Ah yes, it’s Monday morning and the tiresome search for the front door key has begun. Time is short, your pulse is racing, and your nerves are on edge. But you can put an end to this with your self-made key hanger made from an old picture frame! You can also pin your favorite vacation memories in the form of postcards and photos.

Upcycling is the keyword. Upgrade your dusty picture frames in just a few simple steps and design your own personal pin board key hanger.

The pros? Never look for your key again. And always hold onto the beautiful moments. All without having to spend a ton of money.

Here’s what you need for your upcycled DIY pin board key hanger:

  • A picture frame with some depth
  • A cork panel / board
  • Screw in hooks

Make sure you also have these things handy:

  • Pin board tacks
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pen
  • Optionally plants or fake ivy

Upcycling picture frames – here’s how to make something out of your old frame

First, make sure you use a cut-resistant underlay to protect your table from any kind of damage. After you have placed all the materials on your work surface, you can start. In no time at all, you’ll have breathed new life into your old picture frames.

#1 1 Prepare picture frame & cut cork board

Carefully remove the glass or plastic plate of your picture frame from the frame and put it to one side.

Lay the back wall of the picture frame on top of the cork panel. With a colored pen, you can trace the outlines directly onto the cork. Then carefully cut out the board with scissors. Be really careful with this process, as the cork wall can break very quickly. Alternatively, you can use a sharp knife instead of scissors. But please take good care of your fingers!

As soon as you have cut the panel to the right size, you can put it in the picture frame together with the back panel. And your old picture frame is transformed into a pin board and can already be used to hang up postcards and photos.

#2 Screw in hooks

In order to be able to get special use out of the simple pin board, you simply attach a few screw hooks to the bottom of the frame. Hooks for hanging are available in every hardware store in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It is best to use a size that does justice to the frame size.

First, draw a few marks on the frame with a felt pen at intervals. These can be used for the screw hooks. Then, carefully screw it into the picture frame with pliers until it stops.

Mini life hack: With a hammer and nail, you can create a tiny indentation by knocking the nail a few millimeters into the frame. Then remove the nail and attach the screw hook with pliers.

#3 Decorate with postcards and photos

Voila! Your key hanger made out of an old picture frame with a pin board for postcards and photos is ready. You can now decorate it with fond vacation memories, postcards from your best friends or a lovely message to your loved one.

The aesthetic of the frame can also be adjusted a bit. For example, with colored pins, stickers or a few artificial flowers or ivy tendrils.

There are no limits to your creativity and by choosing to upcycle, you are also being environmentally conscious. Pin postcards, keep an eye on your favorite photos, and always have your keys to hand – have fun tinkering!

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