A while ago we outlined 20 mom lifestyle blogs you should become familiar with. Well, with Father’s Day quickly approaching, we’ve compiled a list of six dad blogs that offer insights on fatherhood to encourage equality and to help you prepare for Father’s Day.

These fathers discuss everything from superheroes to writing to photography to design, all while providing unique parenting perspectives.

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Without further ado, here are six daddy blogs worldwide in no particular order:

Designer Daddy

Designer Daddy
Photo/ Logo source: www.designerdaddy.com

The American Brent Almond illustrates his experiences being a gay father of an adopted son on Designer Daddy. His blog features LGBTQ thoughts, parenting adventures, adoption experiences, design projects, and superhero commentary.

He became more widely known as sticky note dad after Instagram posts of the sticky notes he placed in his son’s lunch box went viral.  Brent uses his graphic design background to enliven his blog, his child, and the world.

Ich Bin Dein Vater

Header picture of the authors of ichbindeinvater dad blog
Photo/ Logo source: ichbindeinvater.de

Ich Bin Dein Vater, or I am your father, is a German father blog written by three men, “colleagues, friends, and companions,” who work for a communication agency. They wanted to start a blog about something they cared about, like fatherhood, thus Ich Bin Dein Vater was born. Now, their blog features daddy self-help articles and honest reflections on personal experiences. From the dad blog site, you can access their newsletter and podcasts which are slightly more comedic.

Johnny’s Papablog

Johnnys Papablog in the dad blog ranking
Photo/ Logo source: www.johnnyspapablog.de

Johnny speaks as a single parent of four. His blog and Instagram document his experiences with single parenting.

Johnny’s Papablog also summarizes many German children’s books before offering his honest assessment of them. Or, if you are looking for books, podcasts, and music for an older audience, he’s got advice on those too.

DIY Daddy

DIY Daddy in the dad blog ranking
Photo/ Logo source: www.diydaddyblog.com

Nigel, an English blogger, writes DIY Daddy. He’s got five children ranging from 3 to 19, including a set of twins! Nigel’s got a background in painting and decorating, allowing him to provide his readers with insider design tips alongside reflections on twins, gender, and blogging. To learn more check out his Instagram channel.

In addition, every week Nigel uses his fame to spread the word on other dad blogs and bloggers, which is very convenient for all parties involved.

Der Vater-Sohn Blog

Der Vater-Sohn Blog in the dad blog ranking
Photo/ Logo source: www.vatersohn.blog

The Der Vater-Sohn Blog lives up to its name, illustrating the development of Richard and his son Hugo. Richard began blogging during his wife’s pregnancy which allows readers to watch both Richard and Hugo grow. Future German speaking fathers will find this blog particularly helpful: Richard describes his experience and provides other resources if you want more information, plus he has provided a vocabulary list for fathers.

This Father Life

This father life in the dad blog ranking

On This Father Life, Robert blogs on his life as the father of two sons in order to remember and make sense of fatherhood.

Robert lives in England and has posted everything from child travel destinations to reflections on his father to supermarket debacles. All of his articles have a unique spin that stems from being Christian.

We hope you enjoyed this list of international dad bloggers. Their circumstances may differ but all of these fathers advocate for a more inclusive and adapting definition of dad while portraying the difficulty and satisfaction that accompanies parenting.

Whether you are about to become a dad and want some advice, a spouse hoping to understand your spouse, or a child hoping to get your dad a gift he likes, these dad blogs have got something for you.

Do you have a daddy blogger to add? If so, comment below.


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  1. Hi Lisa! Would you consider adding Wilderdad.com to this list? Wilderdad is currently voted the #1 best dad blog on RankedBlogs.com and the #32 best dad blog on Feedspot. We encourage families to have outdoor adventures together through stories to inspire, advice to guide, and gear to motivate. If you’re interested, email me and I can send a few descriptions of my site to help you out. Thanks! -Steve

    • Maud Arnold Reply

      Hey Steve,
      Thanks so much for your comment! I haven’t heard of Wilderdad before, so naturally I had to explore it straight away! I love your combination of adventure and discovering fatherhood and the mix of both of the above! You’re definitely on our short list for our 2021 update of the dad blog ranking!
      Best wishes,

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