You’re looking for some lockdown-friendly but still super romantic inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2021? Look no further!

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14 Ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day – even in 2021

#1 Take part in something your partner loves

A couple do yoga together on the beach

Do they… love to start of the day off with Yoga? Then join in! Or maybe they’re a born-gardener with more house plants than sense? Get potting! Maybe they love this one Radio show? Turn it on! You get the picture…

#2 Take an online class together

Take an online class this Valentine's Day with your partner

Ever wanted to learn how to mix the perfect cocktail? Or maybe you’ve also wanted to learn how to make homemade pasta? Or you want to take the journey to self-discovery through the art of journalling? When it comes to online courses, the sky is the limit. Learning a new skill together is a bonding experience and promises a fun 14th of February.

#3 Agree to personalize your gifts this year

Create a memory by using your memories to make this DIY explosion box
Copyright: Janine Berger /

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to show off your love for this special person. Why don’t you agree to exchange more personal gifts this year, or go one step further and engage in a DIY creation. We love this exploding photo box by DIY blogger, Janine to help you hold onto your shared memories and keep them safe.

If you’re not doing presents this year, how about a personalized Valentine’s Day card with a selection of your favorite couple pics?

#3 Treat your babe to breakfast in bed

A romantic breakfast in bed with flowers on Valentine's Day

There is something sinfully romantic about sharing your first meal of the day in bed! And your partner is bound to feel loved and appreciate the effort you’ve gone to. So … what to cook? We recommend homemade pancakes or waffles, a couple of slices of crispy bacon topped with some fresh berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. YUM! Here’s our favourite recipe for classic American-style pancakes.

#4 Write a love letter time casual together

Love letters next to candles on the table

How, you ask? Sit down together and write a letter to your other half, describing how you feel about them. Don’t let them see what’s in it! Then seal this letter and add the date in the future when they should open it. A romantic activity for now and the future!

#5 Give the gift of relaxation

A woman sits in a bath in front of beautiful scenery

Invest in some flower petals, candles and champagne. Whether you position these on and around the bed, or pour a delightful bath with petals sprinkled in, allow your partner some relaxation and rest today. It’s been a tough year!

#6 Cook dinner together – with a twist

A couple cook dinner together in the kitch

Why not throw on some romantic music, cook dinner and up the anti by making it heart shaped? Baked goods like pizza is easiest, but you can also create your heart once the dinner is actually made by presenting it carefully on the plate.

#7 Play a game that’ll bring you closer

A football table in the living room

A game like ‘{THE AND} Couples Edition‘ can help bring you closer by asking the questions you wouldn’t necessarily think to ask. The key to it? Stay honest!

#9 Plan a vacation

A world map flay lay with passports, photos and more to play your trip

So you can’t travel right now. But it’ll happen again! Get out a pen, some paper and start researching your post-Covid destination. Most travel agencies and airlines are offering flexible tickets and are often cheaper to book in advance. All that’s left is finding the the most romantic cities in the world

Or go on one, if your area is safe to! Here are some more unusual romantic spots for lovers

#10 Go all out on a takeaway

A couple eat take out on the sofa

Dinner in a fancy restaurant might be out, but dinner from a fancy restaurant is not! Log yourself onto Deliveroo or ring up direct. Meanwhile at home, it’s time to light the candles and set the atmosphere.

#11 Take a walk in your favorite spot in the city

A couple walk through the city

Whether it’s outside the bar where you first spoke to each other or the park where you first kissed. Take a walk around and reminisce about how you met and your favorite moments with each other.

#12 Stream a concert

A couple watch an online concert together on their laptop

Search around online for a concert by one of your or your other half’s favorite band or singer. Loads of artists have recorded concerts and gigs online during lockdown. While you’re watching, recreate a concert experience by dressing up and making your classic drink. OR get comfy and watch in bed, your choice!

#13 Do your own tasting

Champagne and oysters on the table

Of your choice, be it wine, gin, cheese or even chips and dips! Buy a selection and get out your finest glasses!

#14 Bring the spa home

Bottles of massage essential oils on the table

Buy a luxury face mask, some essential oils, and of course some candles. Start the evening off by basking in your masks, then take it in turns to massage each other with your oils.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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