A vision board is a great way to physically present and visualize your hopes, goals and dreams for the future. Also called dream boards, they have been advocated by life coaches, celebrities, and even Olympic athletes as something that has helped them to manifest and achieve success and happiness.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to include on your vision board. Just start with your future. Ask your self questions… What is your heart’s desire? What do you want your life to look like?

I’ve put together a list of 10 vision board ideas to help you manifest your goals and achieve the life you want to have! If you want to skip it and get straight to the creating, then check out our guide to creating a DIY vision board – step by step.

10 vision board ideas

#1 Images of physical things you want

The most common thing to include in a vision or dream board is photographs of things you want. These could be physical things, like an outfit, holiday or new home. You can find the pictures in magazines, online, or take photos yourself to add to the board and help you visualize the things you are aiming for.

#2 Symbolic pictures that make you feel how you want to feel

A selection of peach toned photos scattered

A less obvious but equally useful vision board idea is to include photographs that evoke a certain feeling or emotion in you. You could use a photograph of you and your best friends, for example, to remind you to prioritize good relationships. Or you could have an image of a tranquil forest, to remind you to act calmly and relax.

#3 Photos of people who have achieved what you hope to achieve

Using images of role models makes for one of the best vision board ideas. Search for portraits of people who have already achieved your goals to look at for inspiration. It is common to sometimes feel like the end is far from sight, so including those people who have already got to the goal can serve to inspire you to keep going and not give up. You can even try to find images of before and after they achieved their success, to remind you that it is an ongoing process.

#4 Goals and mantras

A mantra typed on a square paper on the table makes for one of our great vision board ideas.

Writing out your goals can also help to give you focus. If you have a mantra, or can find one, to repeat daily, it can really change your way of thinking and help you to see things in a different light.

#5 Quotes from movies

Movies are a great source of inspiration for many people, and can be creatively used as one of your vision board ideas. There have been many times in my life, when watching a movie, where a character has said something that seems 100% applicable to my life at that moment. If you have experienced the same, think about writing out the line that stood out and adding it to your vision board. You can handwrite it using calligraphy or find a nice font and print it out. Whatever you like.

#6 Quotes from books

Similar to the movie idea, except that often books seem to hit harder with the feels. There is something so wonderful about finding a book or fictional character who really seems to understand your dreams and motivations. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, I always turn to wise old Dumbledore (from the Harry Potter series, duh)! But whether it’s an old wizard, a feisty heroine, or even a hungry caterpillar that inspires you, take their words and apply them to your vision board and your life.

#7 Lyrics

Some songs are meant to be danced to – to move you physically, and some are meant to move you emotionally. Either can actually make a great addition to a dream/vision board. Find lyrics from songs that make you feel something! Whether it’s joy, tranquility, or that the lyrics offer some advice that fits with your vision, adding lyrics can be a strong vision board idea.

#8 Art or your own drawings

A mother and daughter are painting a picture

Your board should represent you, and so adding your own personal drawings and doodles is one of our recommended vision board ideas. Be as creative as you like, pick a simple color scheme like black and white, or go all out with a multicolored theme. Any drawing that represents what you want for your future would make a wonderful addition.

#9 Postcards

If travel is part of your vision for the future, postcards from another country can inspire you to follow those dreams. Having postcards showing off whichever destinations are on your bucket list in 2022, visible to you each and every day, will constantly remind you of what you are working towards and keep you focused.

Alternatively, you can use the MyPostcard app to have professionally printed postcards delivered to you in the post using your own photos or uploads (or a design with a motivational quote!).

#10 Memorabilia and mementos

Memorabilia saved from past travels lie scattered on top of old books like coasters and postcards

Your vision board doesn’t need to be totally flat. Although it is best to be hung on a wall somewhere easily visible, adding some texture with memorabilia such as jewelry or badges can make it pop more while encouraging you to remember what is important to you. So add the bracelet your friend brought you back from France, or the badge from Germany that gave you pause for thought.

Ready to make a vision board from our ideas?

For a guide to making your vision board, check out this DIY tutorial. For daily inspiration on achieving your goals, keeping up with your favorite people and making the most of your memories, follow @mypostcardapp on Instagram.


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