Despite our fast-paced world of emails and instant messages, stats prove that people still enjoy receiving a traditional Christmas postcard. Being the season for warm greetings and well-wishing, the card industry is thriving. But sending the same old festive Christmas postcards year after year might mean you’re running out of ideas.

Are you looking for inspiration for different types of holiday cards to send to your family and friends? Why not start your own tradition by sending one of the 7 styles of Christmas cards below?

With these ideas, you’ll make a creative impact and send Season’s Greetings all at once. Read on!

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #1
Photo Postcards

It’s become a tradition in America to send out a holiday card with a photo of you and your loved ones during the festive period. This is the ideal opportunity to update your loved ones on how you are, using a cheery festive image.

A holiday card with a photo can be fun to create. You can style it in any way you want it. Some opt for a humorous image of themselves, while others go for a more traditional family photo.

Receiving a Christmas postcard during the holidays with a smiling picture of you and your family gives that extra burst of festive cheer. Put on a holiday sweater or pose in front of your Christmas tree or fireplace. Or go quirky with an image of you larking around with a Santa hat on.

Whatever you do… smile! ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #2
Say It with Humor

Many people don’t think a Christmas postcard should be funny. But why not? It’s a time for merriment, after all. Use the opportunity to make your loved ones smile by going for the humorous option.

Comedy cards are available in droves and the Christmas card industry has caught up. You’ll find cards that poke humor at the craziness of the festive season. These cards put a fun spin on the time of year that usually gets a little hectic.

There are photo cards of families in particularly tense Christmas-themed situations, often with a caption or joke on it. Funny animal cards are also popular. Postcards with slogans such as ‘Get your fat pants out, it’s Christmas’ nod to the indulgence we all enjoy in December.

Or create your own Christmas postcard, writing your own joke or caption. A funny take on the traditional family card might be to involve the pets, but make them the stars of the picture. Allow your creative juices to do the talking for you.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #3
DIY Christmas Postcard

The holidays are about decorating a tree and getting inventive in the kitchen. So why not be crafty with your festive Christmas postcards too and make them yourself? It’s often a cheaper way to send out a card. Plus, the individual touch will hopefully impress your friends when they receive it.

Sit down on a chilly afternoon and get cracking with a variety of ideas. You can create a snowman card using old white buttons on a cardboard background, as one example. Use eraser stamps to print images of gifts and presents. Utilize your left-over gift wrap to cut out Christmas trees and paste them onto a contrasting backdrop.

Get the glitter out and go nuts with a sparkly design. Use crepe paper to make a pop-up card. Stitch your own front cover decoration for your holiday card. The opportunities are endless!

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #4
Mini Wreath Christmas Postcards

This type of card can be bought or made at home. Either way, it really is a unique design.

With the wreath being the symbol of a long and healthy life, you’ll be presenting your loved one with a joyful message as well as a beautiful card. Use snippets of pine, myrtle, rosemary, or boxwood to craft elegant little wreaths for the front of the card. Not only does this look fresh, but it also gives off a delightful scent.

Form a ring with the sprig of greenery and secure it by attaching it to the card. Tie it with some rustic string and hang it from the top of the card, as you might do with a top-hanging door wreath.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #5
Give Them a Tune

If you have a flair for the creative, why not try verse? Compose a poem or rhyme to wish your loved ones a merry Christmas or happy holidays.

This idea is a nice take on run-of-the-mill cards that already feature words. If you can come up with your own verse, you can make it truly personal.

It’s a chance to touch the recipient of the card, as it comes right from the heart. If you’re looking for inspiration, look in books, songs, Christmas carols, or other poetry.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #6
Newsletter Cards

The holidays are a time for reflection. It’s also the perfect opportunity to keep in touch with your loved ones and send them good wishes. Why not combine the two and send a newsletter holiday card to your friends and family? This is the perfect opportunity to keep them informed of what you and the people around you have been up to during the year.

This kind of card can come across as a little self-serving, so think about how you’d like to update people. With social media so prominent, we can stay abreast of our friends’ lives news on Instagram and Facebook.

But this is your chance to be a little more inventive in the way you tell your news. You can reveal things you might not want to announce on your social accounts. Some news is best saved for your nearest and dearest, after all.

Catch Their Attention

Don’t type out rambling reams of paper for your letter. Keep it punchy and to the point, and no longer than a page. Make sure to keep it interesting too. Think about the kind of news you have and whether it’s worthy of telling your correspondents about.

One way of doing this is to select your “Top Ten Moments” from the year and write a list-style newsletter. This makes for an interesting DIY card too.

Include a sheet of paper with the card with this fun list and include a few photos. Or design it online and include the list in the body of your card, perhaps on the inside page.

Festive Christmas Postcards Tip #7
A Modern Take on Tradition

You might think holiday cards need to be one way or the other – modern or traditional. But why not design your own and go for a mixture of the two?

Find a vintage image and base your holiday postcards around it. Just give it a contemporary twist. When your friends and family receive it in the post, they’ll be pleasantly surprised with the originality.

Select a photo upload card and source a traditional festive image. Try an illustration of a turkey, a Christmas tree, or a vintage Victorian design. Use editing software to alter the image so it’s jazzier, colorful, and modern. Think Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych. Give the image that pop art vibe while using traditional Christmas pictures.

Pop Art

Upload more than one shot and create a Christmas postcard with several images lined up in boxes. Or edit the same picture in a variety of colors and feature them all in a vibrant burst. This idea is unique and gives you the opportunity to mix the old with the new. You could even take your own photographs or draw your own illustrations for this project.

If you want to send a holiday card with photos of you or your family, jazz them up with some fun editing. This will give you a photo card with a twist. If you do outsource images, make sure they’re okay to use (since you’re not selling these cards, they will most likely be fine).

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