If you are looking for home decor ideas, home makeover motivation along with interior inspiration, then we have the article for you. Because we have compiled the ultimate list of our favorite bloggers who focus on the home. From country cottage to small city apartment, these DIY bloggers and Instagrammers will inspire you with our collection of the 24 best interior design bloggers! 

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Interior Design Influencers

A top interior blogger's living room with TV, sideboard, painting and chair.

Some of our favorite interior design influencers include: 

#1 The Beat that My Heart Skipped

(As of 2023, this site is no longer active.)

The Beat that My Heart Skipped is a popular blog that helps readers to keep up with the latest trends in home and lifestyle. It was first created by Interiors expert Rohini Wahi in 2007; a writer with a passion for period dramas and spotting upcoming trends. 

#2 Cococozy 

LA-born Collette Shelton, also known as Coco, began her blog in 2008. Packed with all things related to decor, she is considered to be one of the world’s best interior design bloggers. Coco also has her own Cococozy collection, which includes textiles and an array of home accessories. 

#3 Inhabitat

Since spring 2005, Jill Fehrenbacher, founder and editor in chief, and the rest of the Inhabitat team have been inspiring readers to transform their homes in a sustainable way. Packed with informative and interesting articles, this blog is dedicated to interior design and lifestyle from a green perspective.

#4 decor8

An interior design trend, decorating and lifestyle blog, decor8 was created by Holly Becker in January 2006. Born in the USA, she is currently living in Hannover, Germany, where she is an author, educator, product designer, lecturer and she also hosts her own podcast.

#5 Bright Bazaar

Founded by Wil Taylor, Bright Bazaar is all about embracing color and recognizing that ‘grey is boring’  when it comes to interior design. If beige is not your color and neutrals are something that other people do, this may just be the best interior design blogger for you. 

Top Luxury Interior Design Blogs

A minimalist interior blogs example of a dining room

Get inspired with luxury interior design blogs and high-end decor, some of the best interior design bloggers that are all about the opulence and the latest in tech include:

#6 Lark and Linen

Created by interior design Jacquelyn Clark, Lark and Linen is an interior design and lifestyle company that shares its projects on its popular blog. They are based in Toronto, Ontario and have a wide array of high-end residents. You can also check them out on Instagram for even more home transformation inspiration. 

#7 Design Hunter

One of the UK’s best interior design bloggers, Design Hunter is an award-winning interior design blog, which showcases beautiful spaces that are simple and elegant. It was created by interior stylist Helen Powers in 2009, and it aims to promote gorgeous understated luxury at its very best. 

#8 All Sorts Of

Promoting high-class eclectic interior design with a Californian flair, All Sorts Of is a popular blog by Amber Lewis.  LA-based Amber is the founder of Amber Interiors and shares her work with followers on her blog and Instagram. As well as interior design inspiration, you can also find tips and tricks for decorating your home, lifestyle articles, and interviews.

#9 The Society of British and International Interior Design

SBID are the leading professional membership organization for interior designers in Britain. Their blog is filled with insightful looks into the latest in interior design, home inspiration, and high-end technological advances.  

#10 Belle Maison

Belle Maison founder Catherine Engelmeyer is based in New Jersey. However, she utilizes her French cultural heritage and experiences growing up in Paris to influence her creations. Check out the Belle Maison blog to discover the journey of some of her most incredible transformations, as well as the occasional peek into her own life. 

The Best DIY Home Decor Blogs

A sideboard topped with green plants growing up the walll

If you want to transform your space on a budget, these DIY home decor blogs are filled with tips and tricks. Some of the best interior design bloggers that will inspire your creativity and handiness include:

#11 Young House Love

Inspiring the DIY community since 2007, John and Sherry were amongst the first people to become internet blogging superstars.  Their blog contains almost 3000 DIY and decorating projects, as well as snapshots of the multiple houses that the couple has renovated during their do-it-yourself decor journey. 

#12 House of Wood

Jen Woodhouse is DIY and design blogger, who expresses herself creatively within her blog

A self-taught carpenter Jen is passionate about home renovation and her posts are filled with lots of handy tips and tricks. 

#13 Retro Renovation

This is the ideal DIY interior design blog for anyone whose home is more on the vintage side. Some of the best interior design bloggers, Pam and Kate promote mid-century modern and modest style through interesting articles, inspiration, tutorials and so much more.

#14 Thrifty Decor Chick

One of the best interior design bloggers for those on a budget, Thrifty Decor Chick is all about simple and inexpensive ways that could transform your space. Sarah originally started the blog in 2009 to share her projects with family and friends, and it just grew and grew. 

 #15 A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle blog that focuses on DIY. This includes all manner of home decor projects, as well as tutorials for crafts and cooking recipes. It was created by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman,  who also host a weekly podcast.

Cute Cottage Decorating Blogs 

A cottage outbuilding door open to show a conservatory interior blog setting

Embrace the cottagecore aesthetic with our quintessential range of cottage decorating blogs and farmhouse decor blogs: 

#16 The Lettered Cottage

Created by Layla Palmer, The Lettered Cottage is one of the best interior design bloggers for anyone who loves the typical homespun style. Her home is truly beautiful, and she shares all of her creative ideas with her followers. 

#17 My English Country Cottage

Two photos of the interior of blog founder Rebecca's home
Copyright: Rebecca Lovatt / MyEnglishCountryCottage.co.uk

After becoming popular on Instagram,  Rebecca at My English Country Cottage decided to create a blog as an extension of her feed. Promoting cosy country interiors and delightfully twee decor, her 17th century thatched cottage in the middle of the English countryside embodies all that is cottagecore. 

#18 Thistlewood Farms

Thistlewood Farm is a vintage farmhouse nestled amongst the fields of Kentucky, and one of the US’ most popular farmhouse decor blogs. As well as home inspiration, tips and tricks, DIY protects and easy recipes, KariAnne Wood and her family share glimpses of their idyllic farm life. 

#19 Knick of Time

Angie is a wife and a mum of four, and she originally began her blog after selling some of her upcycled and remodeled creations online. Soon, she began sharing her vintage farmhouse DIY projects with her many followers on Knick of Time.

Decorating Blogs for Small Homes

A living room set up with greys, reds and greens

Whether you live in a compact city apartment, studio flat, or shared home, these next blogs are great for anyone who is looking to transform their tiny space. 

#20 Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy first began in 2001, when interior designer Maxwell Ryan started creating a weekly newsletter for his clients.  Today, it is an expansive blog containing expert advice, product guides, tutorials, and all manner of ways to make a house a home.

#21 A Small Life 

Melanie is all about sustainability, mental health and wellbeing, and transforming spaces. She began A Small Life while living in an Airstream travel trailer. However, her and husband George are currently remodelling an 800 square foot house. 

#22 Living in a Shoebox

Showcasing great interiors, Living in a Shoebox features studio apartments, cabins, campers, and all manner of tiny residential spaces. If you are looking for unusual designs, smart storage solutions, and more, this is certainly one of the best interior design bloggers for you.  

#23 Smallish Blog

The Smallish Blog is all about living with intention and adopting the minimalist lifestyle. Dana, her husband and her four children currently live in a small town bedroom property. After realising that less is more, they created their blog to inspire others to downsize. 

#24 Intentionally Small Blog

An interior blogger's down town flat and sitting room
Copyright: Nicole Alvarez / IntentionallySmall.com

Nicole Alvarez is a designer and architect based in North Carolina. Her Intentionally Small blog is all about exploring small spaces and living simply, with lots of tips for small-space dwellers. 

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