Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you feel like writing a love letter?You’re super inspired by your muse but as soon as you sit down to transfer your big feelings to that little piece of paper, you don’t really know what to say? You’ve tried everything from sniffing roses to listening to Whitney Houston, but you just don’t know how to get that level of romance across? Don’t worry, this year we’re here to help with our Valentine’s Day quiz and a little love letter generator!

Take the quiz and find out, how romantic you are and get some advice on what to write in your Valentine’s card! No matter if you think that Valentine’s Day is an invention of florists and chocolate manufacturers or if you are their best customer – take this Valentine’s quiz and get some inspiration for this year’s V-Day!

Whatever your romance level is, you will definitely find suiting love cards in our design shop. We cover the whole spectrum from super cheesy to super low key – so have a little look!

Quiz question 1
Be honest. Have you ever written a love letter?

  1. Do love-whatsapps count?
  2. Yeah, duh
  3. I tried to once – it …. didn’t work out
  4. No way.

Quiz question 2
What shoes will you be wearing on Valentine’s Day?

  1. Slippers or cozy socks
  2. Stilettos
  3. None – my toes will be digging into sand and my hands will be busy with a cocktail
  4. Sneakers

Quiz question 3
What annoys you most about your partner?

  1. He/she always leaves socks on the bed
  2. He/she loves trash TV
  3. The snoring!
  4. I love every single thing about him/her
  5. He/she is sass to the max

Quiz question 4
What’s your favourite love song?

  1. Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love
  2. Metallica – Nothing else matters
  3. Love Song – Sara Bareilles
  4. Whitney Houston – I will always love you
  5. Beyonce – Me, Myself and I

Quiz question 5
Which chat-up line would work on you?

  1. What’s your T-shirt brand? As I suspected … made in heaven
  2. Hey babe, what do you fancy for breakfast in bed tomorrow?
  3. Hey babe, have you got a map? I’ve gotten lost in your eyes.
  4. Can I have your chocolate? You’re sweet enough already…
  5. Hey! I haven’t been able to stop looking at you. I’m … and I would love to take you out some time.

Quiz question 6
What applies to you? (various answer are possible)

  1. Always ready in ten minutes or less
  2. Rose are my favourite flowers
  3. My life is basically a soap opera
  4. When it comes to love, I pull out all the stops
  5. I fully let go when I go out clubbing
  6. I’m not really a drama queen
  7. I cry to every Adele song
  8. I’m a morning person.

Quiz question 7
Who goes together the best?

  1. Kim & Kanye
  2. Kanye & Kanye
  3. Kate & Wills
  4. Barack  & Michelle
  5. Mac ’n Cheese

Quiz question 8
What will you be eating on Valentine’s Day?

  1. My partner’s is surprising me with something homemade!
  2. Doner kebab with all the toppings, spicy
  3. Steak. Medium rare.
  4. Strawberries dunked in chocolate with a LOT of whipped cream

Quiz question 9
What do you think when you hear ‘romantic’?

  1. sentimental
  2. adventurous
  3. unnecessary
  4. corny

Point table
Add up all your points

Valentine's day quiz - Point table

The Valentine’s characters
You are…

The laid-back lover (2-26 points)

Hand on heart, you’re not exactly the classic romantic – you probably had to look up the word. But that doesn’t stand in the way of your love for your partner. You love your girl/boy, but neither of you really go in for the typical lovey-dovey relationship. You’re not just a couple, you’re also each other’s best friend. You’d rather spend your money on a round of shots than a glass of champagne and you’ll only be going on that romantic walk along the beach if there’s a doner place at the end of it. You’re independent, relaxed and can often be found doing something in a group – there’s just no need for that stressy relationship stuff. At the end of the day though, you absolutely love what you and your partner and you’re not going anywhere. The opportunity to lovingly point out your partner’s quirks comes in the form of their Valentine’s Day card. Not that you don’t diss each other basically 24/7 – you know how to laugh at your weaknesses. It just shows that you pay attention to how great they are. Let them know how fantastic you find them; when they bring you a cup of tea with the perfect amount of milk in it or when they’ve taken all of the bed covers agaaain and you can’t help but laugh.

The secret romantic (28-50 points)

The romantic gene is most definitely in you, and when you when you feel like it you can pull off some insanely romantic stuff. You’ll be writing in your Valentine’s Day card just how much your partner inspires you – how every little fight is worth it, just so you can make up again. Once you’ve told them how with them it never gets boring, you could write down some of your best shared experiences and how sad it would’ve been to have missed them. It’ll show how much you treasure this adventure (aka your relationship), along with each experience, big or small, that your love for each other throws up.

Try using sweet metaphors to capture your relationship on paper. What about saying your connection goes deeper than the wound on you got on your knee when you feel over at school when you were 9.

The ‘head in the clouds’ dreamer (52-74 points)

You’re somewhere up there on cloud 9 and you there is no way you could be there without your partner. These days, you’re only available as a duo – the ‘me’ has basically been replaced by the ‘us’. You live and love 100% romantic, so you have no choice but to write a super-romantic card, that other wannabe romantics could only dream of. Romantic is just you and when your friends call something kitschy, you really don’t know what they’re on about. You’ll probably not have a problem writing your Valentine’s Day card, since the language of luuurve was pretty much gifted to you at birth.

Just write what your other half means to you and how you feel when they’re not nearby. Let them know they’re your whole world and that you couldn’t do without them. Use some metaphors, like: you’re the rainbow which leads to treasure, or: you’re my star that lights the way.


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