Are you looking for summer candles for your balcony or garden? Or just something creative to try out? How about homemade candles in a coconut or in a lemon shell? Today, I’ll show you how easy it is to make these summer candles by yourself.

A major plus: These candles are not only beautiful but are also suitable as mosquito repellent! Lemon candles with citronella oil keep the mosquitoes off your body by repelling them. Although of course, you can also use a different fragrance of your choice for the candles.

Here’s what you need for the coconut candles:

Two lemon shells and a cocount half sitting on a woode n board on a marble counter top
  • A coconut (pre-halved or whole)
  • Candle wicks
  • Citronella or coconut oil
  • Wick holder or tooth picks
  • Candle wax of your choice

How to make your candles

Kerzenwachs in einem Glas, daneben eine halbe Zitrone, beides steht auf einem Holztablett

Step #1

Pour the candle wax into a tin can or a glass bowel and slowly melt it in a water bath over the hob while stirring.

4 lemon shells on the wooden board next to the coconut half with the lemon pulp scraped out.

Step #2

In the meantime, it’s time to take care of the lemons. It’s best to buy the coconuts already halved, as halving is much more time-consuming. Halve the lemons lengthways and scoop out the pulp with a spoon. The pulp is perfect for lemon water or as an ingredient in your smoothie, so don’t throw it away!

Tip: If the lemon shell does not stand nicely, you can carefully cut off part of the underside of each lemon half.

4 lemon shells on the wooden board, in two of them a wick held in place by tooth picks in the empty lemon halves.

Step #3

Place the wick in the candle and stabilize it with the wick holder or two toothpicks.

Now carefully pour the melted wax into the lemon and coconut peel and drip a few dashes of citronella oil (or another oil of your choice!) into each. Done! Let the candle dry out well.

In 2 of 4 lemon shells on the table wax is filled in the lemon candles.

And done!

The finished DIY candles lie on a wooden board lit-

Enjoy sunny evenings with these wonderful summer candles and without any mosquito bites!

Have you still got some wax left? Then take a look at our Bubble Candle DIY.


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