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Here’s an idea for you: The bubble candle! If you follow any interior accounts on Instagram, you’ll be well aware that bubble candles are in! We’ll show you how you can make one right at home – it’s not as hard as the prices would have you believe!  

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You don’t need to be a DIY-expert to make these classy candles. All you need is some wax of your choice, a wick and a bubble candle silicon cast. And hey – reusable!

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Here’s what you need for your bubble candle

A flat laying on an apricot background showign the materials needed to make a bubble candle from scratch - 3 colour pigment bottles, 2 ready candles, wax, dried flowers and the wicks. Int he corner, photo prints.
Here’s what you need!
  • Paraffin or beeswax candle wax
  • Bubble silicon cast (or another shape of your choice!) 
  • Candle wick
  • Wick holder or cocktail sticks
  • (Optional) color pigment and dried flowers.

Here’s how to make it

If your silicon form doesn’t have a hole for your candlewick, make sure to pierce one first. It’s easiest using a needle. Next, stick the wick through the hole so that it sits in the middle of the candle. Keep it steady with the wick holder or two of your cocktail sticks to make sure it stays in the middle of your form. 

Melt the wax according to the packet instructions in a water bath. Make sure to mix it every now and then until the wax is completely fluid.  

Tip: The amount of wax you need depends on the size of your silicon cast. Melt too much rather than too little – anything that gets left over can be reused another time.

In the meantime you can decide to add dried flowers as decoration to the cast. 

Once the wax is fully melted, you can mix some color pigment with the wax. Your bubble candle can come in any and all colors!

Next, pour the hot wax into the bubble candle cast immediately. Make sure that the wick stays central.

A hand pours the melted wax into the silicone cast, with dried flowers in it.
Pour the wax into the candle form.

Now all you have to do is let the wax cool and solidify before removing the bubble candle from the cast. Done! It’s that easy to make your own cool bubble candles.

Two homemade white bubble candles lie on a orange and green material.
The end effect!

Check out our video tutorial for making bubble candles – along with more DIY ideas – on our Instagram account

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