So you’re looking for ways to help you stay in touch with loved ones who live far apart in 2023? We’ve got 10 tips you can easily implement in your life to help you make time for those most important people in your life.

#1 Schedule a weekly call

Maybe you want to start calling your mom more often, but life gets in the way and weeks pass without arranging it? Never again! Set an alarm every Sunday at the same time, so that you can be reminded of how important she is. If you start with a weekly alarm or reminder, soon it will become a habit for you!

#2 Set up a monthly family Zoom catchup

Same goes for the rest of your family! Arrange a weekly or monthly family catchup, try to be considerate of everyone’s time (or timezones!) and send them a zoom invite.

#3 Start a book club with them

Do you have siblings or cousins who love to read? How about exchanging books every month or buying the same ones to discuss on a weekly basis! Starting a book club is not only fun, but is for sure a very easy way to get quality time with your loved ones.

#4 Send them a postcard

This one is simple but very meaningful. Nowadays, texts are the fastest and easiest way to communicate with your friends and family. But let’s not forget the beautiful feeling of actually receiving something in the mail… send them a postcard! MyPostcard helps you to send postcards personalized with your own photos and memories to loved ones – and we print and send for you!

#5 Set up a family newsletter

Are you better with emails and love writing? Then this idea is perfect for you! Send out weekly or monthly newsletters to your whole family, updating them on your little ones doings, on your life, accomplishments etc. They will be thrilled to know you put in some extra time to set this up!

#6 Surprise them with a personalised frame

Do you have many memories with members of your family in separate pictures and would like to display them in a special way? Surprise them with a personalised frame! Making a collage has never been this easy, just use the MyPostcard app and arrange it all with a few clicks… and from your phone!

#7 Play online group games

This is not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of online games then this should be a super fun idea! Search the web for family friends online games and schedule a date to play all together!

#8 Send a care-package

Do you know someone that’s going through a rough time? Send them a care package. You can add all of their favorite things into one box. Maybe you have an aunt that’s grieving, some nice things to add would be tissues, chocolate, her favorite tea, scented candles and a nice letter.

#9 Make them a DIY gift

Do you like getting crafty? Then this DIY idea is perfect for you! Make that special someone a set of letters and write on them “Open when you feel…” so that they can get a cute message from you every time they feel happy, sad, alone etc. You can do this with pictures of you two as well for an extra personalised touch.

#10 Plan a surprise visit once a year

We know this may not be possible for everyone but if you can, do it! Adding a surprise element to your visit will make it extra special and will for sure bring them to tears (of joy!)

Did you get inspired to spread some love?

We hope these ideas could inspire you to spread some love with your loved ones and keep in touch with them regularly no matter where they are! Family and friends are so important, let’s not forget to give them the love and attention they deserve. If you want to share your favorite memories with them on social media, feel free to tag us! Use the #MyPostcardMoment hashtag so we can see your beautiful pictures and for a chance to get reposted!

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