The pandemic brought the rise of the birthday video to new heights. When all we could do is send a video or message to let the person know how much we care. 

Now, we’re slowly returning to what was once normal, but birthday video messages are still as popular as ever! We can hold onto them and rewatch them when we are missing someone or need a little pick-me-up. 

Creating a birthday video can be a little daunting, so check out our birthday video ideas to celebrate. We’ve got ideas for different styles of birthday videos. We’ve also added a few suggestions for birthday video ideas of all types – you can find what you can say in a birthday video here. Sentimental, creative, funny, we’ve got them all!

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Different styles of birthday videos

Girls dancing on camera

There are loads of different styles of videos you could choose from. You could add in some found footage, make a montage with friends or even create a stop motion. Here are a couple of birthday video ideas: 

#1 Make a stop-motion 

This takes a long time, and you’ll need some patience. But fortunately, the internet is the oracle of information. Check out this video that shows you how to make a stop frame with your phone.

#2 Create a funny sketch 

If you’ve got a group together, and you’re looking for some birthday video ideas, why not recreate a memory with a sketch? Come up with a script, give people their lines and become the next Judd Apatow! 

#3 Put together a video montage 

Warning, there will be tears of joy! 

Collect messages from loved ones all over and create the ultimate compiled and collaborative gift. Creating a video montage is probably one of the most popular birthday video ideas.

There are loads of video montage makers that can help you with all your video needs. Take a look at these video montage makers that range from beginner level to pro. 

#4 Sing in carpool karaoke

A carpool karaoke birthday message is fun, hilarious, and quite easily executed. If you’ve got a phone mount in your car, even better! The challenge is narrowing down which song you’ll rock out to. 

Milestone birthday video ideas

Milestone birthdays are a big deal! They show us how far we’ve come and help us reflect over the years. 

#1 Create a picture collage

Why not gather pictures from each year of their life and memorable events? It’s a beautiful way to see their life unfolding over the years. 

#2 Create a life story video

This one is particularly great for parents and grandparents. You can create a life story with video clips and interviews with all different important people in their lives. 

A family looking into their phone camera with birthday party hats on

Creative birthday video ideas

One of the best things about birthdays is the gifts! A video gift reveal teases the birthday boy or girl on what their gift could be. It turns opening a tangible object into a full-on experience! 

Sentimental birthday video ideas

It’s hard to not get sentimental when we celebrate our loved ones’ birthdays. Lean into the memories and cheesiness!

#1 Make a year-recap video

Reflect on the year with pictures of some memorable moments. 

#2 Happy birthday, sing-along

An oldie but a goodie, a happy birthday sing-along with all their favorite people never fails to bring on the birthday spirit. 

Birthday video ideas for best friend

What would life be like without a bestie? We’re sure yours deserves the best birthday wishes so take a look at these awesome birthday video ideas for best friends. 

#1 First times

A video all about the first time with the birthday boy or girl ignites a flood of memories that are bound to cause a couple of laughs. Here are a couple of first-time prompts you could choose from.

  • First time we met
  • First impressions of you
  • First time we laughed until we cried
  • First time we drank together
  • First time we traveled 

#2 How well do you know the birthday boy/girl?

Playing a game of how well do you know the birthday boy or girl is a fun birthday video idea for a friend group or family. You may be surprised by some answers! 

Funny birthday video ideas

For me, the only real goal I have for birthdays is to laugh at every opportunity available. Here are a few fun birthday video ideas that are sure to cause a few laughing fits.

#1 Turn the video into a fun game

Whether it’s a round of personalized bingo or a drinking game, there are loads of different games that’ll add to the birthday fun! 

#2 Make a birthday meme video.

Memes are hilarious, especially when you throw one or two inside jokes.

Tips to make it extra special

A girl practicing birthday video ideas in from on the window and on camera

Location, location, location 

The weirder, the better! Don’t be afraid to get outside, as this makes the video unique and fun to watch. If you have a group video, try to coordinate, so everyone has a different background. Going down a slide, at school, underwater, there’s no limit to where you can shoot your video. 

Sing your little heart out!

A little singing cheer never hurt anybody. A bold Happy Birthday, clapping, or jazz click all add to the excitement of your loved one celebrating life. 

Keep it fun

All in all, birthday video ideas are all about fun. Sure, there’ll always be sentimental moments, but remember tears from laughter trump all others! 

Keep the outtakes

Bloopers are sometimes just as funny if not funnier than the footage that goes into the final video. Believe me, it’s seriously worth it! 

If you’re sending a birthday video because you can’t celebrate in person, check out these long-distance birthday ideas!


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