS.


Finding the best deals on vacations was easy in the early days of travel websites. Just go to Travelocity or Expedia and they’d find the best deal on a flight for you. It was like magic. Finding the best deal for vacations has gotten exponentially more complicated as more travel sites have cashed in on that lucrative niche.

That’s what makes must have apps like Hopper so indispensable. Hopper helps you find the best deals, quickly and easily. It also lets you search for cheap times and dates, so you can find the right time frame for traveling on your budget.

Hopper is free to download for iOS and Android.


It’s not uncommon to have travel info from all over. There are confirmation emails from hotels. There’s flight information from the airlines. There air electronic tickets for special events.

TripIt consolidates all of that information from all of these sources into one easy-to-follow itinerary. All you have to do is forward your emails to TripIt and the app does the rest. TripIt is one of the must have apps for those looking for a virtual travel agent.

TripIt is free to download for iOS and Android.


Nothing is more motivating to travel than seeing a bunch of inspiring photos from that place. The best photography can practically make you feel what it’s like in these exotic paradises. You can almost feel the biting cold of Mount Everest. You can practically taste the sweat of the Amazon rainforest. If the photography is inspiring enough, that is.

500PX is one of the largest photography communities on Earth. It’s also one of the finest. This is one of the must have apps for the serious photographer. With more than 11 million global users, 500PX offers an ocean of gorgeous photography of this amazing world.

Must have apps like the ones we’ve mentioned let you truly get out there and explore. Travel apps can be like having Mission Control in your pocket. They let you get lost and find your way back again. Must have apps for travel truly let you explore, while still knowing where you’re going.

Are You Going On Your Dream Vacation?

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