Indoor photoshoot ideas as a distraction to social distancing? Yes please!

The restrictions that have arrived with corona have been hard for everyone. Social distancing, even every day life can be a real test. Sometimes it feels like our very own four walls have lost their cosiness and home begins feeling more like a prison we can’t escape from.

Stop!! Negative emotions may not pass this point! Because we have some exciting ideas to try out to stop you feeling blue… We’re pretty sure they’ll not just help you make the best of a bad situation, but also have you feeling a new appreciation for your home and all its inspiring but hidden (until now) corners…

Read on for our favorite creative indoor photoshoot ideas! And don’t worry – a normal smartphone is all you need. There’s no need for any professional equipment or fancy training here.

Indoor Photoshoot Ideas #1: Up close and personal

A red leaf pinched in the fingertips is great for indoor photoshoot ideas

That’s right – our foe, the close up. But this time it won’t be focussed on an unflattering angle of your chin.

The aim? To perceive the familiar space of your home from a new angle. Grab your camera and bring the lens right up close to your subject. Suddenly, the fuzzy waves of your white carpet appear to be an swirling arctic storm… The stacks of spices in your kitchen magically turn into some kind of abstract Martian landscape…

Of course, right now it’s a bad idea to go plundering the local supermarket for inspiration or to undertake any public photoshoots in the middle of town. Good thing then that, as with all of our indoor photoshoot ideas, you can find your subject or muse right where you are, in your everyday surroundings.

Our tip: Potted plants are great for close-ups. Spray their leaves or flowers before hand with a little water and maybe even search for a harmless insect to model for you – if you’re lucky enough to have access to a garden or balcony. (Make sure to put him back after though!)

Photography idea #2: Modern still-life

A flat lay with magazine, dried flowers, scissors on wooden table

The classic among your standard indoor photoshoot ideas and setups – from a colorful fruit bowl, to vintage objects, all the way to interesting modern interpretations. There’s a lot you can do with a still life.

Your spring clean is already done and dusted? Then how about a minimalist style picture taken against a uniform background – where one object is particularly in focus. Not yet? Even a stack of dirty dishes can make a great subject!

Flat lays are especially ‘in’ right now – you might have noticed them on Instagram a lot lately. To make one of your own, you need to put together a still life from bird’s eye view, where the content of the photo is (at least usually) contrasted with a uniform background.

Our tip: Go one step further and think about the composition of your photography concept. What’s the subject you want to stand out? Your indoor photoshoot idea will really come into its own if you properly plan the project from a more aesthetic point of view.

Photography for indoors #3: Playing with light

A woman in black and white has the shadow of a plant on her face

Even a beginner who’s putting together a photoshoot scene for the first time ever will notice how much of a difference the lighting has on the finished effect. So grab your table lamp and arrange its shade or position to create an interesting form or shadow effect and start experimenting!

You can make a play of light with basically anything from a geometrical shape to a clever arrangement of everyday objects. The finished photo effect will have little in common with the technique used, promise! Take a look at this short introduction to the particulars of black and white photography here. Contrast and harmonies often come in as important elements in these kinds of indoor photoshoot ideas.

Our tip: Do you have a lamp with a handy little shelf relatively close to the bulb? If so, place your objects there to achieve a vibrant and detailed photo. All the details will be clearly visible, but it’s the color that may surprise you – taking on an intensely saturated appearance. Take care that your object isn’t too thick though. A thinly sliced piece of fruit for example is a great choice.

Creative Ideas for Indoors # 4: Portrait photography

A woman laughs joyfully making for great indoor photoshoot ideas

What better indoor photoshoot idea is there than the attempt to capture one of your loved ones in a genuinely intimate moment? All you need for portrait photography (other than your camera) is someone to sit as your model. But even without you could choose to do a self-portrait instead! Whether you decide to do your photoshoot in the middle of a forest or in the comfort of your own living room, it doesn’t matter too much.

The professionals don’t agree on the fine details of portrait photography. But you can improve your model’s charisma by following these general posing tips. If you’re looking for a more fire finish, then take a look at the top tips for sexy posing here.

Our Tip: Try out different models (if available at home) and various environments. Don’t forget about those members of the family who walk on all fours. Portraits of pets are almost always worth it – and they make a nice memory.

Indoor photography ideas #5: Optical illusions

A little girl pretends to climb stairs painted on green wall
Source: Shutterstock / Tatyana Bakul

The glue holding all of our indoor photoshoot ideas together is their ability to help you to look at your familiar surroundings with fresh eyes. And with optical illusions this idea gets taken to the extreme – the crazier and more noticeable, the better!

There’s post after post on Instagram which, upon further examination, turn out to be optical illusions. The walls of the room appear to be the ceiling or a child proudly presenting their apparently tiny father in one hand. Depth perception distortions are easily enough achieved – simply try using the length of the room for example.

Our tip: If you know how to use an editing program or a photo app, you can maximize the effect of the illusion even more in post and create an individual look.

Creative ideas for photos at home #6: Capture change itself

Ein Mädchen steht vor einen See

Transience and decay boast a certain fascination in the eyes of the viewer. But you don’t have to take your indoor photoshoot ideas quite that far to achieve something amazing. You might like to invest your free time during self isolation in a particular long term project. Choose a theme or a model – something that will change perceptively by the day or by the hour and capture it or them on camera.

A partner growing a beard during quarantine could be a great choice, or the bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table, slowing blooming before drooping. If you have kids always under your feet, you could take photos of them too – always under the same circumstances. You’ll get to watch as they grow slowly up in a row of snapshots.

If you need help getting the headshot right, check out this helpful article.

Our tip: The time constraints of the project lie completely in your hands. Whether you decide to take one photo per hour and follow the development over the course of the day, or you decide to concentrate on continuous changes over weeks or months… Everything is possible!

One final tip…

Photos on the bed between someone's legs

Your creative indoor photoshoot ideas will become an addictive hobby all too quickly. They’ll have become a passion as well as a distraction before you know it.

So we just have one more tip for you… Organize your photos regularly! Make sure you’re always in control of the situation and know where to find your various projects. That way, you can easily print out your best photos and thanks to online print services, show them to the world.

Happy photographing!

P.S. Want to learn by example? Take a look at our 7 favorite photography bloggers and be prepared to be blown away.


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