It’s a celebration, and you’ve decided a happy birthday video message is the way to go? Well, you’d be right – it’s a great way to celebrate your loved one! So we’ve put together some happy birthday video message ideas to help you decide what to say. We’ve added some funny, sentimental, and creative ideas.  

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Milestone birthdays are so special and allow us to reflect on life. If you’re planning a birthday video message for a milestone birthday, take a look at some of these specifically created messages for your loved one.

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Funny happy birthday video message ideas

Are you a little late with your birthday wishes? Here are 21 belated birthday messages to show you care!

Say it with a song 

Music makes memories. Why not include a song to express what you want to say? Most of us can’t hold a tune to save our lives, but that’ll only add to the fun! So, whether you’re a songbird or tone-deaf, go for it and sing a birthday song to your loved one! The birthday boy or girl is bound to be giggling! 

Sure, the Happy Birthday song is a classic, but why not try something a little more unique? Here are some songs that’ll make your loved one feel the birthday vibes.

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Forever Young” by Rod Stewart

Getting old isn’t easy for everyone! This song focuses on having a lifetime of love, happiness, and good fortune. 

Your Song” by Elton John 

“How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.” Although this isn’t strictly birthday oriented, it’s a sweet ballad that can help express just how special someone is. 

Trip Around the Sun” by Jimmy Buffet and Martina McBride

With each trip around the sun, we add a candle to our birthday cake. Trip Around the Sun is a country song that tells us that although some moments can be tough, we still need to appreciate our life.

Birthday” by The Beatles

It’s super simple and super sweet, The Beatles Birthday song is an all-fun rock anthem for those celebrating their birthday.  

Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac 

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again. This song is a hopeful look at the future and all it promises! 

In da Club” by 50 Cent

Of course, every birthday song list wouldn’t be complete if it did not include “Go, shorty It’s your birthday. We gon’ party like it’s your birthday.” 

Sentimental happy birthday video message ideas 

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Recall a good memory

Reminiscing about past memories… But what memory should you choose? Every relationship has different moments that are important to us, but here are a few things to help you get the ideas flowing.

  • Recall how you met the birthday boy or girl.
  • Remember a funny moment that still brings tears of joy to your eyes.
  • Think about a moment when they helped you out. 
  • Describe a travel experience, concert, or fun experience you had together.

Compliment the birthday boy or girl

Who doesn’t love compliments? Not only are they flattering and make us feel special, but they also show us how a person cares and sees us. Non-physical compliments are the best because they come from the heart. Why not include a list of some of the best attributes you love about them? 

Here are a few beautiful non-physical compliments to give you some inspiration. 

  • I appreciate you.
  • You are so kind. 
  • I admire your independence and open-mindedness.
  • I am constantly learning from you.
  • You are such a great listener. 
  • Your presence feels like sunshine.
  • You are so talented at ___
  • Your resilience is inspiring
  • You bring out the best in people.
  • Your passion is contagious.
  • You are so generous.
  • My favorite thing about you is___
  • I’m proud of you. 
  • I can’t imagine life without you.
  • Thank you for being supportive. 
  • I have so much fun around you.

And the ultimate compliment…

  • My dog loves you! 

Creative happy birthday video message ideas

Write and recite a poem 

If you fancy yourself a bit of a wordsmith, why not try your hand at writing a poem? It’s a personal message showing how much you care. 

Are you creating a birthday video for your significant other? Take a look at these examples of what you could say to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or a life partner. 

If you don’t have a natural way with words, no worries, you could also just recite a poem. Here are two poems that’ll make your loved one feel special. 

A woman records a man with her phone doing one of our creative video message ideas.

Poem video message for a significant other

The universe took its time on you

crafted you to offer the world

something different from everyone else

when you doubt

how you were created

you doubt an energy greater than us both.

Irreplaceable, Rupi Kaur 

Poem video message for a friend 

I’m wishing you another year

Of laughter, joy, and fun,

Surprises, love, and happiness,

And when your birthday’s done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,

As your birthdays come and go,

How very much you mean to me,

More than you can know.

Another Year, Joanna Fuchs

Poem video message for a child

Today is your birthday

and you’re extra specially nice,

so one wish is not enough

so here’s me wishing it twice…

I hope your Birthday is wonderful

in every double way

and may next year bring happiness

day after day after day.

Birthday Poem, Jon Bratton

Happy birthday video message for long distance 

Though at the moment

we are poles apart

in my thoughts, in my actions

you are in my heart…

Happy Birthday, My Soul Mate, Manisha Shejwal

The main thing is that your Happy Birthday video message comes from the heart!

We hope you like these happy birthday video message ideas. Whether you go with a song, write a poem, or simply wish your loved one well, they are sure to have a brilliant birthday! 

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