There are as many home decor blogs as there is sand at the beach. And if you are not watching out, you will spend hours after hours visiting interior blog after interior blog. It’s pretty fun to do that but if you don’t want to spend days trying to find one that fits your style, we made the perfect list for you. These are our TOP 10 home decor blogs you have to know – so different, so stylish, so inspiring.

We hope you’ll like our ranking and find some inspiration. Just in case we forgot you fav home decor blogs – feel free to tell us YOUR top interior blogger in the comment box below.

But for now: Check out these blogs – from family to patchwork, from city-jungle to country house charm – let’s go!

Oh and just one small hint: Some of the blogs are in German, so that’s perfect for all of you who like a little challenge. And for everyone else – how practical that pictures are a big part of home decor blogs. 😀

Home Decor Blogs #1
The Socialite Family – Inspiring families and their colorful concepts of life (and homes)

Top 10 Home decor blogs - The Socialite Family

The Socialite Family – a bunch of families who look like they just jumped out of a storybook. Creative parents live in creative homes with their children and they tell their stories.. not just about their houses but also about their lifestyles.

But slow down, of course, everybody gets jealous but wait… behind all of these AWESOME photos, there are families who have a unique story to tell. So read it carefully. At the end of these articles you find a shop with the interior matching to the one used in the article – so you can easily shop their styles if you’re into it! What a perfect blog to spend hours on.

And one last thing: Don’t forget to check out their Instagram Account. It’s amazing for daily inspiration or just dream to live in such a nice place like this. Ok, I’m a little bit jealous 🙂

Home Decor Blogs #2
Happy Interior Blog – a jungle in the heart of Munich.. wait, what?!

Top 10 Home decor blogs - Happy Interior Blog

Who writes this blog? It’s Igor Josifovic who brings us awesome content! He shows us his home base in Munich. But not just this! Monsieur Josifovic has a second home. It’s Paris! Sounds perfect, hm?

On Happy Interior Blog it’s getting green.. really green.. really really green. Because Igor loves plants. So you could think he created his own little city jungle, perfect!

Moreover, you can discover sweet little shops, beautiful restaurants, and cozy cafés. Urban Boho to fall in love with.

If you are a plant lover go check out his other platform “Urban Jungle Lovers”. It’s a global community for all plant lovers. And then, one more thing: check out the Instagram page, here you find a lot of Jungle rooms and apartments. Now we know how to grass a room in the right way. 😉

Home Decor Blogs #3
HERZ&BLUT – Unique Boho Chic

Top 10 Home decor blogs - Herzundblut

Ok, give me more of this Boho Chic! From the countryside to the city, from flea markets to cozy apartments of strangers, from house story to city trip. Here you’ll definitely find a lot of interesting content. Caution: Danger of losing yourself in Herzundblut!

And then you already feel like rolling up your sleeves and changing up your home with an equally beautiful taste, compositions, and color scheme in boho style like Herzundblut. Very inspiring, as we said! She definitely has an instinct for THE unique mix, that you haven’t seen a thousand times on your Instagram feed yet and her home stories are to die for. On top of that, you can find a lot of inspiring things to read and more brain food. For example, #secretsofstrong to start off your week or input concerning Eco-living, just discover yourself!

Home Decor Blogs #4
Seelensachen – Pure patchwork living

Top 10 Home decor blogs - Seelensachen

In Nora’s home, you can be sure not to be bored – because she lives with seven kids! Three of them are hers, then there’s her dog, her two cats and her “favorite man”!

Patchwork ahoy! Nora is blogging on, she’s from Lower Austria. The freelance photographer has an eye for detail and the “special something” and her home is so cozy and still so extraordinary that you would immediately want to move in. You could say her slogan is “Make a house a home”.

This home seems perfect to cocoon, to feel at home and take a rest to relax. On her blog, she talks about her biggest hobby: redecorating and designing her home. That’s exactly what we see and love here – and all of that in stylish country house/cottage flair. So pretty!

