Sometimes, saying “sorry” is not enough to ease the pain you’ve caused to your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. Be it intentional or unintentional, there inevitably comes a time in our life when we hurt our significant other’s feelings, trust or confidence. Is your other half is upset with you, and you don’t know what to say? Or perhaps what you have said hasn’t made things better? Maybe simply a little more is needed to show you mean it? For instance, by doing something spontaneous, romantic or out of character, intended to make them happy. In this article, I’ll share with you grand apology gestures to say sorry (without actually saying, ‘I’m sorry’!). 

If you do want to accompany your ‘I’m sorry!’ gestures with a real apology though, check out this article with 30+ apology messages, perfect for any situation.

7 grand gestures to say sorry with some added romance

#1 Surprise them with a card in the mail

Real tangible cards are very effective when it comes to conveying your apology with a gesture. You can send them an apology card at the most unexpected time or in the most bizarre place. 

A card with a cute, heartfelt note will surely put a smile on their face, and they’ll most likely forgive you.

In your apology card, you can be funny, thoughtful, or romantic—whatever suits you and your partner. 

You can even think about making a promise that you can easily follow through on to make them appreciate you. For example, promising for the next two weeks, to do all the laundry for both of you. Whatever you write, just make it genuine and personalized.

A woman in a white blouse opening a love letter sent as one of the grand gestures to say sorry

Check out MyPostcard app if you want to send a card personalized with your own photos as your grand gesture to say sorry! And if you’re not great at thinking out messages, then you’ll also benefit from the thousands of cute message suggestions divided by occasion, such as ‘I’m sorry’. We professionally print and mail for you.

Go on a dinner date with them

Out of all our ‘I’m sorry’ grand gestures, going out for dinner is a truly romantic one. Especially with these details:

Consider what you know about the kind of food they like and what type of ambiance they appreciate, whether they like trying new places – and choose a restaurant based on that. (If they already have a favorite, then you have an even easier job!)

By the end of the dinner, you can order a cake that says, “I’m sorry” to improve things. Or you can even arrange for someone to sing for both of you. This would lighten up the mood and it’s easier for both of you to forget things easily. 

#2 Cook their favorite food

If you can’t take them out for dinner, make your home a happy, special place. Light some nice scented candles and prepare their favorite food as a token of apology. 

Good food has the power to melt hearts. So, when your partner realizes their favorite meal is made by you, they will automatically feel good. If you’re not a great cook, translate the idea into bringing them a brunch in bed that you prepared! This could be something as easy as heating up a croissant, to making eggs!

A couple drinking coffee

#3 Give them a nice, personalized gift

A small but meaningful gift can make a big impression. Especially if you’re opting for a personalized gift as a romantic apology gesture for your boyfriend or girlfriend, it works like a charm.

By customizing a gift, you let your partner know how much they mean to you. There are several ways you can use a personalized gift to apologize to your partner. 

Making a phtobook as a gift is one of the romanitc grand gestures to say sorry

Sites like Etsy offer tons of personalizable crafts, while apps like MyPostcard can help you create a personalized photo book or similar. Consider creating a DIY gift, like an Accordion Photo Box Gift or one of these 10 DIY Photo Gift Ideas.

#4 Give them a CD or make a playlist of romantic songs

This is one of the most uniquely romantic apology gestures on our list.

The hardest part of being in a relationship is resolving an argument. To help them quickly forget and forgive a fight, you can send a bunch of flowers at their workplace together with a little postcard that says, ‘I made a playlist for you’. Alternatively, you can burn a retro CD of especially selected songs to ease their anger and make them feel loved. 

A phone with a playlisted created as part of the grand gestures to say sorry

#5 Reflect on your partner’s feelings

Sometimes, depending on the situation and emotional state of your partner, presenting them with gifts or other things without addressing the underlying problem can go wrong. They may see the grand romantic gestures as a bribe. 

Focus on hands and coffee as a couple sit talking opposite each other over a table

In such cases, leave all the gifts and dinner and communicate effectively before trying a grand gesture. By doing so, you reflect your partner’s feelings that will make them feel heard and valued. 

You can be a little empathetic here and say things like: 

  •  I understand that I hurt your feelings, and I’m hearing you.
  • I can see that my actions have caused you a lot of pain, and I’m truly sorry for that.

#6 Send sweet, personalized chocolate boxes

The language of chocolate is universal. You can say almost anything with chocolates, including “I’m sorry”.

The happy hormone (endorphins) chocolate releases makes it the ideal, easiest, and quickest choice to make someone less mad and happier.

Chocolate packed in a gift box

If you’re truly sorry, send your partner some personalized chocolates with sweet notes to show affection and care. 

4 easy tips for your grand gestures to say sorry to your partner

Now that you have some ideas for romantic ‘I’m sorry’ gestures, it’s easy to go ahead and do it. But there’s always a better way to do something!

Here are four easy tips for romantic apology gestures for your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

#1 Sincerity is the key

Whatever you say, write, or do, let it come from the heart. Do not obligate yourself to do anything if you don’t want to, and avoid insincere promises you can’t keep.

#2 Clarity

Be specific about the issue at hand. And try to solve the matters between you. 

Avoid bringing past conflicts and problems into the discussions. If you’re sorry for your behavior, tell them what you’re sorry for.

#3 Make it worthwhile

Commit to yourself and your partner that you will heal the hurt you’ve caused them. Make your apology more meaningful by discussing how you plan to avoid your mistakes in the future. 

#4 Timing is everything

Don’t leave the matter hanging for too long, and make timely decisions. If you need time to compose yourself, take a day or two before wading back in.

While making a heartfelt apology, avoid ruining it by adding any of the following stuff after you said you’re sorry. 

  • I wasn’t wrong, though.
  • I only did this because you…
  • Even though it wasn’t my fault…
  • Are you happy now? 

Apologizing to someone doesn’t undo the damage you caused them, but it sure heals them in ways you can’t imagine. While making these grand gestures to say sorry, always remember; 

“Apology is not a good way to have the last word.”

Instead, apologize at the beginning of the conversation, and you’re good to go. 

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