The upcoming New Year means new possibilities. It’s a time to welcome and embrace both change and uncertainty. No matter what’s been thrown your way this year, you can always rely on a new start. With a new start comes an excuse to celebrate. With an excuse to celebrate comes an opportunity to send some New Year Postcards and spread love and cheer.

In the interest of embracing change and new beginnings, why not try something a little different by sending New Year Postcards this year?

Benefits of Sending New Year Postcards

Though a little unconventional, the general principle of sending a postcard is the same as sending a card. You’re sending greetings and well wishes to those you love at a special time of year.

But what’s the benefit of sending New Year Postcards over regular cards?

It’s Cheaper

Of course, when sending New Year Greetings money shouldn’t be the most important thing on your mind. Still, knowing that sending postcards is cheaper definitely boosts the appeal. 

Short and Sweet

If you’re the kind to ramble in the Greeting Cards you send to friends and family, sending New Year Postcards will eliminate that problem.

With a smaller space to write your message, you’ll have to keep your message sweet but succinct (which isn’t always a bad thing). Plus, it will enable you to get more creative with your greetings!

Perfect for Framing

If you go for a nice design or picture, the recipients of your new year postcards may use them as decor for their home. It’s definitely more personal than a Facebook post! Now you just have to come up with a memorable design. Stuck for what to choose? Not to worry! 

Read on to find inspiration from our list of five beautiful New Year Postcards you can send this year.

1. DIY Designs

For a more personal touch, don’t be afraid to get crafty with your cards. This kind of thing doesn’t have to be limited to Greeting Cards.

Get creative using glitter glue to create shooting fireworks. New Year’s is often associated with shimmer and glitz, so don’t be afraid to add some shine with sequins, beads, and buttons.

A variety of textures will really make your New Year Postcards pop. Decorating them with your kids can make a great bonding activity too. Make postcards you’ll be proud to say you decorated.

3D Paper Crafts

With just some colored card, glue, tape, and a pair of scissors, you can create some amazing 3D paper designs to adorn the front of your New Year Postcards.

Why not layer up some paper champagne flutes brimming with yellow glitter tipple? Create fold-out stars in silver and gold. Add a miniature ticking clock with movable hands that spin to midnight.

Remember what we said about textures? Papercraft is a great way of adding them. Crimped and patterned papers are great for this and make for beautiful detailing on borders.

Washi tape is another really inexpensive way to add a variety of quirky border patterns and details to your Postcards.

2. Family Photography

For your friends and family, nothing would make a more adorable Postcard than a photo of you and your loved ones together.

While you may not fancy yourself the best photographer, there are editing apps you can use to touch up your photograph. Improve lighting and contrast, then add in festive details and text.

Postcards with family photographs can make truly memorable New Year Postcards. Who knows, you may even end up in your relatives’ photo album!

3. Silly Selfies

Spending New Year’s Eve on an adventure or in an unusual place away from home? Maybe you’re spending your Gap Year abroad or volunteering with endangered animals in the savannah.

Some of the craziest, most amazing selfies have made for breathtaking photos. Make the recipients of your New Year Postcards do a double take as they see you posing in front of a giraffe or on the red carpet at a fancy event.

Pull a silly face, strike a bold pose, or – better yet – have a daring backdrop.

A little humor goes a long way, so a postcard with a well thought out selfie is sure to make people smile. If nothing else, it’ll make for a great conversation starter in the future.

When you do set yourself up for an epic postcard selfie, have fun, but be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

4. New Year Calendar Postcard

Sending New Year Postcards that double up as calendars is a great way to get your money’s worth. Not only do you benefit, but so do your recipients. Though small, a Postcard calendar is a gift that keeps on giving to your recipients.

This is an especially good idea for anyone you know who needs a little extra organization in their busy lives. This postcard could set them up for the new year ahead and end up sitting on their desk or pinned to their notice board year-round.

Reusable Postcards

Know any friends who are particularly creative? Why not send them a Postcard that doubles as a crafting tool or template? This is also a great idea for those who you know that are super eco-conscious. They can recycle your card without feeling bad.

So what do we mean when we say ‘crafting tool’?

Well, say your card has a pattern on the front, perhaps a line of stars or hearts. How about designing them so they have cut outlines around them?

Then explain on the card that the shapes can be cut out for crafting purposes, such as stamping, or used as templates. This way, your card can be admired and then used again to create something even more beautiful.

This idea is especially good for families you know who have children. It’s sure to get them inspired and making something fun in no time. And who knows, maybe you’ll receive a fun painting or collage in return!

Art Prints

Art prints also fall under the umbrella of reusable postcards and are great for any art lovers you might know. Want to get more personal? Ask yourself what kind of art your friends like. Do they have a favorite artist or photographer? Find out, and then you can show what an attentive friend you are. Your artsy New Year Postcards may end up stuck to your friends’ fridge doors.

Better yet, they may even get framed!

If you’re good at photography or painting, why not make some prints? It’s a great way to self-promote. It’s also an awesome confidence boost if you’re looking for an excuse to get your art out there for the people you care about to see.

5. Inspirational Quotes

Everyone needs an inspirational boost every now and again. Entering a New Year isn’t always a bundle of fun for everyone. For some, it can actually seem more daunting than exciting.

A positive quote personalized for those you love could be just the thing your recipients need. It could help them feel more positive and motivated again.

Maxi Postcards

For extra impact, you could try sending a slightly larger format postcard. Guaranteed to catch the eye of whoever you send it too, it’ll make your extra-special quote stand out when they need to see it most.

In fact, you could go for a Maxi Postcard with any of the designs you decide to go for. This is an especially good idea if you choose the calendar option, as it’ll allow more space to mark down important dates and events.

Feeling Inspired?

Hopefully, we’ve managed to inject some creativity into your consciousness. Now you should have some fun and varied ideas on what designs to try out for your New Year Postcards for 2018.

We know it can be a hectic time of the year, so we’ve tried to give you as many options as possible.

Whatever designs you find yourself going with, just know that the people you love will appreciate the thought and personalized touch of your Postcard Greeting.

So what are you waiting for? Get designing, and take time to get your New Year Postcards ready for sending before the madness of Christmas sets in!

Check out our Postcard Set Printing options to get a head start. And for more creative inspiration and DIY tutorials, be sure to follow us on social media!


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