Home Decor Blogs #5
Craftifair – The beauty of simple things

Top 10 Home decor blogs - Craftifair

Minimalist, but with attention to detail – this is how you could describe Antonia’s living style. On you can find out how to live your life in a beautiful, but simple way. And how beautiful they are – here you really get new ideas, for example for details like cleaning tools or light switches, that are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Wow, have you also never even thought about those things? 😀

Top 10 Home decor blogs - Craftifair
Photo source:

Furnishing, DIY, taking photos – this woman from Cologne knows how to do it! Even in the DIY sector, she convinces us to actually try out to make things oneself – we especially like the Christmas wreath as a wall decor or the DIY plant ladder for a small city balcony. Definitely something you should try out – even if you are all thumbs. 😉

And if you are a lover of our four-legged friends: A special highlight on Antonia’s blog are her two cats, that appear every now and then in her breathtaking photos! So cute!

Home Decor Blogs #6
Look! Pimp your room – Black & White is hot!

Top 10 Home decor blogs - Look! Pimp your room

Annette describes her Instagram account with the hashtags #interiorlover #stylaholic and #blackandwhite. We think that matches perfectly! The black and white theme is consistently running through her blog and feed. Also, she’s always up to date with the new trends of the interior world. That’s what we love so much about Look! Pimp your Room.

And it obviously also doesn’t get boring – Annette uses heights & depths of the room, mixes vintage with modern and doesn’t like to stick by the rules. Very cool! And if you need some assistance – Annette even does personal style advice for your home. 😉

Home Decor Blogs #7
Lobster & Swan – Rustic farmhouse flair

Top 10 Home decor blogs - Lobsterandswan

Very British! That’s how you imagine life on the English Coast in East Sussex – rustic, warm, natural, homely and full of flowers and gardens – this is the perfect opposite of minimalist blogs and you can find it on, written & designed by a woman called Jeska.

She calls the English farm side her very own playground and you can definitely tell that there is a loooot of love in here. The lady has an extraordinary eye for beautiful compositions, so you should definitely check out her amazing Instagram feed.

Home Decor Blogs #8
Frenchbydesign – French flair in San Francisco

Top 10 Home decor blogs - Frenchbydesign

Siham, called Si, who’s the owner of the Frenchbydesign Blog, wants us to discover authentic ways of living and the beauty of surrounding yourself with beauty 😉 – if it is in your home or just in the way of how you design and live your everyday life. Wow! She definitely shows us how to do that on her blog.

The Frenchwoman with a preference for beauty, the simple life and a lifestyle that is very personal lives minimalism with a touch of color. Add in a bit of French flair and the ability to breathe some coziness & life into rooms as well as a certain je ne sais quoi! And also her house tours are amazing. We are totally stunned, this is pure nonchalance. If only we were French… 😉

Home Decor Blogs #9
CocoKelley – House tours around the world

Top 10 Home decor blogs - CocoKelley

Cassandra is a prop master – she herself defines her style as classic, but always on the lookout for new trends. And she has a tendency to overcome rules and barriers. However, we have a tendency to lose ourselves in the categories of

The “Room of the week” or the “House tours” as well as “Now Trending” are filled with inspiring and stunning places all around the world. This gives a little insight in homes, a very special behind the scenes worldwide. And we are the lucky ones to be part of it, because Cassandra has such a good nose for that. Thank you for that! You should definitely pay her blog a visit… 

Home Decor Blogs #10
23qm Stil – Mom of three and still a minimalist

Top 10 Home decor blogs - 23qm Stil

And there we go with just another power woman – Ricarda! The mom of three and blogger on 23qm Stil loves her old house, traveling the world and delicious food. After the holiday she loves to enjoy some dark German bread with cheese on the breakfast table. Aaand she also gives brilliant advice – for example how to furnish/decorate a teenager’s room or what to do against “central accessories” like piles of clothes or dirty dishes.

Isn’t it kind of calming that even interior bloggers struggle with such everyday problems? By the way, 23 square meters is almost the average size of a German living room. We are happy that Ricarda lets us be part of how one of these German living rooms could look like. 🙂

Sooo, who’s already rolling up their sleeves, ready to change it all up and spend your month’s salary in an online shop? We are definitely quite endangered… But first, we have got to follow a few Instagram accounts and read some articles… We hope you have as much fun as us with our top 10 Home decor blogs! ??

And if you still want more, don’t worry… we have a looot more to read and discover on our blog. For example our ranking of the 8 coolest Instagram moms, which you will immediately fall in love with.

Or for all you adventurers out there, here are the 12 coolest places on earth you have to visit before you die. Browse through and get inspired. 🙂


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