Over the last year or so, more and more of us have embraced working from home and the remote way of life. However, it has made some of us realize that our WFH space needs some serious improvement! If you are looking to redecorate and redesign your home office, check out these Insta-influencers for work from home inspiration. Whether you are looking for something sophisticated, fun, practical, or ultra-modern, we have included a diverse and varied selection of some of Instagram’s most popular home offices.

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Compact WFH Inspiration

If your study area is smaller than most, these compact home offices could be ideal:

#1 A.London.Interiors


This chic and modern office from interior design studio A. London Interiors is ideal for anyone with limited space. This London-based design company is all about elegant interiors and high-end furnishings; with tons of inspiration for those looking to add a touch of class to their study.

#2 Snapped by Karli


Karli is a photographer from Melbourne, who is one of the co-founders of Simple Earth Living. Her home workspace is cute and compact. It features inspiring imagery and a beautiful color scheme! It is a great idea to keep a mood board next to your workspace as it can help to keep you focused on the bigger picture.

#3 Laura Cox Home


This compact office is kept light and bright by the giant window above. It provides great work from home inspiration for anyone who is looking to create a home study within a nook or cranny. This is the home office of interior designer Laura Cox. Check out her Instagram to see more of her beautiful family home.

#4 Baking a Home


London-based Rebecca Thomas’ Instagram is filled with gorgeous interiors, yummy baked goods, and the cutest of dogs. This working space is ideal for anyone who does not have a separate room available for a study. 

#5 Cozy Happy Home


This predominantly white office is tipped with beautiful shades of green, including an array of house plants. It is the perfect space for minimal distractions and getting your head down. Jenna’s style is boho-chic and her Instagram is filled with clever ways of adding color to your home. 

#6 Home and Spirit


An office space built into an alcove, this well-organized practical study space from Home and Spirit could be the perfect work from home inspiration. Check out the rest of Erica’s modern boho home in Las Vegas on Insta. 

Spacious home offices on Instagram

On the other hand, this work from home inspiration includes a range of spacious offices. These would be ideal for anyone with a larger home: 

#7 Kasia Rutkowiak


This well-organized open-plan office is ideal for anyone who is looking for something for a larger space. Born in Gdańsk but currently living in Warsaw, Poland, Kasia Rutkowiak’s home is all about clean-cut Scandinavian style. Have a look at the My Full House blog to learn more about her passion for interior design. 

#8 This House We Made 


For couples, besties, and flatshares that work from home together, this duo office is smart, stylish, and super practical. We love the use of dramatic colors to create a statement! Aga is a photographer in South Wales, UK, who loves interior design, plants, and dogs. 

#9 Clark and Co Homes


Dan and Emily frequently share beautiful home renovations with their 36.6k followers on Instagram. Their page features quite a few home offices, but we particularly love this elegant space over in Idaho, USA.

#10 Styles of Man


Based in Philadelphia, USA, Frank Tkachanko is a digital content creator who is all about fashion and decor. His masculine home office has everything to hand what he needs for work. 

Modern home offices

For work from home inspiration that is chic and contemporary, our favorite modern home offices include:

#11 These Four Walls


Abi Dare’s home is in Bristol, UK, but this home office undoubtedly has a Scandinavian vibe. 

Based on the These Four Walls blog, this Instagram feed is all about clean lines, white space, and minimalism.

#12 Sarah Cocolapine 


Sarah Van Peteghem, formally Cocolapine, is a München based Designer & Blogger. Her blog, Cocolapine Design is filled with inspirational articles, DIY projects, and decor ideas. We love her modern home office as it maintains a minimalist style while still showing lots of personalities. 

#13 2modern


Showing that modern decor can still be colorful, this gorgeous home office is bright and breezy. We love the use of natural plants to bring the outdoors in. Plus, research has suggested that having plants in your study can actually help to reduce stress and increase productivity. 

#14 Katie Steiner


Mom-of-five Katie Steiner’s office is ultra-modern. It is mainly white with the use of pastel colors to show off her style. Using a pinboard or metal grid board like this one is perfect for displaying your important messages. 

#15 Lydia Millen Home


With an Instagram feed filled with pics of modern rustic living, Lydia and Ali currently have a whopping 316k followers. Their home office space uses white walls with dark accents for a trendy space.

Colorful Home Office Inspiration 

#16 Present & Correct


A store that sells new and vintage stationery and office supplies, Present and Correct’s Instagram is full of home office inspiration. It is the ideal feed for anyone who is passionate about pretty stationery! This beautifully organized home office space is bright, colorful and very well organized. 

#17 Nosso 2.0.2


Pretty in pink, this stunning office space perfectly matches the theme of their Rio de Janeiro home. Created by couple Dayane Martins and Douglas Prado, this is colorful, modern decor with a distinct boho-chic vibe.

#18 The Homescape 


This newly wedded couple’s home office brings exotic vibes, with the use of tropical flowers, bright accents, and a colorful rug. Keeping your desk clear and simple is a great way to ensure that you do not get distracted while you work. 

#19 Andrea Groot Dordrecht 


With the use of earthy tones and lots of foliage, this revitalizing space is a breath of fresh air. This is work from home inspiration from designer Andrea de Groot, who is the founder, editor, and writer of the Living Hip blog. 

#20 Baba Souk 


We adore this cute and colorful home office space from Baba Souk. With a distinctive Morrocan flair and a boho vibe, it utilizes vibrant prints to showcase its personality. 

#21 Rowan Morrissy 


An interior stylist and content specialist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rowan Morrissy’s home office is light, breezy, and fun. The gallery wall contains an eclectic array of prints, photography, and illustrations that are inspired by travel and wanderlust.

Feeling ready to make some changes using our work from home inspiration?

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