Chocolate eggs and fluffy bunny rabbits, Easter is such a fun holiday to celebrate! Just because you and your loved ones are not together in person doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the fun. Enter: Our awesome virtual Easter ideas…

Since the world experienced a lengthy year or two in lockdown, we’ve become a lot more creative with ways to celebrate virtually. From Easter egg hunts to Zoom Easter happy hours, we have loads of ways for kids and adults to celebrate their big chocolate day. 

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All about Easter

When is it? Easter 2023: Sunday, April 9th

Easter is a Christian holiday marking the Resurrection of Jesus, three days after his death by crucifixion. Nowadays, it’s often known to mark the onset of Spring and the Spring holidays. It’s also a fun holiday celebrated with chocolate Easter eggs and the adorable Easter bunny. Discover more about Easter’s history, traditions and sending Easter greetings here.

So, what is virtual Easter?

Virtual Easters are a way for you to celebrate with loved ones online. It could be a shared meal, online Easter games, or a virtual Easter egg hunt, as long as it’s not in person.  

Virtual Easter ideas

Virtual Easter Ideas - text on top of a picture of a bunny in the grass next to daisies and painted eggs

#1 Virtual Easter egg hunt

A virtual Easter egg hunt is one of the most popular virtual ways to celebrate, it’s no wonder why, it’s super fun and a longtime tradition for many! 

It takes a little prep. Participating parents or hosts in their different households need to hide the Easter eggs in their houses beforehand. We recommend talking to each other beforehand about the amount and type of chocolate treats, so that kids don’t feel jealous.

Once the call is up and running, someone shouts “3, 2, 1, hunt!”, and the kids in their respective households search for the eggs. Once everyone’s found their eggs, have the kids show off their eggs on FaceTime. You can change the level of the virtual Easter egg hunt, by adding fun games or clues during. 

An Easter egg hunt laid in a forest clearing

#2 Easter trivia challenge 

How much do you really know about Easter? Test your Easter trivia knowledge with these Easter trivia quizzes. Learn some new Easter trivia and facts while celebrating with your friends and family virtually. 

#3 Virtual Easter egg decoration

Whether you decorate an actual egg whilst on Zoom or use a digital whiteboard, decorating eggs is a fun activity for kids and adults to get creative together. Use your computer’s split screen option, so kids can see each other’s drawings. 

A child reaches to pick up a an Easter egg he is decorating

#4 Virtual Easter/ spring bingo

Since Easter falls in spring, why not create a Spring Bingo? You can make your own bingo page, or there are a couple of fantastic Easter and Spring-themed bingo games you can find and print online with a quick Google search. 

#5 Design a virtual Easter card. 

Set up a Zoom call and start an Easter card-making group. To make it extra fun, you can do a Secret Santa game of sorts. This is when your group arranges and exchanges gifts/cards anonymously. Here are a few Easter card ideas to help inspire you.

If you’re away from your friends and family over Easter, send them a MyPostcard personalized Easter card. With MyPostcard app, you can design a personalized card. They’ll then print and post the card directly to your loved one’s address. Thoughtful and super easy! 

#6 Watch farm animal webcams

Many farms and petting zoos have webcams set up, so you can watch the bouncing bunnies and cute little chicks. Some farms with webcams decorate animal pens with Easter colors and decorations. 

Check out DashDucks to watch the ducks floating around, or bunny cams to spot the Easter bunny! 

3 chicks sitting on an orange blanket

#7 Bunny workout 

Just because we’re looking at virtual Easter ideas doesn’t mean we can’t get the body moving. A bunny workout can be altered for kids or adults. For kids, there are some really fun names you can add to your workout challenge. 

A few instructions:

  • Hop like a bunny
  • Swim like a duck
  • Peck like a chicken 
  • Make up a few of your own!

#8 A game of Chubby Bunny

Chubby Bunny is a hilarious game where players take turns trying to see how many marshmallows they can fit into their mouths. They then have to try and say “Chubby Bunny!”. 

All you need to do is ensure all players have their own packet of marshmallows. Hop on FaceTime, Zoom, or the virtual space of your choice, and get ready to laugh out loud. 

A group preparing for an Easter virtual ideas game of chubby bunny with marshmallows on the table

#9 Zoom Easter happy hour

Our ideas mean that adults can have virtual Easter fun too! 😉 Why not hit up your friends with a virtual happy hour? Take your Easter happy hour a step further with these Easter-themed cocktails to celebrate the holiday. 

Celebrating with a Zoom Easter happy hour allows you to travel over the Spring holidays while still celebrating with your loved ones virtually. Take a look at these gorgeous Easter getaways!

#10 Color-in Easter-themed coloring pages

Email and print out Easter-themed coloring pages to do during your online Easter session. Then, encourage everyone to show off their colorful pages! Here are some free, cute coloring pages to send and print out.  

You can also download an Easter egg painting app for your kids to decorate spring and Easter egg decorations. 

A child coloring in a coloring book

Last thoughts

If you’re looking for a couple more DIY easter craft ideas for your virtual Easter celebration, take a look at these fun Easter-themed crafts.


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