Are you currently in the making of some creative Christmas greetings?! If yes, then you are one of the brave people to jump into the Christmas shopping chaos, and find those right presents in between ‘Last Christmas’ and the smell of pine – good on you! But at the moment your Christmas cards are lying in front of you… and now?

The design is pretty cute but you have no idea what to write? No pressure but when sending a beautiful greeting card to grandma and grandpa, aunties and friends once in a year  – it should be personal and creative. But you have no idea what to write… Not a problem, we can help!

Because we at MyPostcard are experts when it comes to the postcard. We are not just there when you are planning to send Christmas greetings really easy, fast and worldwide, we are also there when you cannot find the perfect words.

Et voila: we offer some tips so it’s not difficult anymore to send beautiful and creative Christmas cards.

Tip 1 – Send cards with your own photos

Tip 2 – Humorous cards

Tip 3 – Rhymes, poems and songs

Tip 4 – Recap of your year

Tip 5 – It’s a family action

Tip 6 – Christmas cards DIY

Creative Christmas greetings tip #1
Christmas greetings are not always easy

There are many ways to create a nice Christmas greeting card. Here are the most creative suggestions.

The first thing: Postcards with your own pictures are always an eye-catcher. Just imagine you open the post box and there is a photo postcard of your beloved ones – what a lovely moment, isn’t it?

Of course, you can face the struggle, go outside to the crowded shops, queue and then wait for the printing machines to print the photos by yourself – but it’s not the best idea when you think of all the Christmas chaos.

But you have the option to create and send your Christmas postcards straight from the sofa. Moreover, you can use all your pictures from your smartphone gallery. With MyPostcard you can send your postcards in only a few minutes – without leaving your cozy and warm home.

Creative Christmas greetings tip #2
Humor is allowed

Who says that Christmas greeting cards are not allowed to be funny? It’s the brightest season of the year so bring it on!

You can text funny or sweet sentences. Or you can be a little bit cheeky too. How about texting the funniest story you share with the person you’re sending the postcard to? It’s time to freshen up this memory.;)

Creative Christmas greetings tip #3
Rhymes, poems and Christmas songs

You can quote already existent rhymes and poems. This is a nice way to fill your Christmas greeting card and to trigger the Christmas feeling of the recipient.

But for the biggest Christmas fans, this could be your very own interesting challenge! Maybe you want to try to create a whole new poem or rhyme. Maybe this is your thing and you explore a new hidden talent. And psssst, a little bit of inspiration is allowed so have a look and check out already existing poems and rhymes.

With an own poem, your beloved ones definitely will find out which feelings you have for them.

Creative Christmas greetings tip #4
Newsletter Christmas cards

We all have these kinds of contacts: You don’t see them really often but you always promise to call each other and to meet more often. But this often times doesn’t happen, let’s be honest. But this is not a problem, it’s your time to give an update!

An elegant way for updating your friends and family is to create a news update of the whole year. For example, you could write down your TOP 10 highlights of the past year. A ranking is really easy and fun to read. And maybe you might think you had no TOP 10 moments but it’s all about the big AND the small moments of happiness. So sit down, take a minute to think and start writing.

Your recipient will be so happy about hearing from your life!

Creative Christmas greetings tip #5
Involve the whole family

A benefit of involving the whole family is that you don’t have to do all the work on your own. If you’ve got a whole family in the room, that’s perfect! Involve them all and the texts for the Christmas cards are almost writing themselves. And furthermore, you are all spending a nice Christmas afternoon together getting creative.

Don’t forget to even include the youngest one in the process and the Christmas cards will definitely be an eye-catcher this year! And if everything goes well maybe you created a tradition for the years to come. 🙂

Creative Christmas greetings tip #6
DIY Christmas design

Let’s be honest, you don’t have to write a novel. You can also get creative in a different way. So if you cannot find the right words, grab your craft utensils and let’s DIY! A really creative way is to use everyday objects to craft awesome trash Christmas decoration.

And you know what? You can use all the space on your card for a beautiful DIY so it’s not even necessary to write down some words if you can’t think of the right ones. 😉

Plus .. the recipient will appreciate all your efforts anyway. Clever, right?!

Ready made Christmas quotes and messages?

You’d rather just adapt a message for your recipient? We have the perfect Christmas quotes that you can copy and paste right here.


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