Are you sorry for cheating on your spouse or partner? If you sincerely regret what you did and want a second chance at the relationship, to repair the trust, or simply to say you’re sorry, read on.

Are you sorry for cheating on your spouse or partner? If you sincerely regret what you did and want a second chance at the relationship, to repair the trust, or simply to say you’re sorry, read on.

Life happens quickly, and we all make mistakes. But to move on, it’s important to take accountability and apologize for them. Which is easier said than done!

If you’re truly sorry for betraying your partner, an apology for cheating is definitely called for. Here are some of the best things you can do and say to your partner to win them back.

Tip: Often it’s easier to express what you truly want to say without getting sidetracked by writing it down. Why not send an ‘I’m sorry’ card to their door in the mail? The extra effort put into this little gesture along with your acknowledgement of hurt caused could do a long way to helping save your relationship. MyPostcard app will print and send your card for you.

4 Important tips: How to say sorry for cheating on your partner

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Most couples who get hitched would never believe that they’d ever need this piece of advice. Let’s be honest— as adults, and as partners, we don’t set out to cheat on our spouses. It leaves us pretty unprepared for apologizing. How do you even start? 

#1 Acknowledgement is key

First of all, acknowledge to yourself the fact that you have shattered someone’s trust and expectations, so it will take time to mend things. This is important, so you avoid making accusations or implying the fault goes two ways. Keep your apology for cheating focussed on what you did – any divergence won’t end well.

#2 Keep the actual apology for cheating brief and simple

Avoid dragging this matter out by giving futile explanations and creating a mile-long apology for cheating. 

Keep the apology short and specific, but meaningful and genuine. Also, never put blame on your other half to justify or explain cheating. It will only push them away from you – and that’s the last thing you want! 

#3 Give them space and time to heal

Avoid trying ‘too hard’ and ignoring their decision or needs. If your partner tells you they need space, time, or something else, listen and respect this. Your apology can wait until they’re ready to hear it.

Allow them to heal and think about your relationship with a clearer mind.

#3 Show, don’t tell

Talk can be overrated. If you’re truly sorry for cheating, show them you mean it. They need to see how you’re working for your relationship. The more they see you change and actively try to make things better, the better the chances of reconciliation.

That said, this doesn’t mean, there is no need for an apology, and that a nice gesture can cancel out the need for it. To move forward, it’s vital that your partner gets recognition for their hurt.

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#4 One last chance

When you’ve tried everything you can do to ask for forgiveness, look straight into your ex’s eyes and tell them that you’re sorry. Remind them of all the beautiful moments you spent together as a couple. Give them the confidence that you’ll never cheat again.

Tip: In this situation, where your partner broke up with you in response to cheating, avoid asking them to take you back as their partner – instead you can express hope of rebuilding trust. Let the decision to make up and get back together come from your girlfriend or boyfriend’s / spouse’s side. After you’ve said everything in your apology, give them some time to think. 

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4 Tips on how to write a letter saying sorry for cheating

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Physical letters demonstrate importance, value, and care. They also become beautiful memories the recipient can always cherish. If you are looking to send a real apology card in the post, check out MyPostcard app, where you’ll also find lots of apology quotes available to use free in your card. With the app, you can add a photo of you and your partner to make your card more meaningful. We print and send for you from $2.99 including shipping.

Here are the four best tips for writing meaningful apology letters.

#1 Open with a warm greeting

The way you open your apology letter matters the most. Therefore, aim to make your greeting as sincere and as real as possible. 

No matter what you want to address in your apology letter—either you want closure or reconciliation. Write with the same intent and level of care. The opening of your letter should be basic but truthful. 

#2 Write your apology for cheating

It is now time to get down on your metaphorical knees and ask sincerely for forgiveness. Tell your partner that you’re aware of the pain you’ve caused, and stress the fact that you were wrong.

Let your partner know they didn’t deserve it, and you feel intense remorse over whatever you did.

Avoid over-explaining yourself.

Looking for ways to apologize to your girlfriend or wife? We’ve got apology messages especially for her right here.

#3 Look to the future

After apologizing, tell your partner how you plan to take this relationship further. Make them feel valued and wanted, and tell them you’ll do anything to win their trust back.

#4 Muse over the memories

Reminisce all the good, beautiful times you spent together. You can be a little funny and romantic here. Make them remember how you used to blow out candles together or make a cup of tea together at midnight. 

Communicating with patience and support is the key to winning your partner’s trust back.

10 ideas for effective apology messages

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#1 Sorry for the sleepless nights…

I’m so sorry! I’m sorry for all those sleepless nights you endured because of me. I’m sorry, I hurt you and broke your trust. The biggest mistake I ever made was risking us, and what we have together over one stupid, meaningless night. You are the most valuable part of my life and I can’t let go of you, the memories we share and the future we imagined. I hope you can forgive me. If you give me one second chance to prove how much I love you, I won’t let you down.

An apology for cheating quote

#2 I miss you, I’m sorry for cheating…

I miss you! I’m so sorry for the amount of pain and distress I’ve caused you over the past few weeks. I know I was utterly wrong, and I promise you this will never happen again. Tell me how I can repair your trust in me? Please talk to me?

An example of how to say sorry for cheating

#3 Please give our marriage another chance…

Please forgive me for what I did to you. I know it’s not easy. Love and trust don’t come easy, and I still can’t comprehend why I damaged them. But after all those beautiful memories we made together, I’m asking you, please, let’s give this marriage another chance. I won’t make you regret it.

Sorry for cheating message for married couples

#4 I love you…

I love you, darling. You gave me a token of trust that I did not deserve. But I will become the person who deserves it and deserves you. I truly am sorry for going behind your back and causing you so much pain. Please forgive me. I need you back. I need us back.

A quote about broken trust for an apology for cheating message

#5 I’m here when you’re ready…

I don’t have the words to express how truly sorry I am! Do you think you can forgive me? I can wait for as long as you need me to, and I’m ready to talk about how I can make this better with you, whenever you’re ready. Yours always.

'Here when you're ready' message for apologizing to a partner you cheated on

Saying sorry for cheating is not black and white

While these tips and apology messages might be right for one relationship, for another they may not be. Make sure to think about what stage you are at in your relationship, what your partner has communicated to you already, and what you actually want going forwards. If you cheated because you were unsure about the relationship, have a good think about what you want now. For instance, don’t imply that you want to get back together in your apology, if you only want forgiveness or to offer closure and nothing more.

The main thing to include in your apology is sincerity. Stay on track, don’t offer excuses, and don’t go into it with expectations on how your partner ‘should’ react.

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