Ho-Ho-Ho! Christmas is around the corner and there is no way to escape the holiday spirit! Christmas markets are opening, the scent of mulled wine and candied almonds is in the air and the stressed Christmas shoppers are starting to get on people’s nerves. Do you find yourself in the middle of all of this Christmassy spirit and wonder how you’re going to survive or are you happily joining the Christmas enthusiasts? Do you hide at home listening to “Last Christmas” secretly or do you join the crowds shopping? Are you a proud owner of an Advent calendar or do you rather spend your money on a last-minute flight, to fly away and quickly get out of this Christmas nightmare? 

No matter how you’re spending the festive season, this Christmas quiz game will help you find out which Christmas character you are, in 11 funny Christmas quiz questions! Maybe you will discover, that you’re a secret Christmas lover. Or it gets your Christmas mood started last-minute! Possibly you also find out that Christmas is certainly not the most wonderful time of the year for you. Whatever the result of this Christmas quiz game may be, let your friends and family know, which Christmas character you are and invite them to take the quiz as well. Their results will help you find the perfect gift for them, depending on how Christmas they are!

Question 1
Christmas cookies…

  1. …belong to your kitchen’s inventory from August on. Cookies are basically the point of Christmas.
  2. …are a perfect reason to indulge your sweet tooth for a whole month, yummy, ‘cause you once heard that Christmas calories don’t count!
  3. Who wouldn’t say yes to one or two delicious gingerbread men!
  4. …not a fan of that. They are rarely organic, vegan, lactose and gluten-free, so it’s always some kind of disappointment. That’s why you gave up on that search.

Question 2
How will you spend this year’s Christmas?

  1. You spend the time with your family of course!
  2. You are vacationing somewhere warm and lost every sense of time so you don’t even realize it’s Christmas.
  3. You have a date with Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix on your couch at 8.30.
  4. You feel obliged to spend the time with your family but actually just hide behind a pile of presents listening to hardcore Metal music.

Question 3
Complete the lyrics: “ Once bitten and twice..”

  1. shy
  2. fly
  3. high
  4. samurai

Question 4
Your Christmas presents are….?

  1. …DAMN! You just realized you can’t finish this quiz because today is the 24th and you still have no presents. Run!!
  2. …handwritten vouchers, like every year. Done in a minute and useful for everyone.
  3. …totally on-point! You pretty much started the preparations in January and finished Christmas Shopping by February.
  4. …recycled aka last-minute. You just found useless presents you got last year in your room, maybe someone else will be happy about them.

Question 5
What’s on top of your Christmas tree?

  1. A star
  2. A bow
  3. A flamingo
  4. Nothing

Question 6
When you first see Christmas lights and decoration around…

  1. …you feel moved to tears and audibly gasp while running to the mall to take a picture with Santa Claus.
  2. …you don’t really notice anything around, because you’re charmed by the scent of mulled wine!
  3. …you immediately forget how to smile.
  4. …you seriously consider vandalism.

Question 7
What do you want for Christmas this year?

  1. You finally want to win the neighborhood’s decoration contest. Your house is already packed with lights and you already watched people taking pictures of it. YAY!
  2. To spend time with your family.
  3. An iPhone X, what else?
  4. You will get quite wasted this Christmas, so waking up without hangover would be the greatest gift.
  5. To never have to hear Mariah Carey again.

Question 8
What’s on your Christmas postcard?

  1. The whole family in matching Christmas Sweaters!
  2. Greetings from your vacation, as warm and far away from all the Christmas stuff as it gets, please!
  3. I don’t care about the front, but on the back, I send my very own words in a poem.
  4. I don’t send postcards. (Maybe you should try this year, so please click here!)

Question 9
Wrapping skills?

  1. You might have been born to wrap presents! Every single gift looks like a million dollar piece of art.
  2. You shouldn’t really be trusted with scissors, so you better let the shop staff wrap your gifts.
  3. Wrapping = plastic bag, right?
  4. Wrapping gifts? Do people still do that?

Question 10
What do you wear for Christmas?

  1. Just the average everyday outfit.
  2. You don’t understand this question – black is all you wear.
  3. You have a collection of Christmas sweaters (psst: some of them even light up!!!)
  4. Glitter socks!

Point table
Add all your points

Christmas quiz - point table

The Christmas characters
You are…

The Grinch

Wow, you really hate Christmas. You just wish this whole damn holiday thing will be over soon and your favorite thing to do on Christmas is connecting with other Christmas haters online! You have no holiday spirit at all and just don’t get the hype. All of these feelings end in emotional eating, so gain you more Christmas kilos than any other person. Damn you, Christmas!!!!

The annoyed Christmas buddy

You don’t really get the Christmas hype, but what you get is heaps of cookies. Everything else is a bit annoying in your opinion, but there are these moments you secretly enjoy. Sitting together in a warm living room (including cookies, of course!), drinking mulled wine and sometimes even decorating the Christmas tree. Since you’re known as the annoyed nutcracker you don’t really show these emotions, and constantly serve your resting bitch face. Well, you’re the only one who knows that you wear some glittery underwear tonight. Because deep inside you’re still quite happy about all that Xmas stuff though!

The Indifferent


You’re extremely chill about Christmas! You think it’s a bit over the top and you wouldn’t get all worked up over a holiday. There are some things you appreciate about it, but actually, you don’t care much about the celebration. You make sure, your gifts can always be returned, so there will be no fuzz. You sit through the Christmas season and wait for NYE to come so you can get even more drunk, so that’s pretty cool, ae?

The Over-Doer


You set a Christmas countdown in January, listen to Christmas songs all year long and your Christmas spirit cannot be dampened by any grumpy Grinch. Post-christmas depression is a real problem for you. You host Christmas parties, just because you want to try out those Christmas recipes you found on Pinterest and you win the Christmas decoration neighborhood contest every damn year. Man, you love Christmas!


Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
Theresa from MyPostcard

P.S. The MyPostcard Team also took the Christmas quiz game and surprise, surprise – we’re all total Christmas nerds! See more of our holiday spirit on our Instagram account!



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