Following the best pet blogs out there is the next best thing to having a pet yourself, trust us. Which as everyone knows is one of the true joys in life.

In fact, studies have shown that just by having a pet, you are likely to live a longer and healthier life with more happiness and less stress. It’s clear they’re not just animals, our pets are important members of our families (dare we say the most important?) and we do everything we can to ensure that they have the best possible life.

We have scoured the web for the best pet blogs and their simply paw-fect animal muses. With great difficulty (and much awww-ing), we have managed to narrow it down to the perfect mix of cute and informative. So if you don’t want to be barking up the wrong tree the next time you need some friendly advice, get ready to follow the best pet-lovers on the web. Check out these TOP 8 pet bloggers from around the world.

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Pet Blog #1: The Dogvine

Woman sits next to dog on colorful street
Source: Emma O’Brien, The Dogvine

Created by Teresa Keohane after she moved to London, The Dogvine tells the ‘tail’ of three dogs who have traveled from the streets of Brazil all the way to the UK in search of a better life. This London lifestyle blog will help you make sure that your doggo is the queen of the canine scene in the capital, as it celebrates all of the best dog-friendly places nearby.

This is the best pet blog particularly for dogs and humans living in the British capital. It has an events calendar, local information, and lists of the best dog and pet-friendly activities in the city.

Home to Cuteness #2: Pawsitively Pets

A fluffy rabbit sits on blankets

Covering all manner of pets, from the biggest Great Danes to the tiniest Russian Dwarf Hamsters, the Pawsitively Pets blog easily places in our top pet blogs.

This blog is ‘dedicated to all things animal’ and was created by veterinary technician, Ann Staub. As a result, there is a particular focus on pet health and care. They also have a kids’ camp area suitable for children of all ages who want to learn more about how to look after their pets properly.

FYI if you have kids, then you have to check out these top 5 child friendly cities – add to your bucket list now and travel later!

Source of Doggos #3: Oh My Dog

A couple cradle their small dog in a green blanket

For those who prefer their pet blogs to have a canine twist, the Oh My Dog blog is the best pet blog for doggo moms and dads. This site is the brainchild of Maggie, mum of two pit-mixes called Emmett and Cooper, and there are tons of interesting and informative articles.

Whether you are a new doggy parent or an old hand, dog owners are bound to love the humorous and heart-warming tales on offer here.

Best Pet Blog #4: The Painted Reptile

A gecko like ones featured in this best pet blog leans into the camera

For reptile and amphibian pet-lovers, it can be difficult to find the right blog for your needs. So many tend to focus on the traditionally ‘cuter’ furrier pet options and leave our smooth, scaly or slimy babies to the side. But if you are looking to upgrade your house with a reptile, The Painted Reptile contains everything you need to know about caring for it. Whether it is setting up the perfect enclosure or a checklist for maintaining your iguana’s smile, you’re bound to find the information here.

Kitty-cat heaven #5: Katzenworld

Cat lies on a kitchen chair

If you are looking to get lost in a world of cats, Katzenworld is one of the planet’s favorite cat-related blogs. From funny stories and anecdotes to practical help, advice and useful tips, this blog is dedicated to all things feline.

Originally created by Marc-Andre Runcie-Unger and Iain Runcie-Unger, contributors from around the world share informative cat-related content; with everything from keeping your cat safe and protected from toxins to choosing the best toys for mental stimulation.

Best Pet Blog #6: Here Bird

Two parrots touch noses high in the trees

For bird-lovers and owners, the Here Bird blog is a reader-supported blog that will help you to care for your feathered friend. If you want to create your own aviary or just keep your budgie happy, this is our number one Bird blog on the web. Check out the best toys for your Cockatiel, foods for your parakeet, and even tips on keeping your Lovebirds loved up.

Blogging Paw-fection #7: All Pet Voices

Woman strokes a cat in the park

Bringing together pet lovers from around the world, All Pet Voices is a one of the best pet blogs for all manner of pet enthusiasts. Full of hints and tips, this is a blog that aims to connect pet parents with each other and brands.

The pet blog is particularly aimed at pet parents who want to share their fur babies with the world via social media, and they have a regular conference each year, which provides the perfect opportunity for networking.

Best Pet Blog #8: Ammo the Dachshund

Three Dachsund dogs like the ones in this best pet blog follow their human

Launched in 2010, follow Ammo the Dachshund on his adventures, with the cutest of photos and stories. Written from the pup’s perspective, this site contains everything from DIY projects, stories, photos, anecdotes, competitions, pet products and more.

A quick warning – this is a pet blog that will convince you that you need a dachshund in your life. This is one doggo with serious appeal. Plus, you should also follow Ammo on all your favorite social media sites to stay up-to-date with the latest in doggo news. It’s not on our list of top pet blogs for nothing!

Need some more pet content?

While rounding up our blogs we found tons of pawsitively puuurfect pets around the world, especially among those who travel worldwide themselves (how cool is that?!). So we can’t NOT share the following fluffy Instagram stars with you! Check them out to get your daily dose of cuteness… or give our Instagram a follow to get the coolest pictures and videos of traveling, pets (sometimes even traveling pets) and more.

@Ourfriendmilo: Milo is a full-time adventure dog! The golden retriever, who is based in Los Angeles, gives you daily joy.

@Sukiicat: Suki cat, a little cat of course, discovers the world with her human Marti. Over 1.7 million Followers love what the adventurers do. We love their photos, too!

@Thelifeof_hank: To be honest… Hank has an extremely covetable sense of fashion! The french bulldog can pretty much pull off everything: from striped shirts (horizontally striped no less!), to cowboy hats, jeans overalls. He even makes a striking figure in his outrageous yellow swim vest!

Safe to say, if Hank had a blog, it’d be on this list of the best pet blogs.

Not done finding awesome bloggers? Check out these 10 dreamy interior design blogs to get started on your next project.

Remember to leave your favorite pet blogs in the comments!


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