When someone passes, it is always incredibly difficult to find the right words for the bereaved. Sometimes you are too affected yourself, and the lump in your own throat chokes off the sentences. Even when it comes to written condolence messages on sympathy cards, it’s difficult to put down on paper what we want to convey to the relatives, because grief paralyzes our own thoughts. It’s especially hard when we are very close to the person who has passed.

So the ideal solution for you may be just going on autopilot and using the sympathy card condolence messages and grief quotes we’ve put together for just such occasions. Whether closely related or distantly known, use these phrases to respectfully express your sympathy.

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10 messages of condolence for relations and family members

Suddenly, one of your family isn’t around anymore. It’s not easy for anyone involved. The life you had before is broken. Nothing will ever be the same again. So the words you choose for your personal sympathy card need to be chosen particularly carefully. Because as we all know, people are particularly sensitive when they’re grieving. Even more so, when the grief is so fresh.

These sympathy quotes handle the topic of loss sensitively and offer a sense of hope, even during dark times:

“What lives deep in your heart, cannot be lost through death.’

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (translated)
A condolence message with a beautiful metaphor
Beloved people are like stars. They shine long after they’re extinguished.

“Those who live on in memory are not lost; just far away. Only the forgotten are truly dead.

Immanuel Kant

“I’m not dead, I’m just switching rooms, I live in you and walk in your dreams.”

Michelangelo (translated)

“Thank you for being here.”

Rainer Maria Rilke (translated)

“You are no longer where you were, but you are everywhere we are.”

Victor Hugo (translated)

Dying does not mean eternal separation. There will be a reunion one bright day.

Michael Faulhaber (translated)
A consoling thought for a sympathy card
And on the horizon, the sun is slowly going down, and I think about how we will meet each other again someday.
  • Gone from this Earth – but forever in our hearts.
  • We lose a lot when someone dies, but never our time spent together.

10 grief quotes for close friends

When a close friend passes, it’s not only incredibly hard for their relatives, but also for you. Your heart is breaking – and you can’t imagine how their family members feel. You want to tell them how much this person meant to you, to offer comfort and courage. Even though, you yourself are far too full of grief to even think straight.
Perhaps one of these grief quotes can help you express your heartfelt sympathy?

A quote for sympathy and condolence cards or greetings
I’ll take your departing smile with me through the day. It will warm me until we meet again. – Manfred Mai
  • Memories that touch our hearts are never lost.
  • Mourning is the fondest remembrance.
  • Somewhere. Some place. Somehow. We will see each other again.

We take death to reach a star

Vincent van Gogh

“I carry you with me. Until the curtain falls.”

Herbert Grönemeyer from Der Weg (translated)
An example for condolence messages
When a person passes, it’s like a ship passing beyond the horizon. It’s still there, we just can’t see it anymore.
  • The moments we shared are the moments we will hold onto forever.
  • Memory is a window that we can see you through whenever we want.
A grief quote for loved ones who have lost someone
It hurts, says the heart. It will pass, says the time. I will always be here, says the memory.

10 messages for condolence cards for colleagues and acquaintances

Condolence messages for work colleagues and acquaintances should express sympathy, but keep a respectful distance. The main aim here is to convey to the relatives that the deceased was valued very much. It will be a comfort for them to know their family member was popular and is thought of.

These short grief quotes give this message and ideal for such situations:

  • When time ends, eternity begins
  • Gone but not forgotten, for memories cannot die.
  • When the sun goes down, the stars come out.
  • Life changes because of the people standing at our side, but also because of those we miss having there.
A condolence message for the bereaved
The most beautiful thing a person can leave behind is a smile on the face of the person thinking of them.
  • To cross the river, you must first leave one side.
  • In the garden of time, the flower of consolation grows.
  • Death is not the end. It is the beginning of paradise.
  • Not dead – just gone on ahead.
  • Always humble, always helping, that’s how everyone knew you. Peace be with you now, sleep well and thank you for being here.

One last tip – personalize

Perhaps it will distract you a little from your pain if you write or write something fitting yourself – inspired by these condolence messages. As you may have heard before, strong emotions often unleash unexpected creative powers. And it may help you to process your loss a bit.

Generally, people receiving your sympathy card will be pleased about an additional, personal message from you. You can consider mentioning what you particularly appreciated about the other person or which moments you will always remember. Or the character trait that will forever remind you of them.

I’m sure you’ll think of the right personal touch. However you spin it, losing someone is not a nice experience. It causes pain and suffering. Just try to be there for mourning friends and family – even if only through a kind message. If one of our condolence messages could you help you do this, then they’ve done their job.

Have your message printed and send on a personalized card

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Lastly, our sincere condolences for your loss. Take care of yourself!

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