The traces of your Halloween glamor are long forgotten as you enter a new holiday season: Thanksgiving, a.k.a. the Day of the Turkey. Your friends have started decorating their homes with fall colors and corn cobs instead of pumpkins, and you wonder where to start. Now, whether you’re hosting an annual thanksgiving feast, or you just want to make your place more special for your loved ones, here are some ways to spiff up your interior; take note, it doesn’t have to cost much!


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #1
Letter Balloons

Thanksgiving Decorations
Create a metallic backdrop with foil-colored alphabets that from the words “Give Thanks” at your main dining hall and use it as a canvass for your seasonal photo-op with friends. If you don’t want to shell a dollar, choose to print letters instead! Cut and paste them on the wall; just make sure to use the right kind of tape so that your paint won’t peel off.


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #2
Printable Pretties

Thanksgiving Decorations
Using free online templates from your favorite sources, create lovely add-ons to the table for an extra glam. Deck your friends’ plates with turkey print-outs, corn cut-outs and even origami, if you would dare to try! At best, tell your family to help out, so everyone will have fun doing these crafts.


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #3
Lifting Leaves

Thanksgiving Decorations
Got too much autumnal leaves in your backyard? Use them as decoration for your Thanksgiving motif! Write family names on these leaves and rearrange them on an old tray (we advise you to paint it with gold or black for a nice canvas to start with). Put this handmade piece as the center of attraction in your table.


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #4
Calligraphy Corner

Thanksgiving Decorations
Another room for letters? Why, yes! Using chalk and a blackboard, create a stylish typography of your Thanksgiving reminder and drape it with blooms and ferns for a more colorful effect. Lodge it by the door as a brilliant memo for everyone who walks in. Another tip: print your favorite words of gratitude and hang it with a cheap frame!


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #5
Thankful Tassels

Thanksgiving Decorations
Using crepe paper, create large, colorful tassels to welcome your guests inside your abode for Thanksgiving. Place these DIY curtains by the doorway; embellish them with vines, flowers and autumn leaves for a fun effect.


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #6
Shining String Lights

Thanksgiving Decorations
Add some brightness to your space by decorating mundane corners with string lights! Place it by your gallery so everyone can focus on the things you’re thankful for.


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #7
Grateful Garlands

Thanksgiving Decorations
Remember those spring-colored buntings you’ve kept away for next Easter? Use that as an inspiration for your Thanksgiving garland. Cut out the letters for Happy Thanksgiving (or Be Grateful) and then hang it on an empty wall.


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #8
Painted Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Decorations
Okay, keep your carving knife away; this is not a rerun of your Halloween decor. Pick up your leftover pumpkins and paint them in new tones that will become the palette of your Thanksgiving interior. Tangerine? Pink? Gold and yellow? Set it on the table and mix it up with acorns and succulents for a more organic look.


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #9
Monochromatic Mess

Thanksgiving Decorations
Add some drama to your Thanksgiving theme by focusing on one color. Our suggestion? Black, white and gold! Use these colors as table place cards, wreaths and wall decorations for that luxurious effect. Then, for a bright splash of hue, add some greens; use leaves as a runner at the center of the table.


Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations #10
Postcard Gallery

Thanksgiving Decorations
What are you thankful for? Print out postcards of your favorite 2017 photos with your family and friends and create a unique gallery on the wall. Have everyone take a look and search for themselves as they take their Thanksgiving picture along with it!


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