Romance is an art. It can be difficult at times to come up with some romantic ideas to impress your significant other. Much of that can be put down to the fact that what one person finds romantic, another may find tacky, crass or just plain boring. Romance does not look the same for everyone, and so it is important to bear that in mind when thinking of a romantic gesture and how to demonstrate your love. Think of that special person, what would they like specifically? One way to ensure you hit the right mark is to consider their “love language”.

Have you ever wanted to say ‘I love you’, without actually saying the words ‘I love you’? We’ve got some great ideas here on alternative ways that get across what you’re feeling in your heart!

What is love language?

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Love language as a concept was first introduced in 1992 by a minister called Gary Chapman. He believed that people with different personalities and life experiences prefer to give (and receive) love in different ways. He categorized them into five “love languages”. According to this theory, each person has at least one love language that they prefer over the others. Many of my suggestions below combine a few of the languages in one gesture, so have a read and see what you think. Try to figure out your partner’s love language and then attempt a few of these romantic gestures that are sure to show them that romance is alive and well! 

Romantic gestures for every love language

Romantic ideas for those who prefer words of affirmation

A woman listens to her partner's words of affirmation.

Words hold a great weight with most people. The literal language we use can make someone cry or brighten their day. For those who prefer this love language, the key is simple, but often, a single text each day can make them smile, but there are several other things you can try.

  • Write a poem for them. It doesn’t need to be Shakespearean quality, even just a simple acrostic poem (where each line begins with a letter of their name, for example), would be a very cute way to show them you thought of them. This could be in the form of a handwritten note, or you could even get it printed professionally as a piece of artwork to hang on a wall. (Check out MyPostcard for framed photos of your own delivered directly to your door.)
  • Written compliments are a great romantic gestures. Get creative with them… It could be a mason jar filled with notes, a photo album with complimentary captions, or an illustrated list of reasons why this person makes you smile.
  • There are physical diaries or also apps created specifically for couples, with questions to answer that can bring you together. Some apps have nice features where both members are asked the same question and the answers are only revealed once both parties have submitted their answer.

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Love gestures for partners who prefer acts of service

A plays guitar to his partner whose head is on his lap as a romantic gesture.

Acts of service can include any kind of action that helps your partner in some way. Here are some ideas to try…

  • Make breakfast in bed for your loved one. Valentine’s Day would be a perfect occasion for this, but honestly there is no occasion needed. Just toast up some bagels, or even bring up their favorite cereal and some fruit, for a guaranteed smile in the morning.
  • Helping with chores is a great way to impress a partner who enjoys acts of service. But it’s not necessarily romantic, unless you make it so. For example, you can make an extra effort to make the bed and learn how to fold towels into swans like they do in some hotels to show you put in a special thought for them.
  • Cooking for your partner in general is a great way to show your appreciation and can be very romantic. Try recreating a dish from a memorable restaurant you went to, or create a menu based on places you have been together.

Romantic gestures for someone who likes gifts

A man gives his partner a gift as a romantic gesture.

There are many ideas for romantic gifts you can buy for someone. But if you want something a little more personal than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, then why not try one of these more romantic ideas. The romance in gifting comes from the idea that the recipient receives something that they want, but don’t necessarily need.

  • Put together a playlist of songs that reminds you of your partner. There are several products that can be bought that include a QR code link to the playlist on YouTube, or (if you use Spotify) a Spotify code, as well as wooden cassette tapes (like an actual old school mixtape), or necklaces and bracelets.
  • Speaking of jewelry, there are companies that can turn your photos into pendants, which from afar look like a metal heart, or a flower, for example, but when they are held up to your eye you are able to see the photograph inside. This would make a really sweet, personal gift for the one you love.

Sweet gestures for a partner whose language is physical touch

A couple lie in bed and smile at eachother

Many people enjoy physical touch from their partner. In fact, a hug from the person you love is proven to lower stress levels! Small romantic gestures can go a long way with someone who enjoys physical touch, even just making sure to hug and kiss them when you/they return home from work, for example, will make them feel special and loved. For people who fall into this category of love language, it is even more special.

  • Arrange a spa day. If money is no object, you can arrange to go together with your loved one to a spa and relax with massages and a steam room. Even if that’s not the case, you can arrange a similar experience at home. Buy some face masks, massage oils and aromatherapy candles and turn your home into a spa for the day.
  • Brushing someone’s hair can be a very intimate and relaxing way to bond with a loved one. You can try suggesting it while watching a movie together or just before bed in order to let them feel calm and connected with you.

Romantic gestures for someone who enjoys quality time

A couple holds hands while one sits on the sofa and look into each others eyes

Quality time is a thing many couples enjoy together, but it can be difficult when life, work and other commitments get in the way. So make time, get your calendars out if necessary and plan some time when it can be just the two of you doing something fun together.

  • To add extra romance, take a surprise day off work to spend the day with your loved one, go for a picnic, watch a movie or play games together.
  • For a more extravagant gesture, you could take the time to make a kind of treasure hunt for your loved one with clues around your neighborhood or even just your home leading to some kind of small gift.

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Ready to make a grand romantic gesture?

That concludes my list of romantic gestures to impress your loved one with, depending on their love language. I hope you can find something that will help you show your appreciation for the special man, woman or person in your life!

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