On sunday the 14th may there will be Mother’s Day! With this day we celebrate our mothers and show our gratefulness. Are you prepared? – If you’re not we will help you to create an easy and sweet present to make your mum happy on this special day. We will show you 4 different Mother’s Day DIY ideas made with love !

Mother’s Day DIY #1
Flowers for Mom

Flowers for Mom as Mother's Day DIY

Which kind of present for you mum is the first that pops up on your mind? – Flowers right? Assuredly you gave your mum flowers the last 5 year so now it’s time to spice them up a little.

For the spiced up version of a cute little flower all you need are a potted plant, a pot , two drinking straws, some string, a pencil and paper to use to write on.

Put your plant into the pot and place the drinking straws on the left and the right side. Measure the distance between the drinking straws and cut your string that it will fit in-between. Depending on the word that you will hang up on the garland you will choose the size of your little signs.

You can write down the name of your mother, mummy or just ‘’MOM’’ – it’s up to you! Our choice was : ‘’MOM’’. Fix the signs on the string and hang the garlande up between the drinking straws above the flower.

If you like you can wrap some ribbon into a bow around the flower pot and add a card with a personal message from you to your mom. Psst… we have a huge range of Mother’s Day cards in our MyPostcard Design Shop!

Mother’s Day DIY #2

Memories in a Photo album for Mother's Day DIY

This idea might be nothing new for you but we think that a photo album is a beautiful way to treasure your moments forever. All you need is an album, a pencil and a selection of your most beautiful moments.

Grab your photos and glue them into the album.  If all your beautiful are stuck on your phone you can print them with our MyPostcard App. Squares, rectangles or super cool polaroids – it’s your choice! To make it all a little more personal add some nice quotes or some warm words next to the photos into the album.  

And already it’s finished – made with love.

Mother’s Day DIY #3
Breakfast for Champions

Tasty breakfast as Mother's Day DIY

Your mum has been cooking half of your life for you and now it’s your turn! So what about a beautiful breakfast in bed. I mean who does not like waking up by food?

Breakfast Love as Mother's Day DIY

We decided to create word LOVE with our breakfast because that’s what will give to our mom on Mother’s Day ( but it’s up to you).

Mother’s Day DIY #4
Muffins in a Glas

Mother's Day DIY - Muffin in a glass

Our last Mother’s Day DIY is easy and super sweet in look and taste. – It’s a muffin in a glass.

All you need is a glass, a muffin ( you can buy one or bake some), a toothpick and a little Mother’s Day themed sign. Stick the sign on the toothpick and place this on top of the muffin. Afterwards you place the muffin on the lid of the glas. Screw the glas on the lid and your yummy muffin in a glas is done. As easy as I told you right ?!

If you like place the glass secretly on your mom’s nightstand so that she will wake up next to her present.

We hope that you were able to get some inspirations by reading our article and that you are now prepared for Mother’s Day!

You can upload a photo of your DIY on Instagram. Tag us @MyPostcardApp !

Many greetings and a wonderful Mother’s Day to all of you

Greta from MyPostcard.


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