LGBTQ+ illustrators from around the world use their artwork to communicate their messages of equality and empowerment. In doing so they challenge outdated perspectives of sexuality and gender. There are so many superb LGBTQ+ artists over on Instagram, but I have gone ahead and picked out just 15 of our team’s combined favorites. Drop them a follow and embrace #QueerArt and #QueerLove this Pride Month and all year round.

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15 LGBTQ+ illustrators to start following this Pride Month

#1 Gabriella Grimes

Gabriella Grimes is a 24-year-old Black non-binary artist who lives in Philadelphia whose work is emotional, colorful, and diverse. Followed by more than 85,000 people over on Instagram, Gabriella aims to validate the experiences of people of color who are LGBTQ+ through celebrating queer diversity.

#2 The Cute Brute

Based in Brooklyn, The Cute Brute’s often risqué illustrations are predominantly male-focused and showcase the artist’s irreverent humor. His bright artwork

encapsulates his experience of life and and includes themes such as the joy of queer sex, political resistance, and their passion for life.

#3 Art Queer Habibi

Art Queer Habibi’s art work portrays the lived experience of people who are LGBTQ+ in areas of the Middle East and North Africa. An anonymous independent artist, his work focuses on the everyday lives of queer people in countries where they are oppressed.

#4 Florence Given

21-year-old Florence Given is a Sunday Times best selling author and an award-winning illustrator and influence. An artist, influencer, writer and social activist, her work celebrates women and their bodies and her own bisexual identity. After amassing over 605k followers on Instagram, her debut book Women Don’t Owe You Pretty sold 100,000 copies within just six months of publication.

#5 Miguel Hernan

One of our favorite LGBTQ+ illustrators, Miguel Hernan uses phenomenal linework to capture the unique and diverse beauty of masculine and feminine forms. Miguel’s illustrations are both simplistic and intricate and often showcase queer love in all of its forms.

#6 Wednesday Holmes

London-based Wednesday is an illustrator, designer, writer, and queer community organizer

They use art to conceptualize their mental health and to explore their experiences as a nonbinary lesbian in a heteronormative world. In 2019, Instagram made a short documentary about Wednesday’s art, which has since had almost 10 million views. Today, Wednesday shares their vibrant artwork and imagery with 248k followers online.

#7 James Jeffers

Located in Tampa, Florida, James Jeffers celebrates all forms of love with illustrations that are bright, colourful and fun.  He is a unique illustrator and artist with a distinct signature style, which he shares with almost 3, 000 Instagram followers. We particularly love his style icon series for artwork dedicated to the men that he admires.

#8 Mohammed Iman

Born and raised in Queens, Mohammed Fayaz’s illustrations are realistic depictions of the daily lives of queer people of color. Also known as Brohammed, they often play with notions of gender whilst embracing their queer Muslim identity.

#9 Alva Skog

Using bright colours, Alva’s art empowers women and celebrates femininity. Swedish Alva Skog currently has 22.2 k followers on Instagram (and counting) and she was recently included on the Forbes 30 under 30 List. Whilst not solely focusing on LGBTQ+ themes, her work celebrates diveristy in all of its forms, questions heteronormative values and smashes stereotypes.

#10 Gay Stuff Studio

The Gay Stuff Studio celebrates ‘ diversity and love with art’; sharing queer imagery and art work with over 2, 000 followers on Instagram. As well as being LGBTQ+ illustrators, they also sell a fabulous selection of pins, including pride pins and body positivity amongst others. 

#11 Bobby Lynn Larson

Portland-based Colombian artist Bobby Larson describes her own work as ‘Howdy Homo’ Also known as Bobby Lynn, she has been heavily influenced by females country stars of the 1960s and queer pioneers from across the 20th century. With over 56k followers on Instagram, her bio promises bootlegs and big boobs under a Stetson brim.

#12 Andrew Ahern

Based in Manchester, UK, Andrew Ahern’s illustrations often include pop culture and sci-fi references. His most notable work so far has been his Stromtrooper exhibition. This portrays Star Wars’ marines of the Galactic Empire in cute pop culture moments and transformed into iconic celebs.

#13 Sam Kirk

Sam Kirk’s work celebrates culture and feminism; inspiring pride and showcasing underrepresented communities. From Chicago, Kirk previously worked in the advertising industry for over a decade, but decided to pursue a full-time career in art in 2010.

#14 Shanée Benjamin

Art director and illustrator from Brooklyn, Shanée Benjamin is an incredibly talented artist whose vibrant illustrations communicate messages of social justice. A Black lesbian woman, she currently has almost 21k followers on Intsa where she shares her LGBTQ+ artwork.

#15 Fredrik Andersson

A Swedish illustrator based in London, Fredrik Anderssen’s art tackles topics sexuality and gender and includes diverse representation from across the queer spectrum. Created with a touch of humour, his work is often NSFW

A note to the illustrators

Hi illustrators! If you’re reading this then first, I really hope you enjoyed our selection of other awesome LGBTQ+ artists. Second, we’d love, love love to collaborate with you and give you an artist profile in our postcard design store. Please reach out if you’d like to hear more about how this works!

A note to everyone else…

Don’t stop here! Check out these amazing travel influencers from the LGBTQ+ community or learn more about Pride Month, how to celebrate it and writing empowering messages here.

And remember, an active way to support the queer community involves buying from artists in the community like those presented here, being supportive all year round (not just waving a rainbow flag during Pride Month) and educating yourself on how to become more inclusive. But actively listening is a great start!


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